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F-82G Twin Mustang Complete



1:48 F-82G Twin Mustang (Modelcraft 48-022)1:48 N.A. F-82 Twin Mustang - Canopies (Squadron 9585)1:48 F-82G Twin Mustang exhaust (Shapeways  DWD6RJB2S)2+


13 | 13. May 2019, 17:55
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Chris Greathouse
Love it! Looks great Nathan!! and boobies.
13. May 2019, 18:04
Stephan Ryll
Very nice version and colouring Nathan
13. May 2019, 18:45
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Chris & Stephan!
13. May 2019, 21:03
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks James! For the horror that this kit is I'm fairly happy with it. I cannot believe the original kit decals went down so nicely.
14. May 2019, 00:30
Bob Hall
14. May 2019, 02:04
Nathan Dempsey
I hope you enjoyed the rest of the build too. ;)
14. May 2019, 12:41
Bart Goesaert
Nice one, everybody says this kit is pita, but there are worse..
14. May 2019, 13:24
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Bart. The fit was terrible, but the panel engraving was very nice.
14. May 2019, 13:30
Erik Leijdens
Nice Nathan!!
14. May 2019, 14:13
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Erik! That's 3 I've finished recently!!
14. May 2019, 14:26
Clifford Keesler
That is just fantastic Nathan, I love it. I saw a 1:48 resin F-82 kit for sale on E-Bay, but it was extremely expensive.
18. May 2019, 00:11
Chris Greathouse
That's a BOO great BIES turn out, Love the jet black!
18. May 2019, 04:22
Greg Baker
Now that is HOT!
18. May 2019, 05:07
Michael Hickey
The definition of cool.
18. May 2019, 05:25
Wow nice Nathan, that came out really good.
18. May 2019, 17:52
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks mates! This one was difficult, but rewarding in the end.
19. May 2019, 19:00
Mike Fuller
Wow, this is really well turned out! Glad to see my parts put to use (exhausts and SCR-720 radar pod)!
31. August 2020, 21:56
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks very much for access to those great parts on Shapeways Mike. Glad you enjoyed the build :)
31. August 2020, 22:48
Greg Baker
I don't usually like dual-planes like this... but this one caught my eye. Great work Nathan!
1. September 2020, 05:30
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Greg!
1. September 2020, 12:48
Andy Ball
Smooth black night operator! Cracking!!
1. September 2020, 20:59
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Andy! :)
2. September 2020, 00:58
Roland Gunslinger
I never really understood why these twin planes exist :D
Beside that: Great job
2. September 2020, 14:30
Nathan Dempsey
Me either :) I saw one at Sun-n-Fun Airshow and fell in love though. I need to re-shoot the album for this one though as I've done a bit of weathering since the album was put up.
2. September 2020, 14:57
Bart Goesaert
As a heavy long distance fighter after WWII. Lessons from the fight and distance needed between the islands in the Pacific. 8 .50's and the possibility to have one pilot resting until needed...
2. September 2020, 15:30
Mike Fuller
Funny thing is, growing up, as a Mustang fan, I thought the Twin was ludicrous. But now I'm totally drawn to it, especially the Night Fighter variants. Tom Rielly's XP-82 is now based at Valiant Air Command in Titusville, FL.
2. September 2020, 19:36
Nathan Dempsey
Bart: Ahh yes they always want more range. The fact that these were still operating when jets were already in use is amazing.

Mike: Yes, I always try to stop by VAC when there's a model contest nearby.
2. September 2020, 21:06
Bart Goesaert
Well look at it in the timeframe... P-80's were the best jets then, barely faster then a regular piston driven fighter, and lightyear behind compared to the Me-262 (straight wings instead of slanted wings), but made with better materials, so overhaul wasn't every 20h's. Mig-15's were barely born or newborns. And aircraft-technology evolved pretty fast in that time... Almost PC-like... New inventions/features/aircraft were almost old news the day after they we're devellopped/constructed. So no it wasn't weird IMHO. It was a stop-gap of something they were sure of and written off as soon they had a jet with similar characteristics. I think in that timeframe there were few aircraft that flew longer then 10years....
3. September 2020, 04:57
Jos Jansen
Wow...what a beautiful model, never saw a twin Mustang, well done Nathan
3. September 2020, 05:56
Mike Fuller
Figured you were in the area mentioning Fun-and-Sun. Never went to F-n-S myself, but born and raised in Winter Park, FL and went to VAC's and the Kissimmee airshows growing up.
3. September 2020, 10:15
Nathan Dempsey
Bart: I remember a documentary saying that a pilot in the 50s could fly 30 aircraft in his career versus today when a pilot is lucky to fly 3 types.

Jos: Thanks! If you get a chance look at the WIP album. I put a shot of the size comparison between this beast and a P-51D. Much bigger...

Mike: I'm just a few minutes away from LAL. It's awesome during the airshow. The rest of the year is Draken fighters and Amazon cargo lifters.
3. September 2020, 13:26
Mike Fuller
Only recently became aware of what was going on at LAL with Draken Intl. Wasn't aware they had a facility there. They popped up on the news a couple of weeks ago when they received a French air-to-air missile that appeared to have a live warhead. Shut down the airport. Anyhow, also been years since I've been to the Florida Air Museum. Might have to drag dad down and check it out the next time I'm in town!
3. September 2020, 21:02
Nathan Dempsey
Draken are nice guys. They gave me a tour when I was building my Draken Mirage F.1. If you ever make it over to the Florida Air Museum shoot me a PM and I'll bring out the F-82.
4. September 2020, 00:58
Clifford Keesler
I'm a Northwest Fla. boy, grew up stomping around Tyndall AFB. Watched them go from T-33's F-86's to 102's 101's 106's and F-15's. I spent 2 weeks at Tyndall replacing main landing gear struts on the QF-106's that we had already delivered from up here in IL. When my dad died and I went home for his funeral they were just getting F-22's.
4. September 2020, 01:58
Nathan Dempsey
Definitely need the Tyndall decals for my F-22 kit.
4. September 2020, 14:50
Mike Fuller
Thanks for that offer Nathan. Note sure when I'll be in Central Florida next. On a side note, working on a new upgrade for that F-82G radar pod: removable radome and visible SCR-720 radar. Saw the Modelsvit CAD of their upcoming F-82G and was inspired.
4. September 2020, 22:28
Clifford Keesler
Yea I would like to get a Tyndall set for one of my F-15's. @Mike, is someone bringing out a new F-82 kit? and Nathan who made your kit?
4. September 2020, 23:54
Nathan Dempsey
Mine is from Modelcraft Canada circa 1997 and Modelsvit is supposed to put out a new tool soon. If it's anything like their P-51H it will be great. Just look at Roland's H, it is awesome:
P-51H | Album by Roland (1:48)
5. September 2020, 00:50
Clifford Keesler
It is nice. I will have to check out their F-82 if and when it comes out.
5. September 2020, 01:02
Mike Fuller
Yes, as Nathan says. CAD looks great. Just not sure when it will be released. So I'll have to figure out what to do with my Modelcraft kit. Nathan's build is inspiring; a great kit can be made from it.
6. September 2020, 17:25
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks very much Mike :)

You can still pick up the other F-82 variants on eBay for cheap and get Mike's printed parts on Shapeways to make the F-82G too. Don't pay those collector prices because you'll still need Mike's parts to make it look good.
6. September 2020, 18:12
Clifford Keesler
I will check it out.
7. September 2020, 23:42
Gary Dahlström
Just found the *complete* album...beautiful work!
7. September 2020, 23:55
Beautiful build of an interesting aircraft!
8. September 2020, 09:09
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks very much Gary & Neuling :)
8. September 2020, 15:25
Erik Leijdens
Very beautiful Nathan. I need a Twin Mustang too now!
8. September 2020, 17:15
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Erik! Oh man I could just see a natural metal E model build from you!
8. September 2020, 17:50
Ben M
Wow, that looks great. The upgrades you made are really cool. What an interesting prototype. A very... protuberant radar on an already interesting airplane.
28. November 2020, 01:43
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Ben. The F-82G flew some of the first missions of the Korean War for the USAF.

This has reminded me that I need to reshoot this album as I've weathered the kit now and it looks a bit more used :)
28. November 2020, 23:02
Clifford Keesler
Very well done Nathan.
29. November 2020, 00:55
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Clifford :)
29. November 2020, 18:04

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