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Rui S (mig)

Somewhere in a urban area

First time doing something vacu & Miniart.
I will try to make a coppy of the pavement and building in plaster.
Fingers crossed.


9 | 3. July, 17:54
Rui S
I've some Miniart dios in stash, so I decided to do something diferent for me.
3. July, 18:06
Villiers de Vos
I am booking my seat in the front row and will be following your progress.
3. July, 19:40
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Same here. Front seat.
3. July, 20:43
Rui S
Thank you for your vote of confidence and encouragement mates.
I Apreciate it and i hope I will not disappoint you.
3. July, 21:13
Michael Osadciw
Me too. I have two of these MiniArt building kits in the stash for two different dios. I'm looking forward to your progress.
4. July, 02:26
Mike Kryza
Hi Rui, I'm in!
4. July, 09:36
Bruce Huxtable
Hi Rui, if you were to press this wall face down into something like Plasticine, and then pour the plaster onto the Plasticine, that might give you a crisper copy. Good luck with your experiments - I'm watching with interest (as these kits are not cheap....) 🙂
4. July, 10:13
Rui S
Thank you for your vote of confidence and encouragement. I'm very pleased to have you on board mates. Now I'm feeling the pressure growing 🙂
@ Bruce, Thank you for your tip. Yes, It seems quite easier to do it Plasticine. I don't have any at the moment but...🤔
I also decided to duplicate the plastic windows in wood. So I've always other alternate molds up to scale.
I will try to make some scaled bricks in modeling paste, and other stuff to improve the overall detail.
I'm hoping to enjoy the work on this little scene.
Let's see how it's going to workout 😎
4. July, 10:29
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Hi guys, pouring plaster in plasticine will soften the plasticine considerably (tried it), leaving you with a very difficult to clean plaster positive. I talked already of the Silicone & Cornstarch technique in another post. Here's a link to a YT clip: Youtube Video (as ever, the music sucks!) to show how easy this solution can be.
Hope to be of service... 😉

4. July, 12:29
Rui S
Thank you for your heads up and video, René.
It sure makes things easier to understand.
4. July, 12:38
Interesting. No doubt this will be transformed into something special.
4. July, 14:18
Bruce Huxtable
Great tip, René. Looks easy so will give that a try myself too ?
4. July, 15:00
Rui S
@ gorbygould, Thank you Mate. Apreciated.
I'm Hopping to do something about it, but I don't know how special it wil be 😄 😄 😄
4. July, 15:01
Kerry COX
The masters machinations. !
Make room for me on your brick fence there Rui. ! 🙂 👍
9. August, 21:52
Rui S
You know I'm always proud to get a master on board. So you know you are always most welcome, Kezza. The pressure is on, hehehe
9. August, 22:11


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1:35 Street w/Advertising Column (MiniArt 36002)

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