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Rui S (mig)

The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild

Into the marshes...
3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf
Old kit. Had to conceal the lack of front suspension. Figurines finalized...


45 | 14. March 2015, 04:01
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Donald Medley
Smart idea, like it
18. March 2015, 15:05
Rui S
Thx, will post new photos with figurines...
18. March 2015, 15:30
Rui S
I added pictures with the test fitting for the figurines not yet finalized...
27. March 2015, 18:17
Hanno Kleinecke
Great scene, looks very authentic !
27. March 2015, 20:46
Rui S
Thank you very much mate. Coming from an excellent modeller like you, it's nice to know... 🙂
27. March 2015, 20:57
Ivo Fanczi
I like this dio,
I wan't to see more like this one
28. March 2015, 08:18
Donald Medley
What did you use for the Veg. ?
28. March 2015, 10:31
Hanno Kleinecke
Wow, that is a compliment, that I can return immediately, thank you very much !
28. March 2015, 11:04
Rui S
Hi mates and THX for your kind words. Donald, as usual some "alternative" materiais (nothing from aftermarket brands)...as cut freckles of a large brush to whitewash (5.00 €) to the reeds and many small natural flowers that I catch and collect...😉
28. March 2015, 14:55
Kerry COX
Rui, the only seam line I could find, (and I looked really hard) was in image 42, being the tip of the Mg34 and a small part of the barrel. Other than that, (now that seam lines were mentioned), a brilliant build and something I would be proud to own and stare at for hours. 🙂 (Something I do now with my own,) hahahaha
14. September 2017, 16:47
Rui S
Hehehe, I see what you mean Kezza 😄.
Yeah. Just as I said, that close-up photo 42, was the only way I could see that seam line and a nasty surprise.
If you want to know if your work is real good take a lot of close-up photos of it, hehehe. Specially with figure faces hahaha😎.
Anyway Thank you for your kind words Mate.
Much appreciated.
The figures on this one are not finished yet, so when I tackle them, I will take care of that "bastard" seam hehehe😉
14. September 2017, 18:53
Kerry COX
Rui. What a joy to see how cool calm and collected you are mate. hehehehe🙂
I am always intrigued with what you produce, as you leave very little to the imagination, having obviously planned your builds well.👍
Thanks for your support and input mate. There is a wealth of knowledge in your head, and I am happy to have you let me know if I make a boo boo.🙂
I would love to produce something absolutely 'perfect', but, I dream. hahaha 🙂 👍
Kez. 😉
14. September 2017, 20:05
Rui S
Positive criticism, is always welcome for those o look for perfection😎
I like to make it and like to receive it. It makes one grow...
Thanks for your feedback Mate.
Also much appreciated.
14. September 2017, 21:44
Kerry COX
Any time my brother. 🙂 Tally Ho.!!
14. September 2017, 22:17
Rui S
I'm now resurrecting this project to completing this small vignette. Must do:
- Water simulation correction (the translucent silicone that I applied years ago become totally dull, so, beware when using silicone);
- MG seam lines correction;
- end of figures painting;
- New items on the schwim.
3. January, 22:45
Kerry COX
Are those miniature marijuana plant I see. ? 😉
4. January, 01:44
Rui S
Hi there Kezza, "long time no see", everything ok?
Yah Mate I,ve some in the terrace pots, hehehe. Pity they are just miniaturas 😄
4. January, 15:33
Kerry COX
I'm still around mate. Just trying to avoid the Covid19. !
Those small plants only give you a small buzz. 🙁
I still love your work mate. 😉
Happy New Year. 👍
4. January, 16:27
Rui S
We all are Mate. I'm working at home since march 2020. Avoiding the russian roulette 🙁
Thx for your wishes, and for your kind comment. I'm now working on the figures.
I also wish you the Very Best and Happy 2021.
4. January, 20:24
Rui S
After a long wait, I consider this neglected one, finally finished. 😉
Time to finish another waiting project. (The Opel Blitz).
10. January, 22:28
Kerry COX
'Catch up time' on those projects we 'never quite finished'. hehehehehe Looking forward to your future 'clean up's' Rui. 😉 👍
11. January, 01:41
Great diorama, really interesting to see all the detail you added to the kit
11. January, 02:47
I agree with Doug. Everything just fine!
11. January, 11:22
Rui S
@ Kezza, Yap, I want to finally finish all those models that rest on hold with a little work to be done. I hope you will like the future developments😉
@ Doug, Thank you very much for your nice words, I'm glad you like it 🙂
@ Neuling, Thx for your comment, coming from a dio Expert, I'm happy😉
15. January, 21:56
Kerry COX
I like all you do Rui. Your talent is world renown mate. 😉 👍
18. January, 06:05
Rui S
@Hi Kezza, Thank you for your kind comment (a bit exegerated but very nice to read) 😄 Coming from an Expert, I'm very glad that you like my work😉
@ Joshua, Thank you very much for your nice comment. I'm glad you like it.
24. January, 12:40
Dietmar Bogatzki
The bw Photos look the the Real Thing 🙂
30. January, 17:44
Rui S
That's a very pleasant comment Dietmar, I appreciate it. Thank you very much.
1. February, 19:15
I nearly missed this one.
That's a master-class on taking a pretty basic kit and making something remarkable from it.
20. February, 12:05
Kerry COX
As I have said before about your work Rui.
You certainly have a wonderful eye for detail and great touch for the depth of field. always a pleasure to behold. 👍
20. February, 22:59
Rui S
Dear gorbygould, thank you very much for your kind comment, I am glad that you did not miss this album and that you have gone through it, and find it worthy of your comment.

Yes, as mate Jan Peters mentioned on the other Via Balbia album "Some fine old school modeling", well I love working with what I have, that is, very old kits and trying to do something right with them, at least until I gain experience enough to attack the latest kits. My position at the moment is known, do not spend too much, on aftermarket products, although I am tempted in some cases.

I'm even happier that you leave a comment on the album, instead of leaving a simple "like". Thanks.

Your comment (which revived this album), made me think how important it is for me to comment on photoalbums, at least and essentially, those that present the themes that I like the most.

The next statment (which was sparked by your kind comments), is not a crusade against "likes", this was done at the time the "like" was proposed for SCALEMATES. It's not that I don't like to receive them, because I try to thank them, (although when two or more mates hit the like consecutively, only the last one is registered and only that one I can thank), but because I think they don't correspond to what I consider the essence of SCALEMATES, otherwise let's see:

SCALEMATES is a marvel for me and is very well done (I already had the opportunity to personally thank Tim for that).

The comment is a real bust for our self-confidence, for our work and development and for our Mojo. The "like" not really. (which sharing does it allows?)

A comment, because it comes up in the newsfeed is very important, it is equivalent to a SHARING moment with all the mates, those who are interested in the same type of subject and the others who do not, but it allows EXCHANGE of knowledge, practices , models and experiences to follow, or not.

So, I always consider commenting on albums that, for me, are worthy works and that I want to help share with all scalemates, even if they were posted years ago. If they are good, I think they should go back to the fore of the front page of the newsfeed, as examples to SHARE.

We all like to see our work recognized and SHARED, that is what SCALEMATES and our Hobby are for me. For me it's not a like, it's a LOVE.

I am very sorry that some excellent modelers here, like to take the time to post and present their work and to thank the comments they receive, but, they no longer bother to comment ON A SINGLE WORK from all the other mates. It seems to me an attitude that is not humble, egocentric and eguist. but that's live.

Probably they consider their work to be the best published here, placing themselves above the ordinary mortal ... to those, unfortunately, against my will, I had to stop commenting or SHARING their work, that I appreciate so much and that are much better than mine, because in reality, from Mates tehy have little.
SHARING (which, as you can see, I consider the main attribute of SCALEMATES), is RECEIVING and GIVING or vice versa.

I believe that the positive criticisms is always good, the negative ones ..., they do not exist in sacalemates, nor trolls thanks God, but I also consider that, if made by those who know how to do it better, they are acceptable.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than receiving a comment, but it also gives me great pleasure, to see a work of excellence appear in the newsfeed and when within my favorite topics (maybe for me it is easier since I have two favorite scales), I will certainly comment immediately, whether from an old Mate or a newcomer to SCALEMATES.

There are so many excellent modelers here (and thankfully), with works infinitely better than mine, that should / have to be commented and SHARED, but even those that are not so good, should also have their moment, and they have, from what I see regarding my work.

I don't have, nor I ever had, nor I feel the need to use FB or Twitter, or any other, for me it's just the Excellent SCALEMATES, nothing more.

So many of us during our life had to leave the Hobby (always on standby) and 20, 30, or 40 years later we returned to practice or collect it, look at the gigantic staches that many of us collect.

And why? because those who really have this HOBBY (even when they don't have the opportunity to practice it), love it until death or until they die.

On these topics, I still make Mate Kezza's words on 2. November 2020, on his album:

Tamiya 1/24 Sauber Mercedes C9 MkII | Album by RedRoo

my words. Thank you Kezza.

I have said
26. February, 21:13
Well said Rui!

I agree that comments are important, even if the model isn't the best of the best, it may be the best that particular modeller can achieve and deserves praise. I don't like the thought that some modellers post their latest pride and joy, which they may have been working on for months – and no one comments on their work. I have had that happen and it's quite deflating. I build for my own pleasure, but it is very nice to have someone else appreciate your effort, it gives you a bit of a confidence boost. If leaving a brief comment can make someone smile – why not do it?
I have noticed that some modellers (regardless of their skill) fail to comment on others work, unfortunately that's just human nature and it is the same on the three modelling forums that I'm familiar with. It may be that they don't feel the need, but it may also be because they lack the time. I'm retired (yaaaay!) and there are times when I don't have the time to even look on Scalemates let alone comment.
This is a very friendly community and along with the one other forum I visit it is very important to me. I often think of what my childhood self I would have thought that in the future my modelling friends wouldn't be a few houses down the road, but hundreds if not thousands of miles away. I think my mind would have been blown by the concept.

Stay safe*

(* As we have just ascertained, you're all important to my mental well-being so it'd be selfish of you not to look after yourselves).😉
27. February, 07:08
Rui S
Well, gorbygould, my friend, I'm glad we're in tune.

I still work and sometimes 10 or 11 hours a day in extreme concentration and sometimes I get so tired that I spend a week or two with time just to see the teaser images.
However, when it comes to the weekend or beginning of another week, I always find time to review and comment on everything I like, and sometimes a little more than the aforementioned, leaving and helping with positive honest criticism, even at the risk of being misunderstood, not very common here unfortunately, but I notice that there is a fine line between this and the beginning (if not done carefully) of trolls emergence.
I deeply believe that positive criticism takes us to the next level, perhaps it is the result of my training and profession.
We all practice self criticism to reach hour limits, right? For example in this album I denounced the finding of apparent seam lines in MG when it was already painted and finished. I also found the very same problem on the back of the oficcer's neck. Nobody commented on it (I would have thanked) but I know it is there but didn't go back to painting skin again, didn't seem necessary to me in this case. maybe if someone had told me anything ... could be different ??? Who knows.

Forward, maybee it's because I don't waste my time on FB or twiter? Maybee it's because I Realy love this Hobby, but don't have all the time I would like to practice it, and so scalemates is the cherry...Nowadays I no longer conceive my hobby without scalemates.
But it is how you say, the important thing is to keep ourselves safe. That's why I don't leave the house, and the Hobby helps that I do not become mentally retarded😉
27. February, 11:27
Rui S
P.S. Another thing that really pisses me off and I can't stand it, is the person who has the luxury of ignoring comments on their own albums. This is the worst😠
27. February, 16:15
I definitely agree with that.
27. February, 16:19
Rui S
LOL. I was not expecting such a quick response. Thx Mate 👍
27. February, 16:26
Konrad Limmer
It takes a little time to go through all those messages but yes that is the point. The „like" button is ok but it will take all this a little impersonal in my eyes.

Anyhow I'm not a WW ll pro but your build looks really real👍!

Keep on modeling guys!
27. February, 16:32
Rui S
Thx Konrad, for taking the time to read the comments. But I'm realy glad to hear that you agree.
That is the point, Thx again for recognize it so eloquently.
I am also not in all the themes shared here, but I often do not fail to recognize and share works that impress me, even though I am from other beaches ...
Yap. I agree. keep modeling and SHARE all the various albuns that somehow impress you😢
27. February, 16:39
Konrad Limmer
I do my best 😉!
27. February, 16:50
Rui S
I'm sure we do 😄
27. February, 17:31
James C
Fabulous work Rui. The camouflage on the uniforms blends very well with that surrounding vegetation that you used. Fantastic!👍
27. February, 17:35
Rui S
Thank you James. Much appreciated. Not very difficult to replicate this specific camo, just a bit of patience.
Fantastic is your quality/quantity work mate 👍
27. February, 17:44
Kerry COX
Rui. Your not only a stupendous scale modeller, but a diplomatic statesmen as well. !!🙂 🙂 🙂
What a wordsmith you are. 😉 👍
We are all a lot more 'woke' about how we all function here. 👍
Thanks for that my friend. 👍 👍 👍.
Roo. 😉
28. February, 21:05
Rui S
Hi Kezza, thank you for your very kind words, Mate.
It was really the gorbygould comment here, that (I don't really know why) triggered the statement.
Most of us here, know how to function in scalemates, others not so much ... But these, I'm afraid I don't reach 🙁
1. March, 20:49
Rui Da Silva
Great display! I really like the black and white images. The one with the good depth of field looks amazing! Add a film grain affect and some aging and it would be hard to tell it wasn't an old photo from the Bundesarchiv.

BTW... love the use of a cork to hold the figure. Was it Port or just regular Vine Tinto... 😉
3. March, 04:47
Rui S
Thank you for your kind comments Rui. Mainly coming from a namesake😉 (my S also comes from da Silva).
I'm really sorry, that I don't know how to work with Photoshope, but I'll try to follow your advice with other programs and see how it works.
I see you scrolled through the photos in the Album, thanks again for that.
With around 100 thousand tons of cork per year, Portugal is the largest producer in the world, so it is natural that around here we use corks in a lot of things. Tinto, white, Porto, Madeira, etc. I like all of them 😄
3. March, 22:32
Kerry COX
So. Saying "Put a cork in it." instead of 'shut up' is not an insult. ? 🙂
It's so much nicer pulling the cork out of a bottle of wine, rather rather than the plastic or screw top crap the world uses now. :-/ 🙁
3. March, 22:44
Rui S
Yap Kezza, I think it's more polite, at least 😄
And I completely second your wise words. Cork is a noble material with several very good characteristics and it is even currently used by NASA😉
3. March, 22:53
David Pearson
Nice Work, impressive diarama, detailed work.
14. March, 11:45
Rui S
Thank you for your kind words David Pearson. I'm very glad you like it. Much apreciated.
15. March, 00:11


1:35 Kfz. 1/20K2s Schwimmwagen (Tamiya MM103)1:35 Soldiers Seated (Tamiya MM209)

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