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Tim Heimer (gearhd)

Supernatural 67 Impala

Yes...another movie car Dio! LOL! Supernatural Impala in front of a graveyard and..with working lights.


Tim Heimer
Apparently by the lack of response on this one I should stick with the older movie cars ! LOL
9 November 2020, 14:34
Pierre Vauthier
it is good but can make closer pic ?
9 November 2020, 21:34
Nigel Chapman
It's nice dio Tim up to your usual standards, but your right, I 've never seen the TV show !
9 November 2020, 22:36
Tim Heimer
Thanks for confirming that Nigel! I thought so. Pierre , I'm guessing that you'd like to see closer pics of the front, rear and side of the car?? I'll see if I can add some new pics in a day or two for you. Thank you for your interest
10 November 2020, 06:51
Martin Oostrom
Sometimes a very nice build gets hidden under a deluge of updates. I think that's what happened here. Absolutely love the car Tim (not a fan of zombies 😉 )
10 November 2020, 06:59
Bill Newcomer
Well done Tim! Nice setting.
10 November 2020, 07:08
Tim Heimer
Thanks guys! I know not everyone is into zombies and paranormal stuff. I wanted to use something other than zombies for this but the cost for just 2 of the other figures I wanted to use would've been $115 usd shipping was most of the cost! That and I know that this wasn't really a car movie, but still a well known newer TV series.
10 November 2020, 22:56
James C
That's impressive Tim... I especially like the the working headlights. A very cool detail that shows off the awesomeness of the front end of the 67 Impala👍

BTW, someone needed to do this...😉

Youtube Video


11 November 2020, 16:57
I was just thinking "how did I miss this one?" then I actually took the time to read the comments (rare) & I see your point Tim 😉
I've never heard of the tv series, could be a transatlantic thing I guess?
It's reminded me of some of the less well known but still very cool tv/movie cars, the black Cuda from Phantasm, the E-Type hearse from Harold & Maude, the white Vette from The Magician etc
11 November 2020, 17:18
Impala looks awesome tho mate 👍 The late 60's full size Impala's were very stylish, that rear qtr is huge!
11 November 2020, 17:21
Tim Heimer
THANK YOU James! That video rocks! Munky, I wonder how many people remember Harold & Maude?!
12 November 2020, 01:05
Bob Hall
Nice, You snuck this one in past me !
12 November 2020, 01:25
Peter Hardy
Nice. Well done. Very good. Excellent. Beautiful. Scary. Thrilling. Enthralling. Sensational. Original. Unique. Orright! Enough said! No! I didn't say Wow. I gotta say wow.
12 November 2020, 01:35
This is amazing! Well done!
16 February 2021, 20:58
Chaz Gordon
Nice build and dio. Its a shame the kit doesnt give trunk details, you're right that would be cool with all the supermatural slaying kit, but that'd be a ton of work to scratch build.
21 February 2021, 19:17
Edward May
This is a great looking rendition of "pretty much the most important object in the universe" in a nice diorama! Where are Sam & Dean though?!

This is among the few movie vehicles the missus absolutely wants in her collection. The others being the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard series, Kit from the original Knight Rider, Herbie the Lovebug and the Charger driven by Vin Diesel in the first Fast & the Furious.

She had a choice this month between a Japanese Hospital Ship as well as some Aber gun barrels for the main and secondary batteries for her Hasegawa USS South Dakota OR this kit. She chose the ship and gun barrels this time around but made sure I added it to our wish list over at Mega Hobby. lol
29 July 2021, 04:59
Andy Van Coppenolle
I like the diorama, Nice work!
29 July 2021, 10:19
Tim Heimer
Thank you very much! I'm glad to share it.
Edward, Sorry I couldn't get Sam And Dean, But tried! Don't let your misses see my album! I've done all but Herbie! Knight Rider does have the Michael figure and Kit is lit up.
17 August 2021, 03:51
Edward May
You're very welcome. I think anyone would agree that the praise offered is well deserved for anyone who is a fan of the topic matter! 😉 I have looked at your album and already shared it with the missus. The lighting on your work really brings them to the next dimension. The missus positively loved your work but admits that she would be frightened to try to meddle with electronics. (She's similarly frightened of photo-etched and turned brass parts but gradually I'm getting her to warm up to stepping into a new dimension of model building.) I've never even considered adding electronics to my builds.

I'd imagine that few resin figure producers would be willing to pay the royalties on the likeness of any of the characters out of Supernatural. That having been said I've seen some that will market movie/television characters under vague terms but are obviously those from such a franchise. As far as I can tell nobody has done this to go with the new AMT kit; Yet.

We just got out of a humid, windless and rain free 90 degree heat wave the likes of which I haven't seen in this region since the early 90s. None of us were in any mood to arrange our new hobby room let alone try to build anything. Yesterday we had a day of storms that came along with a refreshing low pressure system out of the North to bring us back down to daytime temps in the 70s. We'll be getting back to transforming our hobby room this weekend or next week! None of us can wait to start building again!!
21 August 2021, 14:07
Chaz Gordon
Very cool.
24 August 2021, 19:51
Dominik Weitzer
Agreed. very cool!
10 September 2021, 11:32


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