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Hanno Kleinecke (Aquilifer)

Curtiss SB2-C Naval aircraft modification unit „ NAMU"


33 28 January 2018, 21:12
Bernhard Schrock
Ha! A one more Yellowwing! Watching.
28 January 2018, 21:22
Hanno Kleinecke
28 January 2018, 21:26
Hanno Kleinecke
After my motivation finally returned from being on strike, I managed to put some effort into the beasts cockpit interior and gunners seat
14 January 2019, 16:26
Björn Svedberg
Nice start! 👍 Following.
14 January 2019, 16:43
Bernhard Schrock
Ha! The Beast is back!
14 January 2019, 17:44
Thomas Bischoff
Nice start and I will follow yor progress🙂
15 January 2019, 17:45
Stephan Ryll
Very nice start Hanno 👍
11 February 2019, 17:27
Da hänge ich mich mal ran. Du hast aber auch immer ein Zeug am Start...
11 February 2019, 18:09
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you all, welcome aboard mates !: Wheelwell door hinges added to Gearstruts, fixed part of hydraulic break line still to come. Next task will be the dive breaks.
Acki: Ich mag's eben gern bunt....😄
11 February 2019, 18:31
Thomas Bischoff
good work on the landing gear 👍
11 February 2019, 19:38
Thomas Hopfensperger
16 April 2019, 08:05
Maciej Bellos
Impressive work! Following!
30 April 2020, 17:40
Bernhard Schrock
Hier geht es weiter!🙂 Turtledeck-Mimik & Kanzelschiene: sehr schön!
6 May 2020, 12:25
Jorge Martin Aroca gaitan
muito legal , ficamos no aguardo de mais fotos
25 May 2020, 18:24
Thomas Bischoff
wunderschön die Details! ... ich frage mich aber gerade, ob die gelbe NAMU Maschine nicht unbewaffnet unterwegs war. Die Fotos zeigen meiner Meinung nach ausgebaute Flügelkanonen.
25 May 2020, 19:01
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you Thomas ! I think you are right, the two original pictures show no armament, neither guns in the wings, nor rocket racks under the wings.
Mine will be unarmed too.
@ Jorge : Sorry mate, unfortunately I don't speak or read spanish
25 May 2020, 20:34
Hanno Kleinecke
Hydraulik actuators and mimik for flap drivers installed ( 62 parts ) . Second half still to come.
9 June 2020, 18:56
Bernhard Schrock
Cool details in comparison with pics during restoring of a SB2C...
16 June 2020, 19:11
Hanno Kleinecke
Cowlflap actuators, gearstrut-crankshaft and more detailing for the divebreak-mechanism done.
Trimtab actuators added, fixed clearparts installed. Almost ready for paint now........
17 September 2020, 16:40
Bernhard Schrock
Schön dass es weiter geht! Welcome back at the work bench! Nice details, especially cowling inner side. I'm watching for paint especially yellow. 🙂
17 September 2020, 19:28
very nice scratch build details
18 September 2020, 21:56
Bernhard Schrock
Pic 36: die Sturzflugbremsen jetzt schon festgeklebt oder nur temporär via Drahtstücke? Übrigens sieht SEHR gut aus!
21 September 2020, 15:27
Hanno Kleinecke
Dankeschön ! Erstmal nur mittels Draht probegepasst..... PE fehlt noch, zusammen mit der ganzen Verstellmechanik. Würde beim Flächeneinbau sonst nur kaputtgehen......
21 September 2020, 16:47
Daniel Klink
Wow, beautiful piece of detailwork there Hanno...
21 September 2020, 16:50
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you Daniel ! Momentarily this beast is driving me up the wall, wing fit is fubar, making this a lot more
work than I expected........🙂
21 September 2020, 17:03
Bernhard Schrock
Freut mich sehr das Gelb! 🙂 Hast du alles in EINEM Rutsch geairbrusht? Oder in mehreren Sessions? Wenn in einem Rutsch wie gehalten? 37 und 39: die Betonung der Blechstösse mit Glanz ist gut zu sehen. Sehr gespannt auf das gesamt Ergebnis!
10 October 2020, 18:11
Hanno Kleinecke
Danke Dir ! Es waren insgesamt 5 Durchgänge, Schattieren eingerechnet. Vorne durchgebohrt für Styrolrohr zum Halten.
10 October 2020, 18:22
Ben M
Great choice of markings - the yellow looks good!
10 October 2020, 19:04
Hanno Kleinecke
Thx Ben, in reality it has a ltlle more orange to it, got swallowed up by the camera
11 October 2020, 09:25
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Hanno.
11 October 2020, 21:02
Patrick Hagelstein

Stunning! 👍
9 November 2020, 18:04
Patrick Hagelstein
Good to read the yellow is more orange in real life as the pictures indeed are a bit pale compared to the shots of the real bird.
9 November 2020, 18:04
Hanno Kleinecke
Thanks Patrick, you're right, looks a bit pale.... I think reality is somewhere in between, these old Kodakchrome colour photographs are generally a bit more orangy than the real thing used to be
9 November 2020, 18:14
Patrick Hagelstein
That's why it always looks so much sunnier on those old pictures. 🙂
9 November 2020, 18:16
Hanno Kleinecke
Snailing along towards the finish line.......
4 December 2020, 22:20
Lochsa River
Looking forward to more photos. Nice work.
4 December 2020, 22:56
Hanno Kleinecke
On Monday this project almost came to an early and violent end : The Helldiver decided to live up to its reputation being a Divebomber and dove off the workbench...... Only to crash onto the floor, breaking both legshafts, the antenna mast and one diveflap, damaging several actuators.
Aaaaaarghhhh ! As one can imagine, I was veeery close to hammering the whole thing into the bin,which I'm glad I did'nt, because the project has grown too far and consumed too much time to be dumped.
But, the upside of this downfall is, that I am now able to correct some details I was not quite satisfied with, for instance the position of the legshafts.
Keeping calm and carrying on ! 🙂

9 December 2020, 16:14
Bernhard Schrock
Hanno: don't give up! don't give up!!don't give up!!!don't give up!!!!don't give up!!!!!don't give up!!!!!!don't give up!!!!!!!don't give up!!!!!!
9 December 2020, 17:39
Maciej Bellos
Keep calm and build a splendid Helldiver.
9 December 2020, 17:42
Hanno Kleinecke
🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks Bernhard and Maciej, already on it
9 December 2020, 18:12
we are all holding our breath behind you. go for it Hanno! one step at a time....
9 December 2020, 18:57
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you for your encouraging words Spanjaard !
9 December 2020, 19:23
Patrick Hagelstein
Youtube Video
This is what I would have to say, only Kate and Peter are way better at it. 😉

17 December 2020, 23:18
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Hanno.
18 December 2020, 01:56
A.J. Madison
I love your evil genius in super detailing the flap actuators. Definitely don't give up. You have way to much invested into this project.
18 December 2020, 02:32
Hanno Kleinecke
Aaaawwww, thanks Patrick, I have already repaired most of it. Could have been worse. We'll all see this one finished shortly 🙂
Thank you Clifford and A.J. !
18 December 2020, 07:51
Hanno Kleinecke
Calling this one done, right on time to give 2020 the boot in a whole !
This project was not sailing under a good star, like so many other things this year.....
After its divebomb attack on the floor this was not due to become a mastepiece anymore but still I think
it's ok-ish. In the end I'm glad I did'nt bin it like my first rage tempted me to. 🙂
A happy and healthy 2021 for all of you, see ya'll next year !
31 December 2020, 11:52
Bernhard Schrock
I'm very happy to see the finished yellow Beast (just in time before 2020 ends🙂 ). Great job and result!
31 December 2020, 11:52
well done Hanno! and happy 2021!
1 January 2021, 00:08
Very beautiful build!👍👍👍
1 January 2021, 09:57
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you Bernhard, Spanjaard and Neuling ! 🙂 🙂 🙂
1 January 2021, 15:22
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
1 January 2021, 18:53
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you Stefan !
3 January 2021, 08:18
Clifford Keesler
Very nice build Hanno.
4 January 2021, 01:23
Thomas Bischoff
Great job!
4 January 2021, 20:04
Maciej Bellos
Wonderful result, despite the crash landing! Happy 2021!
4 January 2021, 20:23
Daniel Klink
Brilliant finish Hanno👍 Real eyecatching and unique..
4 January 2021, 20:24
Ben M
Youtube Video

4 January 2021, 22:24
Hanno Kleinecke
Thank you Clifford, Daniel Thomas, Maciej and Ben ! I'm glad that you like my yellow beast ! 🙂 @Thomas : Your rescue Helldiver was the inspiration for this. 🙂
4 January 2021, 22:56


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