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Clifford Keesler (stormrider509)

Kitty Hawk JAS-39B/D Gripen.


18 | 19. February, 22:11
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Clifford Keesler
Did not realize that all of the text for this one was on the project page, and that I had not created an album yet. So here is where I'm at so far.
19. February, 22:20
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍 Count me in!
21. February, 14:19
Konrad Limmer
Watching too👍!
21. February, 15:38
James C
21. February, 17:01
Jos Jansen
Oh wow, Iam definitely in Clifford...just purchased the one seater from Kitty Hawk. I am really curious what problems you are, or are you going to encounter from this kit ?!
21. February, 17:09
Clifford Keesler
Welcome Roland, Konrad, James and Jos. @Jos there are a lot of fit issues, especially fuselage to wing joints.
22. February, 20:11
Watching 🙂
22. February, 20:14
Clifford Keesler
Welcome WhiteGlint.
22. February, 20:18
Clifford Keesler
This one got a boat load of putty today, so will let that cure for a couple of days. Hopefully by then, the paint for it will arrive.
24. February, 04:04
Ali Yulianto
Following! Would be keen to see the problem areas of this kit as I have this one in my stash too.
24. February, 05:08
Clifford Keesler
I will put some pictures up tomorrow, and welcome aboard.
24. February, 05:53
Jos Jansen
Good to know Clifford, thx 👍
24. February, 07:26
Slavo Hazucha
Will drop in here too - started well and only can get better😉
24. February, 12:14
Clifford Keesler
Welcome Slavo.
25. February, 01:55
Clifford Keesler
Started the weapons today and installed the radome. Guess what, more putty, this thing is a pig.
26. February, 01:34
Konrad Limmer
Nice work Clifford! A lot of putty but in the end it will look awesome 👍! Looking forward to the next steps.
26. February, 07:49
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Konrad.
26. February, 21:31
Clifford Keesler
Almost ready for primer.
26. February, 21:50
Jos Jansen
oooh, that doesn't sound good Clifford ... looks more like a nightmare build...?! For the time being you have everything under control, I am really curious how you can accomplish this until the end.
26. February, 23:13
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Jos. I will see it through, it might not be the best I have ever done. But I have to much time and money invested in it to let it beat me. LOL. Plus I don't have enough room for a shelf of doom. LOL.
27. February, 01:12
Ohh watching.. uhoh.. its shitty hawk... fit issues?
27. February, 02:21
Clifford Keesler
Welcome Augie. Yes this one is kind of bad. This is my third Kitty Hawk kit, and the one that got the worst reviews, the F-101C was the best fitting of the 3. I also have the Super Entenard, F-94, Cougar and one other one that I can't remember right now.
27. February, 03:53
playtime 222
I've got 3 kitty hawk kits in the stash and every single build I've seen, the builder says they suck.... *Sigh Ah well
27. February, 07:06
Clifford Keesler
The F-101C was a nice build. This one not, had to add putty around the fwd windscreen as it did not fit either. Hopefully I will get it faired in without screwing it up. Some careful sanding is in order. AAARRRRGGGG!
2. March, 04:49
playtime 222
Good luck 😄
3. March, 13:50
Clifford Keesler
Well all the sanding is done, I got it primed and the undersides painted. Then promptly snapped the nose and tail pitot tubes off. Luckly I bought extra aftermarket ones, so will just add them. The landing gear and weapons are primed.
4. March, 03:19
Clifford Keesler
Got this beast painted today. Will try and update the album tomorrow.
5. March, 02:23
Nathan Dempsey
You're getting this one together nicely. Those Kittyhawk kits are challenging for sure.
5. March, 03:22
Looks very nice and clean right now, seems you solved all of the fit issues as of now. 👍
Though I guess the landing gear position is something of concern as well: in several other models I've seen, the landing gear seems to be skewed in its position and not being nice and parallel/symmetric if you know what I mean - making the rest of the model skewed to one side for example. But I think with the patience you had with the kit so far, this will be solvable as well.
What weapons will you put on?
5. March, 21:02
Clifford Keesler
It is painted now. I plan on 2 sidewinders, 2 AIM-120's, 1 Maverick. The other 2 I do not remember what they are called, 1 has muitiple ejector ports. I think it is used on Runways and the other is a huge guided missile.
6. March, 23:41
Ah, the Bombkapsel 90 and the RBS15 probably. The Bombkapsel actually was withdrawn from use in Sweden due to Swedens signing on the Convention on Cluster Munition, but should be irrelevant if you do not care that much abut accuracy (can also be an earlier-use plane).
6. March, 23:52
Clifford Keesler
The version I am doing is a Chez. bird.
7. March, 00:13
Clifford Keesler
This one is all decaled now, awaiting final clear coat and weathering.
10. March, 01:55
Nathan Dempsey
Looking nice Clifford. I can't decide what markings I want for my Gripen. I'm leaning to the South African AF.
12. March, 01:53
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good Clifford 👍 Looks like you're a kitty hawk expert now😉
12. March, 08:08
Jos Jansen
Those decals look great on the canards!
12. March, 20:39
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Nathan, Roland and Jos. @ Nathan, the South African one is nice, I had thought about it or the one from Thialand. But I just could not get past those eyes. LOL. @ Roland I guess I ought to be, I have enough of the damn things. I put the wash on it this afternoon.
12. March, 23:50
Clifford Keesler
I took the wash off today, and added all the weapons, and odds and sods. Only need to add the wheels, then do final weathering and matt coat.
14. March, 02:43
David Taylor
Looks like you have tamed the beast.
14. March, 08:47
Clifford Keesler
It's getting there. Added the wheels today and the metal pitot tubes and AOA sensors. Just need to add the nav lights and the last weapon and it will be done.
15. March, 01:14
Slavo Hazucha
Bold little bird evolving very nicely - those canards really add personality 👍 - and as a side-effect, provide a surprisingly well working camouflage effect against your grey-white mat! 👍
15. March, 08:49
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Slavo.
16. March, 01:28


1:48 JAS-39 Gripen pitot tube (Quickboost QB 48 579)

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