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Scalemates Mig-21 Group Build 2021


30 | 20. March, 18:40
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20. March, 19:19
Ben M
Meep. Here to see the improbable splinter camo. And I like communist tubes.
22. March, 00:23
Welcome 🙂 Starts with the usual turquoise.
22. March, 00:40
Nathan Dempsey
Need to see this one. Great subject 🙂
22. March, 00:53
Sergej I
Oh wow... the whole plane is one full decal? This will be interesting, looking forward 👍
24. March, 11:55
Martin von Schreckenstein
Mr. Kapesnicek. I used to have a big poster of it when I was a kid. And saw it on an airshow once. Good luck on the masking haha.
24. March, 12:00
So cockpit is in progress.. will see how it goes
27. March, 16:27
James C
Following 👀
27. March, 18:58
Welcoem james, usual seat for you 😄
27. March, 19:15
Urban Gardini
Ooooh, I need to grab a seat for this one!
27. March, 19:17
James C
Within easy reach of the beer fridge right? I will be your beer assistant😉
27. March, 19:17
Welcome Urban 🙂

Yes please james, a beer would be lovely
27. March, 19:45
Clifford Keesler
I'm in, usual seat please. Intresting color scheme.
31. March, 23:34
lol usual seat m'amigo.. and you know me.. if its odd then I'll generally have a go
1. April, 00:14
Clifford Keesler
That is true. LOL.
1. April, 00:51
So trying to find a base coat that works.. having a nightmare with paint at the moment.. 🙁
10. April, 17:55
James C
Hope you sort out the paint issues... the fuselage has taken shape nicely 👍
10. April, 18:11
Roland Gunslinger
Maybe this Thread helps: He Uses a mix of 70:30 White:Flat Gull Grey

PS: Scroll down to the pic.
10. April, 18:36
Thanks guys, and thanks roland 🙂
10. April, 20:23
Clifford Keesler
Glad you found a formula that will work. It sure is nice to have a forum where you can ask questions, and get the answers you need, or that help.
11. April, 01:45
Soo.. after 3 attempts resulting in a stripping.. a re-engraving to clear filled panel lines.. and then some how a perfect night with new thinners that just worked..
Base coat is done.
21. April, 17:30
James C
Looks like your persistence has paid off 👍
21. April, 17:35
Patrick Hagelstein
This one I like too follow too! How much beer is in that fridge? 😉
21. April, 18:13
Nathan Dempsey
Looking good Augie. 🙂
21. April, 18:20
Thanks James.. its been a total pain in arse lol... but think its due to my thinnners... new thinners seems to of sorted it thankfully.

Patrick, Nathan, thanks guys.. now to get bits on ready to decal!
21. April, 18:25
Patrick Hagelstein
Go for it! 😄
21. April, 20:36
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Augie.
22. April, 00:16
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, very nice progress 👍
22. April, 06:02
Patrick Hagelstein
I've been admiring picture 9 for a while now and have to take in for a moment that Augie only ever brush paints: extremely smooth surface Augie! 👍
22. April, 14:05
Thanks Patrick, thats why it took 3 attempts to get to that finish lol. I must be cracked

22. April, 14:54
Urban Gardini
Yes Patrick, she's a master of the brush!
22. April, 16:42
Urban Gardini
And a little (not so little) crazy but we like her anyway!
22. April, 16:43
Lol thanks Urb, love ya too 😉
22. April, 17:05
22. April, 17:38
22. April, 18:51
Clifford Keesler
Nobody and I mean nobody yields a meaner "hairy stick" than Augie. I don't know how she does it.
23. April, 00:15
Patrick Hagelstein
With craftsmanship and souplesse of course..... 😉
23. April, 05:13
Clifford Keesler
She sure does.
23. April, 22:39
Well, its been a while with this one.. and here is the progress.. I've had to order a second decal set after fubaring one side of the rudder.
Needs to be left to dry a while now, before I start on the fuselage.

It has just struck me however, why on earth has no one done this for the sweedish fields and meadows scheme???????
6. May, 18:41
6. May, 18:48
James C
That's a striking looking scheme and will look even more impressive once finished 👍
6. May, 18:48
Urban Gardini
Looking great mate, it'll be fun when it's my turn to try it but in 1:72...
6. May, 19:02
Robert Podkoński
I would love to have decals for swedish disruptive camo - only then I would have a Viggen (and maybe Strvg.103) on my shelf...
6. May, 19:15
Urban Gardini
There's no try, just do it...!
6. May, 19:23
Mhhm thanks guys and yes Urb, thats on my todo list.. god help me.
6. May, 19:57
Urban Gardini
You'll manage it mate!
6. May, 20:09
Nathan Dempsey
Woah, that's looking nice Augie 😁
6. May, 20:21
Roland Gunslinger
That is already an eye catcher 👍
6. May, 20:31
Thanks guys 🙂 she does catch the eye, just needs to dry up
6. May, 20:37
So quick update as to where decals are.. some touch-ups will be needed but all in all, going ok.

Syhart's decals really snuggle down hard with softener, but they are thin.. I mean really thin, where I have already done a repair, you cant even see that there is a bit of decal over it..
8. May, 13:00
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome Augie, it's going to be a stunner.
9. May, 02:03
Thanks clifford 🙂 its getting there lol
9. May, 11:01
So All the biggies are on now, just the starboard rudder to do when the replacement arrives
its very striking I have to admit
16. May, 19:24
Roland Gunslinger
Ooh, that looks great. The work has paid off 👍
16. May, 19:28
Thanks Roland 🙂 Yeah Just need to get to work on the rest now 🙂 without getting distracted on the other mig or a panzer... or computer games lol
16. May, 19:30
Sergej I
Beautiful result! 👍
16. May, 19:45
Urban Gardini
Lovely mate!
16. May, 20:15
Maciej Bellos
Beautiful result Augie!
16. May, 20:48
Thanks guys
16. May, 20:49
David Taylor
Veery nice.
16. May, 21:17
Clifford Keesler
I like it, great job Augie.
16. May, 22:08
Thanks Clifford and David 🙂 Now to finish it off.
17. May, 00:01
Donald Dickson II
Missed this one up until now. Thats a LOT of decal work there. Awesome!
17. May, 00:05
James C
Very eye-catching Augie and well worth all your effort 👍
17. May, 00:15
🙂 thanks Don, James
17. May, 08:42
Roland Gunslinger
Computer games: Yes, this is actually a "dangerous" distraction that I know only too well lol
17. May, 09:38
Very dangerous.. 😄
17. May, 17:17
The camo looks good, Augie. 👍
It feels like placement of the decals must be absolutely perfect so that they fit with the one for the aircraft number.
17. May, 18:08
Thanks Glint, yeah they have to be very close plus I think they were sized for Acadamy's Mig... eduards is a smidge smaller.
17. May, 18:56
Martin von Schreckenstein
looking just as i remember it! awesome progress
18. May, 09:20
Wow thanks Martin 🙂 Glad she is that good.
18. May, 19:31


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1:48 MiG-21MF (Eduard 84125)1:48 MiG-21 MF (Syhart Decal 48-074)

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