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Jens (Starterset)


Ju 88 C6 Dragon Master Serie 4R+ GN 5./NJG 2 Deelen Niederlande 1944

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This album is attached to project Junkers Ju 88C-6 Night Fighter.

Albums: 1 with 96 images
1:48 Junkers Ju 88C-6 Night Fighter (Dragon 5540)1:48 Ju 88A-5 seatbelts (Eduard 49751)


27. April 2018, 06:52 Share
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Wim van der Luijt Let me be the first to claim a seat.....
27. April 2018, 07:47
Jens Welcome on board Wim :)
27. April 2018, 08:32
Jens Hello James, welcome you too :)
yes, there are still 3 Ju 88 of Dragon in front of me in November, the C6 version should go fast, in 2014 I have already built this from a Revell Kit, but then with some own inspiration for weapons and painting
Ju 88 C-6 Dragon / Revell | Album by Starterset
27. April 2018, 08:58
Bart Goesaert Looks good, will you do them all in a row? Is the C-6 zerstorer (not nightfighter) also in the pipeline?
27. April 2018, 12:29
Jens Hello Bart and welcome, the destroyer is already finished MyAlbum | Album by Starterset
With this I started the Dragon series, I will build all I have in the camp, until November I wanted Ju 88 G1, Ju 188 E, Ju 188 A and 2 Mistel a Ju 88 G and a Ju 88 A version with Fw 190 Unfortunately, all bombers from Dragon are missing, but the year is not over yet
27. April 2018, 13:36
Bart Goesaert seem to have missed this one...
27. April 2018, 14:13
Jens Oh Bart, missed one ??? I have finished 9 models since January of which 7 are in the album ;) of which 3 are Ju 88 of Dragon ;)
27. April 2018, 15:30
Thomas Bischoff and here for another Ju 88! You turn them out faster than I can watch! Nice work again!
28. April 2018, 20:22
Rene Scheiblich Nice work so far Jens!
I'll grab a chair.
Do I see putty there? ;p
28. April 2018, 20:28
Jens Thanks Thomas, yes, by now I have routine with Dragon and it is very fast
@Rene yes, Dragon without soachtel does not work, but since I use the OWL radar set as an accessory, will surely lurk some surprises
28. April 2018, 20:53
Jens One of the problem zooms on the Dragon Ju88 is the surface finish of the right side, part A 47 / A50 I have some ground inside and yet the connection is still too thick, construction step 8, the landing gear is only once right and once left, so be careful, there is one Error means extra spatula
30. April 2018, 07:26
Rene Scheiblich So far it looks to be a better fit than the last build.
Hopefully the bird will sit level in the end :)
And do I see a seamline on the gear struts? ;P
30. April 2018, 08:41
Jens Hallo Rene , was meist Du damit, das schafft mein Google Translate nicht ;) :D" And do I see a seamline on the gear struts?"
30. April 2018, 16:03
Rene Scheiblich Ich glaube, an den Fahrwerksbeinen hast Du eine kleine Gussnaht übersehen ;)
30. April 2018, 19:46
Clifford Keesler Looking good Jens.
30. April 2018, 19:47
Jens Danke Rene, passiert bei dem Tempo leider immer wieder ;) :D Thanks also Clifford, wait for the finish, if anyone wanted to talk to me is not sure yet :D :D :D
30. April 2018, 20:05
Rene Scheiblich Ruhig mal einen Tee zwischendurch trinken :D
Aber man hat ja auch eine Menge zum säubern bei Dragon. Ich habe die 262 angefangen... Du hast kein bisschen übertrieben, Horrer! Ich mache später mal ein paar Bilder.
1. May 2018, 07:43
Jens :D kein Horror, Dragon Bastelspass der 80iger Jahre :D
1. May 2018, 08:02
Jens I could not hold the line strength, so I unscrewed the cap from the front, color Gunze Hobby Color RLM 75 2 parts color, 5 parts isopropanol 70%, pressure 1.2 bar distance to the model always less than 1 cm, gun is on the left wrist on
1. May 2018, 08:06
Gerald Willing Sehr schön Jens weiter so
1. May 2018, 08:46
Jens Danke Gerald :)
20 minutes strength training for the eyes :D :D :D :D

I will do some rework, I do not like 100%
otherwise, line width, some hand width scale 1:48 and also as usual, line length = working range of arm span 1:48
1. May 2018, 13:33
Rene Scheiblich Whoa. Very nice work, as usual!
These nightfighter camo patterns really catch the eye.
1. May 2018, 14:52
Björn Svedberg Really nice camo work there Jens! As always :)
1. May 2018, 15:17
Jens I say thank you for the nice words :)
and repeat mine like 5 years ago
if everything was as easy as painting :D
1. May 2018, 17:01
Rene Scheiblich Yep. Airbrushing models has a very steep learning curve.
Scratchbuilding, scribing panel lines and detailpainting are harder to learn imho :D
1. May 2018, 17:23
Jens The night was busy, such a coating is a compromise, too thinned colors paint fine lines, too thick colors bring spraying and speckles when painting,
to get a true coverage of the RLM 76 one way remains, make each line so many times until the light blue is cut,
I then "repainted" each line 4 times with RLM 76 "
3. May 2018, 05:43
Bart Goesaert Nicely done that camo...
3. May 2018, 07:55
Clifford Keesler I agree with James and Bart.
3. May 2018, 22:31
Jens Thank you colleagues for the nice words, but still can break a lot, is still some work and Dragon often has surprises that you do not want to believe so
3. May 2018, 22:44
Jens It goes to the small of the Ju 88, wheels by Eduard Brassin, slightly flattened , new sheet metal at the rear with small etched parts and masks, I ask for what, the wheels and rims are separated, so clean to paint and then glue .. .., gloss varnish before the decals, Gunze Mr. Color GX 100, I think that is very good, fast drying and if you open the glass more like syrup, I then use it to glass the position lights, he can be wonderful with a sharp Apply brush, by the fast drying you can also generate real volume , the radar of OWL I show later in parts when it is glued
4. May 2018, 05:52
Jens Sören, meinst Du die Flammdämpfer ??
4. May 2018, 06:27
Soeren . War im falschen Fotoalbum :P
Deine Ju sieht aber auch sehr gut aus, besonders die Lackierung finde ich wieder sehr spannend ;)
4. May 2018, 06:40
Jens :D :D :D , die Me 410 lockt :D :D :D
4. May 2018, 06:42

it comes to the end, small breakdowns are part of it, but it makes you happy, and what delivers OWL as a radar is worth its money, unfortunately, such beauties are hardly to get and OWL Cz. probably also on the homepage the sell-off started, one should not hesitate, also in 1:72 are decals, etched parts and resin sets to have !!!
5. May 2018, 05:25
Jens and again, a Dragon Ju 88 hits the target
5. May 2018, 15:50
Rene Scheiblich She looks a little rough around the nose ;) but other than that, she's a beauty. Another superb paintjob Jens!
And you're showing off your secret weapon against gaps ;)
5. May 2018, 17:44
Jens Thanks for the nice words :) @ Rene, the Rough has its reason in the aging, full intent and after the next coat of clear coat disappeared and if not, then it is brought into shape with sandpaper. Extra fine sandpaper smooths the clear coat and with the matt lacquer it then even out the few inaccessible areas. High gloss and polishes are the detention work on civilian vehicles :D
5. May 2018, 18:38
Rene Scheiblich Detention work sounds about right. Trying to high-gloss a BMW kit at the moment. :)

But I meant the steps between fuselage and gun cover^^
5. May 2018, 19:20
Jens Danke , ja da muss noch was passieren, aber da die eine Abdeckung auch noch was "Hilfe" braucht , wird das ein Aufwasch werden :)
5. May 2018, 19:36
Jens Finished :)
6. May 2018, 09:15
Thomas Bischoff great finish Jens! The FuG 202 looks great
6. May 2018, 17:44
Björn Svedberg It looks awesome Jens! Very nice work!
6. May 2018, 18:05
Jens Thanks for the nice words, I'm glad who the model likes it :)
The FuG is from, lider it seems the company soon to give, sell-out with very good prices, all that OWL can still deliver, unfortunately hardly 1:48 he accessories
6. May 2018, 18:26
Wim van der Luijt Very nice result Jens that paint job is awesome....
7. May 2018, 07:17
Jens Thank you Wim :) I'm glad if you like it, but the painting was very simple, it's just lines, lines made without any foundation ;)
7. May 2018, 07:45
Jens sorry for the dusty cockpit, everything from inside although all holes were tight, to the end, are probably remains of the work in front of it
8. May 2018, 10:35
Christian Bruer sehr schön geworden
8. May 2018, 18:38
Jens Danke Christian , freut mich wenn die Ju deine Wertschätzung bekommt :), Mäander liegt mir wohl im Moment im Blut :D
8. May 2018, 19:44
Anthony Flanagan Outstanding job. Love the camo work!
9. May 2018, 01:42
Jens Thank you James and Anthony for the compliment :) , I'm glad if the model in the colors please and, it will also give me again Dragon Ju 88 of me, if unfortunately not all, but the hunters I'll finish this year all if I survive the stress :D :D :D Dragon Stress :D
9. May 2018, 03:24
Ed Froix Very nice!
9. May 2018, 07:13
Jens Спасибо, Ed Froix! Услышать от тебя комплимент делает мне честь. Я посмотрел твои модели и не нахожу слов от восторга, какие классные у тебя работы!
9. May 2018, 11:23
Ed Froix took me some copy paste, Translate Russian to dutch! But thank you :)
9. May 2018, 11:38
Jens ohhh sorry :)
  Ed Froix! then sorry, because that's what a friend in St. Petersburg translated for me, or was she wrong in the line and used a text for VK Zvezda, a problem for me, because my Russian is very rusty after 40 years ;)
9. May 2018, 12:56
Jens Photos have always been my problem, but criticism elsewhere has let me try again pictures .... Judged by yourself ;)
10. May 2018, 11:09
Peter Hardy Outdone yourself this time Jens! Just love the camo scheme! Masterfully done Mate! Credit to you!
10. May 2018, 11:34
Jens Hello Peter, I say thanks for the compliment :)
10. May 2018, 13:40
Spanjaard the only place that i have seen this level of beauty in this kind of camo, is while diving in tropical coutries.... simply incredible Jens... my hat is off on this one, and i am looking for my jaw under the table.
10. May 2018, 18:48
Jens Ohhh Spanjaard I worry about your evening, and my health insurance, my jaw were already broken, no pleasant time, plates screwed on the bone, the jaw blocked against movement, really 8 bad weeks ........
but also thank you for the compliment from your mouth, it honors me to be able to convince you with the colors :) Thank you very much !!!! :) :) :)
10. May 2018, 18:55
Erik Leijdens Fantastic work Jens!
10. May 2018, 19:10
Clifford Keesler I agree beautiful job.
10. May 2018, 19:16
Jens Thank you very much !!!! :) :) but I assure you, there are only lines !! distributed on plastic ;)
10. May 2018, 19:20
Spanjaard only lines distributed on plastic... yeah, and Rubens or Velazquez only did strokes of paint in a canvas :D
10. May 2018, 19:28
Rene Scheiblich Well basically... Hmm :D
Don't be too humble Jens. That's a bloody awesome paintjob! Chapeau!
12. May 2018, 01:00
Doug Quite amazing Jens, fantastic!
12. May 2018, 02:23
Jens Thanks for the nice words, it makes me happy if the Ju can convince :)
12. May 2018, 03:28
Peter Hardy The Ju convinces VERY convincingly Jens. Just accept that we think you've done a brilliant job on this one. Bar is set a bit higher now.
12. May 2018, 05:09
Jens Thanks Peter :) it flatters again and again and helps to forget about my mistakes ;)
12. May 2018, 06:06

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