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Russian fifth-generation fighter

Zvezda | No. 4824 | 1:48

Boxart Su-57 4824 Zvezda


Su-57 Russian fifth-generation fighter
Full kit
2020 | Initial release - new tool
4600327048240 (EAN)
Folding box (Side opener)
Sukhoi Su-57 » Jets (Aircraft)


Sukhoi Su-57

Sukhoi Su 57 Felon
RU Воздушно-космические силы (Russian Aerospace Forces 2015-now) Military
  • 10 flight prototype T-50-11 blue 511
    August 2017 First Flight - Dzemgi AB
  • 3 Guards Fighter Aviation Reg., 1 Guards Composite Aviation Div. red 01
    December 2020 - Krymsk AB
    VKS production paint scheme
  • 8 flight prototype T-50-9 blue 509
    November 2016 first flight - Dzemgi AB

Box contents

Plastic sprue (Dark gray), Plastic sprue (Clear), Plastic sprue (Dark gray), Decalsheet (waterslide) (Multi-colored)

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495x305x85 mm (19.5x12x3.3 inch)

856 g (1.89 lbs)

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ZV4824 | ZVE4824 | 4600327048240 | ZVE-4824 | Z4824 | ZV4824ST

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Project: Su-57
1:48 Su-57 (Zvezda 4824)

News Feed

detail will be interesting, as this is basically 'secret' - without too many details... should be good against a Kinetic Su-33 and GWM Su-35
14. December 2019, 09:16
Federico Burchianti
I think the main issue remains the intenal bays, as they are still classified and there isn't any good photos showing them, so that even the new Zvezda 1/72 model doesn't have them. Thus, I fear that both the Zvezda and Kitty Hawk will be soon obsete and will be replaced by a 'service version' of the Su-57 when the first Felons ordered by Russian governement will roll out from the production line and more details will be available. At the point I'm pretty sure that Zvezda will release a 'new' 1/48 kit for the Su-57, probably updating the parts of this one (changing one or more sprue).
26. December 2019, 12:11
Jasper Breur
Zvezda were the first to produce an accurate T-14 Armata, so let's see what they can do with this one...
28. December 2019, 20:26
Thomas Mayer
I wonder what would be the most correct MRPaint colours for the two digital camo versions of this kit?
6. July, 05:36
Daniel Campos
Uh... The kit is not 1:48 anymore? What happened?
9. October 2020, 11:55
Martin von Schreckenstein
they were hoping to be able to finish the toolings during summer but now its getting cold and the forms have shrunk
9. October 2020, 12:17
Roland Gunslinger
Yeah, i think Martin is right. So, the 48nd scale release is summer 2021. But then we have to build quickly because "winter is coming".
9. October 2020, 12:36
I've put it back to 1:48... thats what the model number comes up with so.. if there is a 72 one to come.. someone can create a proper entry.
9. October 2020, 13:18
Is this kit even confirmed to be 1:48?
I made a quick check with my search engine, but couldn't find any reference to 4824 kit.
9. October 2020, 14:17
I did a search and found even hannants have it listed.
9. October 2020, 14:28
I checked with Zvezda's website, but I only found the 1:72 kit. So, perhaps a chance for it being a future release still.
9. October 2020, 14:56
Perhaps, but either way there was no reason for this listing to have been changed.
9. October 2020, 14:57
Van Lee
I am not sure why there is even a question. The box clearly has 1/48 marked on it. And the instructions has the kit number and also says 1/48.
14. January, 23:42
indeed thanks guys for the confirm
15. January, 01:34
Finally a 1:48 scale model. Was there ever one from other kit makers? Although I don't fancy stealth jets, I really hope this isn't going to be some $100 kit. I wouldn' t think so, but a lot of new 1:48 kits from other brands seems so expensive imo.
11. December 2019, 10:40
View full thread (14 Comments)
Slavo Hazucha
I definitely expect this to land in the 50-€ range...
9. March 2020, 12:01
Considering it's zvezda i think it will be quite cheap, their pe-8 kits go for arround 20€ and are huge
9. March 2020, 12:05
Anthony D'Agostino
I have absolutely zero experience with this company, does anyone know their level of detail, quality of the plastic and accuracy of the scale? I keep reading that their other kits are cheap, or preferable, inexpensive is a kinder word. Unless they really are cheap, bad fit, lots of marks on visible surfaces, lousy decals, things like that, which make a build go from pleasant to a hair pulling, fingernail biting nightmare. The saying "you get what you pay for" usually holds true in about 90% of the consumer market. I like inexpensive, as long as the quality still remains high.
9. March 2020, 21:34
Nathan Dempsey
I've only built some of Zvezda's 1:144 kits, but they go together nice. In fact I already have approval from the wife to buy this kit whatever price it comes out. She knows I want it that bad 🙂 The Sea Vixen and Cessna O-2 are also on this pre-approved list.
10. March 2020, 01:04
Anthony D'Agostino
Nice, always good to have the bosses approval! I have tried a different tactic on mine, so far, I think it's working too. Instead of being in charge of the budget this month, I gave her free reign to do it herself. Within three days, she said "I finally understand why you are always stressed", and the guilt of having the control, means she is much more willing to spend on me, than herself, because she feels greedy????

Two kits and three tool packs later, and I am all smiles without the stress! Until next month, when I have to control the budget again☹️.....
10. March 2020, 10:31

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Sukhoi T-50
Sukhoi T-50 KNS Full Scale Mock-up
MAKS-2019 air show, Zhukovsky, Russia

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