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Sukhoi Su-57

All you need to know about Sukhoi Su-57 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Jets
Aircraft - Jets
Also known as:
Used from:2010–Now
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:SU Sukhoi

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1:144 Su-57 (Pit-Road SN-21)
Russian Air Force Fifth Generation Jet Fighter
Pit-Road 1:144
2018 | Changed parts










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News Feed

January 15, 2021

Daniel Campos
Uh... The kit is not 1:48 anymore? What happened?
9. October 2020, 11:55
Martin von Schreckenstein
they were hoping to be able to finish the toolings during summer but now its getting cold and the forms have shrunk
9. October 2020, 12:17
Roland Gunslinger
Yeah, i think Martin is right. So, the 48nd scale release is summer 2021. But then we have to build quickly because "winter is coming".
9. October 2020, 12:36
I've put it back to 1:48... thats what the model number comes up with so.. if there is a 72 one to come.. someone can create a proper entry.
9. October 2020, 13:18
Is this kit even confirmed to be 1:48?
I made a quick check with my search engine, but couldn't find any reference to 4824 kit.
9. October 2020, 14:17
I did a search and found even hannants have it listed.
9. October 2020, 14:28
I checked with Zvezda's website, but I only found the 1:72 kit. So, perhaps a chance for it being a future release still.
9. October 2020, 14:56
Perhaps, but either way there was no reason for this listing to have been changed.
9. October 2020, 14:57
Van Lee
I am not sure why there is even a question. The box clearly has 1/48 marked on it. And the instructions has the kit number and also says 1/48.
14. January, 23:42
indeed thanks guys for the confirm
15. January, 01:34

January 14, 2021

Van Lee added a new project.
1:48 Su-57 (Zvezda 4824)
14. January, 23:38

January 10, 2021

WhiteGlint added a new photoalbum.
8 | 9. January, 11:10
View full thread (13 Comments)
Sergej I
Watching :)
9. January, 20:39
9. January, 20:46
Michael Phillips
Count me in too!
9. January, 21:35
Slavo Hazucha
Joining the spectator crowd - any chance for the Minecraft-camo? ;)
9. January, 22:48
Thanks everyone and welcome aboard. :)
It will take some time before I start this project, so please some patience with me.
With so many people watching I might be developing stage fright. :# :D

Minecraft-camo? Do you mean the camo shown on the box art and album teaser/project cover, Slavo?
9. January, 23:06
Slavo Hazucha
Yep, that digital pattern - are you going for that?
9. January, 23:52
Yes, most likely.
The other pattern I have in mind is the green-brown-yellow pattern the Su-35 used. But I'll probably do that one on the Flanker I have in my stash.
10. January, 09:07
Antoine Meylan
Je suis aussi. C'est un modèle qui me plait depuis longtemps (en attente du 1/48)
10. January, 10:11

January 9, 2021

WhiteGlint added a new project.
1 images
1:72 SU-57 Russian 5th Generation Fighter (Zvezda 7319)1:72 Su-57 (Eduard 73688)
9. January, 11:08

January 8, 2021

Maciej Bellos added a new photoalbum.
6 | 7. January, 21:18
Maciej Bellos
Let's see if I can manage to build it until the end of 2021. Hopefully I will build 055 blue in the faded shark scheme. Just need to find the proper decals. Shopping time!
7. January, 21:22
Jos Jansen
7. January, 22:41
i am in!
7. January, 23:33
Maciej Bellos
Lucky me! The decals in the kit were toast. Yellowed. But, Begemot have a sheet covering the first 6 prototypes. It's on the way from Ukraine (the sheet was cheep, postage was expensive, what to do, what to do).

A warm welcome to all.
8. January, 20:49
Nathan Dempsey
Nice choice :)
8. January, 20:54
agreeing+watching :)
8. January, 21:01
Slavo Hazucha
Finding a room with a view!

Btw, the 57 is now available in 48-scale from Zvezda. Just saying... ;)

Begemot decals are good stuff (work with the, 2x so far, happy both times) - Looking forward for the 55 blue colors & finish - seems to have 2 otherwise unique colors, will be greqt to watch!
8. January, 21:12
Maciej Bellos
Welcome Nathan, Daniel and Slavo! I am happy to have you here.

As with all the Flanker family, there are metals here on the engines. I will browse Slavo's Sukhois for ideas.

As for the colours, Slavo, there will be some experimenting since the eggplant-ish upper surfaces don't really correspond to my tins so far. I have Hasegawa's Su-35 painted in the same (I think) camouflage and the instructions say that Midnight Blue should be used. So at first I will find a good mix for the light blue and then check out my other tins to find a proper shade for the dark colour.

Slavo, as most of us, I started in 72nd and it still is my preferred scale. I will stick to it as far as my short sight is still strong. After that well, I have about 20 48ers to play with. ;)
8. January, 21:32
Patryk S.
Following! Got this one also in my stash.
8. January, 21:33
Maciej Bellos
Welcome Patryk!
8. January, 21:57
8. January, 22:11

January 7, 2021

Maciej Bellos added a new project.
1 images
1:72 Sukhoi Su-50 (T-50) (Zvezda 7275)
7. January, 21:16

December 14, 2020

Chris Vandegrift added a new photoalbum.
31 images
View album, image #22
Project: Su-50 (Т-50)
1:72 Су-50 (Т-50) Российский истребитель пятого поколения (Zvezda 7275)
5 | 7. December 2020, 04:09
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Nice job Chris
14. December 2020, 23:44

December 9, 2020

Schnemat added a new project.
1:48 Su-57 (Zvezda 4824)1:48 Sukhoi Su-57 Felon (Kitty Hawk KH801XX)1:48 Su-57 Camouflage mask (SX-Art 48055)
9. December 2020, 12:18

December 7, 2020

Chris Vandegrift added a new project.
31 images
1:72 Су-50 (Т-50) Российский истребитель пятого поколения (Zvezda 7275)
1 | 7. December 2020, 04:06

December 2, 2020

Es George added a new project.
1:48 Su-57 (Zvezda 4824)1:48 Grom air-to-air missile (Seal Model Kit SMK48005)
2. December 2020, 13:04