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Bill Mathews (Stormtrooper000)

Black Buck Vulcan


17 | 15. August, 00:22
Łukasz Gliński
Isn't it the first new Airfix tool build report in here? Following.
15. August, 09:20
Bill Mathews
Not sure . It is the new tool . This the kits world 3D instruments …. That can't be seen in the closed cockpit … there are full belts too . Pics will follow later
15. August, 09:27
Andrew Gledhill
Hi buddy, I have that Kits World 3d instruments kit for my Vulcan. Did you put them on as decals, or did you just cut them out and glue on with superglue?
15. August, 12:52
Robert Podkoński
Following too, of course!
15. August, 13:06
Bill Mathews
andrew - definately require some sort of glue - seems like there is no adhesive at all , unlike what the kitsworld website says ( beware they come off the backing sheet in seconds ) i used pva for the instruments but ended up using a slow cure ca for the belts ... also there are no instructions on how the belts are supposed to go on ... check references ( or just make it up as you go like me ) ...
15. August, 21:29
Andrew Gledhill
Thanks for the info Bill. I will probably just cut them out and glue them on when I do my Vulcan. As far as belts go. All I know is the lap belts on the ejection seats are blue. I may not even put the belts on. I am holding out on building mine. Waiting to see if more after market stuff comes out. A set of pylons and stuff to do XM607 would be good. Or some pylons with Shrike missiles.
16. August, 08:51
16. August, 20:21
Bill Mathews
andrew - i stole the pylons and alq-121 ecm pod from my airfix raf buccaneer for xm607 - i'm doing first mission so don't need the shrikes . pylons fit perfectly after after drilling one hole as they're shorter
16. August, 21:47
Andrew Gledhill
Ah but Bill. The pylons will be wrong. They were specific to the Vulcan. Not a standard pylon. They were produced by the workshops section at RAF Waddington, specifically for Blackbuck.
17. August, 08:27
Bill Mathews
Andrew - very true . Made from steel found around the base apparently for the shrikes . But they will be close enough for me . Going by the sprues - airfix have another release planned- it looks like one corner of one sprue has been removed from the injection plan when made . Maybe it will have something for the Falkland campaign
17. August, 08:41
17. August, 08:48
Dave Flitton
21. August, 03:50
Mark K
Following. Great cockpit!
21. August, 04:40
David Taylor
I'm in Bill.East Fortune has a Black Buck Vulcan on show with pylons if thats a help.
18. September, 12:10
That's staggeringly good work on the cockpit. It's a shame it'll all be hidden.
18. September, 15:10
Great progress. 👍
18. September, 15:17
Bernd Korte
18. September, 16:24


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1:72 Avro Vulcan B.2 (Airfix A12011)

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