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Black Buck Vulcan


Łukasz Gliński
Isn't it the first new Airfix tool build report in here? Following.
15 August 2021, 09:20
Bill Mathews
Not sure . It is the new tool . This the kits world 3D instruments …. That can't be seen in the closed cockpit … there are full belts too . Pics will follow later
15 August 2021, 09:27
Andrew Gledhill
Hi buddy, I have that Kits World 3d instruments kit for my Vulcan. Did you put them on as decals, or did you just cut them out and glue on with superglue?
15 August 2021, 12:52
Robert Podkoński
Following too, of course!
15 August 2021, 13:06
Bill Mathews
andrew - definately require some sort of glue - seems like there is no adhesive at all , unlike what the kitsworld website says ( beware they come off the backing sheet in seconds ) i used pva for the instruments but ended up using a slow cure ca for the belts ... also there are no instructions on how the belts are supposed to go on ... check references ( or just make it up as you go like me ) ...
15 August 2021, 21:29
Andrew Gledhill
Thanks for the info Bill. I will probably just cut them out and glue them on when I do my Vulcan. As far as belts go. All I know is the lap belts on the ejection seats are blue. I may not even put the belts on. I am holding out on building mine. Waiting to see if more after market stuff comes out. A set of pylons and stuff to do XM607 would be good. Or some pylons with Shrike missiles.
16 August 2021, 08:51
16 August 2021, 20:21
Bill Mathews
andrew - i stole the pylons and alq-121 ecm pod from my airfix raf buccaneer for xm607 - i'm doing first mission so don't need the shrikes . pylons fit perfectly after after drilling one hole as they're shorter
16 August 2021, 21:47
Andrew Gledhill
Ah but Bill. The pylons will be wrong. They were specific to the Vulcan. Not a standard pylon. They were produced by the workshops section at RAF Waddington, specifically for Blackbuck.
17 August 2021, 08:27
Bill Mathews
Andrew - very true . Made from steel found around the base apparently for the shrikes . But they will be close enough for me . Going by the sprues - airfix have another release planned- it looks like one corner of one sprue has been removed from the injection plan when made . Maybe it will have something for the Falkland campaign
17 August 2021, 08:41
17 August 2021, 08:48
Dave Flitton
21 August 2021, 03:50
Mark K
Following. Great cockpit!
21 August 2021, 04:40
David Taylor
I'm in Bill.East Fortune has a Black Buck Vulcan on show with pylons if thats a help.
18 September 2021, 12:10
That's staggeringly good work on the cockpit. It's a shame it'll all be hidden.
18 September 2021, 15:10
Great progress. 👍
18 September 2021, 15:17
Bernd Korte
18 September 2021, 16:24
Bill Mathews
cheers david - some good pics there of xm597
24 September 2021, 00:09
Oliver Zwiener
Wow - the Vulcan - like it since it appeared in a James Bond Movie
24 September 2021, 05:05
Bernd Grün
27 September 2021, 15:04
Andy Ball
I too will jump on board as I have this in the stash to be completed sometime this century! Lovely work so far!!
27 September 2021, 17:05
Good progress.
3 October 2021, 18:16
Eric Thornton
Following. Wonder how much longer for this kit to show up in the US.
21 October 2021, 10:47
Fabulous look!
21 October 2021, 18:02
Mirko Römer
Coming along nicely!
21 October 2021, 20:45
David Taylor
Did you get the pylons sorted.
21 October 2021, 20:46
Bill Mathews
david - just trimming down the buccaneer one for the ecm pod . don't need anything for the other side - the photo i have shows 607 after it's return from BB1 with only one pylon and nothing on the other side
21 October 2021, 23:24
Andrew Gledhill
Hi again Bill. Looking good so far. I am holding off building mine. Waiting for more after market stuff to come out. Eduard are releasing a bomb bay detail set and cockpit set. I should tell you, that the kit supplied 1000lb bombs are under scale. I bought a couple of these sets of bombs to compare 1000 lb Free-fall Bomb with ..s) (Res/Kit RS72-0187, 1:72). Check my album Avro Vulcan 1:72 Scale Airfix | Album by Smegger213. The kit bombs are shorter by nearly a CM and slightly thinner. I am hoping that someone releases some replacement 7 store carriers to replace the kit ones. I always suspected the bombs and carriers were under scale. Looks like I am right.

1:72 1000 lb Free-fall Bomb with Tail Type 114 & Tail Fuze No.947 (4 pcs) (Res/Kit RS72-0187)
22 October 2021, 09:13
Bill Mathews
Andrew - that's a pretty big difference there … can't seem to get them over here in oz - but I'm thinking I may get some armoury production resin wheels for it so may order them too from Europe . Not sure yet - may get a bit impatient and just use the crappy wheels and weapons from the kit to get it finished… too many things in the stash calling out to be made - and a couple on the shelf of doom needing to be completed too …
22 October 2021, 09:42
Bill Mathews
Andrew - after seeing your album … the kit bombs are awful - I realised I can't even get close to realism on the yellow rings on the nose (gave up on the decals) and I have probably overdone the grime in my bomb bay . Those res kit ones are looking more interesting … just have to figure out how to do the carriers …
22 October 2021, 09:54
Andrew Gledhill
Hi again Bill. Check the list of related parts now Avro Vulcan B.2 (Airfix A12011, 1:72). There are undercarriage sets and wheel sets. Don't know if you can get them from Oz. I will have to check out the Eduard bomb bay set. It looks like it may have details for the 7 store carriers. Its hard to tell from looking at the PE picture. Check out my album My RAF Detachment to Ascension Island | Album by Smegger213. It shows details of bombs and carriers, plus pics of the bombs loaded. I can say that the Airfix bombs & carriers look small in the bomb bay. Defo out of scale. Pity.

1:72 Avro Vulcan B.2 (Airfix A12011)
22 October 2021, 10:24
Andrew Gledhill
Oh and don't worry too much about your Yellow bands on the bombs, These were painted on by hand in real life. So bombs never looked exactly like each other.
22 October 2021, 10:26
Andrew Gledhill
Check out this cool video of bomb loading Youtube Video. A great reference.

22 October 2021, 10:30
Bill Mathews
Loved that album Andrew - already got some new tips from it on the bombs . And some on the demarcation line where the dark grey was painted on the underside looks like it was painted higher over the normal line where the upper camo used to wrap around the wings to the lower surface . Some great shots there … looks like a rough place to pitch a tent … thanks again
22 October 2021, 11:12
Andrew Gledhill
Glad I could help Bill. It was hell in those tents. 35 to 40 plus degrees Centigrade. On the plus side, 36 pence for a double vodka & fresh orange juice lol.
22 October 2021, 12:44
Maciej Bellos
22 October 2021, 18:08
Eric Lamare
It looks like a great kit and build for sure. Black Buck, a piece of history.
30 October 2021, 10:15
David Taylor
coming along nicely.
30 October 2021, 10:30
Michael Kohl
Cool build. I am on.
6 November 2021, 09:26
Robert Podkoński
The camo looks beautiful and flawless, congrats!
6 November 2021, 09:33
Bill Mathews
Thanks all. Just waiting for the oils to cure before dullcoting it . Pretty happy how it looks - pictures aren't capturing the tonal variety of the upper camo . But keep breaking the struts on the gear doors …
6 November 2021, 09:38
David Taylor
Don't know of any metal gear out there.
6 November 2021, 13:20
Guy Rump
Looking great 👍
6 November 2021, 14:26
Bill Mathews
David - just the little struts that hold the doors open … I'm too rough on them . Should have left them till final assembly
6 November 2021, 19:29
Gary Victory
Really beautiful build Bill. Top job Sir.
10 November 2021, 10:20
Andrew Gledhill
Check your references Bill. Most Vulcan's only had one of those panels over the engines fitted. Pretty sure 607 only had the starboard wing panel fitted. The one with the vane sticking out of the bottom of it. The port one was not fitted on most Vulcan's esp in later life.
10 November 2021, 17:27
Very nice result.
10 November 2021, 18:23
Bill Mathews
Still a few things to do Andrew - scratch some new gear door struts and change an aerial too I think . I'd also already done the engine panel before I saw that issue . Will see how I glued it on before deciding if I take it off . I'm over sanding and repairing this thing . Need a break . Couldn't get the nice bombs over here so had to go with the kit ones (and needing 21 of them gets bloody expensive considering you can't see them) thanks everyone
10 November 2021, 18:50


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1:72 Avro Vulcan B.2 (Airfix A12011)

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