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Thomas Kolb (Mimoid)

GPM Hangar

Having stolen this idea with pride from my fellow model builder and mate Łukasz 'Woody' Gliński here at SM, I intend to build it to have some sort if nice backdrop to my photos.


30 | 8. August 2020, 16:25
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Wow... the hangar inspired by Łukasz! 😛
9. August 2020, 18:23
Thomas Kolb
Indeed! Hadn't it been for Łukasz, I would never have found this kit. But it is a brilliant design by GPM: just a few sheets of thick cardboard and clear acetate, and it looks absolutely beautiful straight OOTB. I am thinking of adding LED lights in the ceiling, we'll see if it works.
10. August 2020, 04:23
Łukasz Gliński
I have to watch this 😄
10. August 2020, 08:58
Bart Goesaert
I'm in too
10. August 2020, 09:07
Andy Ball
May I 'hang' around?.....
10. August 2020, 16:43
Thinking adding LED lights in the ceiling?? Good news!!
This may be promising 🙂
10. August 2020, 18:52
Erik De Smet
Following too. I thought it was no longer available.
10. August 2020, 19:27
Thomas Kolb
The LED lighting is still just an idea ... I would need to scratch build a few parallel "boxes" in the roof to hide the wiring, but I am still not sure how to do it yet....
10. August 2020, 19:39
Łukasz Gliński
@Cuajete: GPM used to provide it via their own website all the time. Not sure about other sources.
10. August 2020, 20:11
11. August 2020, 03:10
Erik De Smet
I once bought a 5V led strip in a bargain shop. It has a USB connection and you can cut it on length. Sure you can find these in Sweden too.
11. August 2020, 06:06
Łukasz Gliński
Sorry folks, I should have written @Erik 🙂
11. August 2020, 06:38
12. August 2020, 13:22
Dominik Weitzer
this is really cool! watching your work, very informativ.
12. August 2020, 13:23
Łukasz Gliński
I see you have reached the most tricky part - the grid assembly.
My parts became bit wavy once put together, but your skeleton looks much better. 👍
You can seal the paper using some kind of epoxy or soak it with CA glue. I went for the latter and just sprayed it with quick-drying car paint using a rattle can.
12. August 2020, 13:40
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, yes, I noticed that the roof grid has a tendency to be a bit wonky so I needed to work slowly, section by section and let the glue dry properly between the sections. I will also add three lateral cross-beams, one in the center and one on each side to give it some stability, before adding the roof to the lower walls. Thanks for the tip on impregnating the material with CA! I actually did some spray painting with Tamiya acrylics on a cutoff piece and couldn't see any negative effect as long as I sprayed consecutive thin layers.
12. August 2020, 18:07
Thomas Kolb
Now I will need to wait a week or so until the 330 Ω resistors for the LED lights arrive in the mail. In the meantime I can try to improve my (sub-par) soldering skills and try to figure out how to hide the inevitable wiring mess...
14. August 2020, 13:44
Bart Goesaert
Soldering is easy, clean up the connections, add some flux and let the temperature do it's job
14. August 2020, 14:15
Erik De Smet
Might be easier to use a spray can with grey car paint.
16. August 2020, 11:18
Thomas Kolb
Erik, absolutely, that was my first intention, but I got a bit worried that I might flood the parts with paint and get them to swell, deform, sag or bend. Probably not, but I didn't want to risk it - it is just cardboard paper after all. With the airbrush I can just mist on the paint.
16. August 2020, 11:52
Dominik Weitzer
looks good.
16. August 2020, 15:49
Łukasz Gliński
Nice sunshine you've got up there😉
Fully agree with you Thomas, though I went the same way Erik proposed 🙂
16. August 2020, 18:42
Dominik Weitzer
Those pencils are interesting! Looks good
17. August 2020, 20:33
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, that's gonna be much more realistic than mine, I can now call my hangar a quickbuild 😄
18. August 2020, 07:05
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, not sure, I will try to make the hangar pretty neutral, not a war-zone ruin. This weekend I took a bunch of photos of our hangar at our airport for reference - it definitely looks far more well-maintained than the Humbrol clip. I think I already went way overboard with the rusty deposits... ;)
18. August 2020, 08:00
Łukasz Gliński
Still... I just sprayed the grey car paint all around 😄
18. August 2020, 08:04
Nice effect, Thomas. Glad to hear those LEDs are on the way 🙂
They're making me want to try and get one of these hangars 😄
18. August 2020, 18:51
Thomas Kolb
One LED strip of three is finished... it wasn't easy but I got there. So now I will need to make two more of these and then the tricky part will be to attach the light strips to the roof. I definitely don't want the wiring to be visible so it is a bit of a challenge.
21. August 2020, 19:23
Well done, Thomas! 🙂 👍
21. August 2020, 19:58
Thomas Kolb
Having sorted out the wiring, the next challenge will be where to hide the battery box. I am not too happy having a big ugly 9V battery sitting on the outside with a bunch of wires leading out through the walls, so I will need to think a bit. Maybe building a small, movable "shed" hiding the battery?
22. August 2020, 09:34
Łukasz Gliński
I'd attach an 'outhouse' to one of the walls (on the outside of course) 👍
22. August 2020, 11:24
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, yes, that, or something like a "workshop office" on the inside, kind of like the one in the corner in my project photo. I have plenty of leftover material, so it should be doable.
22. August 2020, 12:18
Łukasz Gliński
Outhouse seems to give easier access for battery replacement...
22. August 2020, 13:14
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, regarding battery replacement, you may have a point there.
22. August 2020, 15:20
Nice work! May be a bit late, but I have remarks.
I would reduce the current a bit, the brightness is still nearly the same, the LEDs live longer and your battery will last longer. Try it first, may be 15mA or 12mA is enough, they look very bright on your pic.
With a 9V supply you can at least put two LED in a row, of course with new calculation for the resistor. This would reduce the actual current to the half! May be even 3 would work, if a 9V battery has 9,5V; also depending on real LED voltage. Less heat on the resistors and longer battery live.
Another good option for power supply is 5V, since you can use a USB power supply.
Good luck!
22. August 2020, 15:56
At home you have power, and on a exhibition or something like that you can use a USB Power Bank.
22. August 2020, 16:21
Thomas Kolb
Bughunter, thanks a lot for the tips! The USB power is a great idea, not sure why I didn't think of that! I just tested using a cut off USB cable as power - guess what, the 5V power from my iPhone charger is perfectly enough to get all the LED's to light up. Slightly less bright, but still perfectly adequate. Not quite sure how though, the current (7 mA) should in theory not be enough for the 20 mA LED's to light up, but they certainly do. :)
22. August 2020, 17:27
Nice that I could help and really great that you implement my suggestions immediately! 👍
That's why I suggest 12mA, nearly half is often a good value. As you see less then half is still enough. Your LED will last forever!
22. August 2020, 18:37
Erik De Smet
Interesting exchange of ideas, with the input of bughunter, I used LEDs in my projects too. At the end, Lukasz will have to upgrade his hangar to Thomas standards ...
I was thinking of buying the GPM kit for a diorama based on these pictures :
23. August 2020, 14:09
Thomas Kolb
Erik, what a jaw-dropping WW2 diorama that would be, particularly that color photo with the shot up fake buildings and that B-25 peaking out... :) Although if you intend to build on the GPM kit, particularly if adding more weight on top of it, I would recommend reinforcing it with something like balsa wood, as the wall structures have a tendency to sag a bit. It is after all just cardboard paper.
23. August 2020, 14:21
Łukasz Gliński
Damnit, I didn't expect having to upgrade it😉
23. August 2020, 15:40
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, don't think you need it, after all I stole the idea from you! ;)
23. August 2020, 16:15
Łukasz Gliński
Yeah, I can see the followers are passing me by😉 Still, I prefer the real sunlight 🙂
23. August 2020, 16:58
Wow... great job, Thomas! The wiring is very well camouflaged and the lighting effect looks super. Very well solved 🙂
Łukasz, you should upgrade the hangar with solar panels to take advantage of its sunlight 😄 😛
23. August 2020, 18:13
Erik De Smet
Solar panels could be an Alternative for batteries too for Thomas
23. August 2020, 18:50
Łukasz Gliński
Remember he's located up there in Sweden, so he would have to store the all the summer energy for half a year of darkness 😄
23. August 2020, 18:59
Andy Ball
Oh, now that is a great surrounding for your masterpiece!
23. August 2020, 19:20
Thomas Kolb
Solar panels are mostly no good during the dark winters in Sweden. But I thought I would scratch build a small fission reactor. I am trying to purchase some Uranium-235 on eBay ... oh, hold on a minute, I got to go, there are men in black knocking on the front door.
23. August 2020, 19:37
Łukasz Gliński
Aaaaand he's gone... 😛
23. August 2020, 20:53
Gary Dahlström
Any project involving LEDs gets my attention. Great imaginative display.
23. August 2020, 21:29
24. August 2020, 08:57
John Thomas
Nice work
27. August 2020, 12:44
Łukasz Gliński
I see you went for similar tone of grey, Thomas😉
27. August 2020, 12:52
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, well the roof is definitely gray (just plain Ultimate Primer for a completely flat finish), but the outer walls are sort of industrial green. You can see it more clearly on photo 20. The window frames will be left unpainted; it looks pretty nice that way, as the laser cuts have left some brown burn-marks that almost looks like rust.
28. August 2020, 05:36
Thomas Kolb
Gary, Dominik, John, thank you, I will try not to disappoint!
28. August 2020, 06:43
Günther Debiscop
28. August 2020, 07:44
Thomas Kolb
Main hangar more or less done, now I am tackling the sliding doors. I will obviously need to create some sort of railing, surely the doors need to have something to slide on, but it is not provided.
28. August 2020, 15:27
Daniel Klink
Watching and already loving the result....👍
Have to get one of those
28. August 2020, 17:47
Łukasz Gliński
The doors are intented as static in this kit and this is what my hangar features.
Even without the doors it looks outstanding, mine seems so old right now.
28. August 2020, 18:37
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, ha ha, I didn't mean that the doors would be working (although that would be cool), they just look a bit strange to me without a slider rail on the top. But I have already fixed it with a strip of cardboard. Also I realized that I planned to add two working floodlights in the front, but I simply forgot. Well, whatever.
28. August 2020, 19:16
Łukasz Gliński
Hm, instruction states part #12...
28. August 2020, 19:29
Thomas Kolb
Well, well, what do you know, you are right, it is actually there, I must have missed it. Anyway, I made my own part so I will use that instead. It seems to fit better without cutting out a part of the roof.
29. August 2020, 10:16
Wow... Looks fantastic with leeds and natural light.
Have to get one of those, like Daniel 😛
30. August 2020, 12:34
Thomas Kolb
Daniel & Cuajete, thank you! You can still get them from the GPM web shop in different scales. I am now actually thinking to purchase that F-16 hangar they have and to turn it into a 70's Soviet style, dome-shaped, underground aircraft shelter.
30. August 2020, 13:04
Łukasz Gliński
Thomas, you don't have to convert it, just head for one of their older products:
Thinking of it too, but for me it would require respraying, the printed colours don't look that realistic to me.
30. August 2020, 13:06
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, wow, that is just perfect! I am ordering that one right away, it will look amazing with some MiG-21's! :) I agree, respraying is mandatory, that one in the illustration looks like the entry to a delfinarium or something.
30. August 2020, 13:59
Łukasz Gliński
Looking forward to seeing it being built, it's exactly the Warsaw Pact type than can be found in multiple locations on this side of the Baltic Sea 🙂
Example on the cover here: Book: MiG 23 MF
The Midget pic is just brilliant 👍

MiG 23 MF (Kagero 11042)
30. August 2020, 18:08
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, bloody hell, you Polish guys always took such great care of your equipment. It always looks so nice, well maintained and clean on pictures. Hungarian air bases... not so much.

30. August 2020, 18:47
Erik De Smet
Thomas, after all the hints you got from Lukasz , you should dig in your Stash and build at least one Polish plane to give him credit. btw I ordered the gpm hangar too ...
30. August 2020, 19:19
Łukasz Gliński
@Thomas: Hey, it's a still flying one on the photo😉
@Erik: Guinness, ekhm, a hangar is good for you😉
30. August 2020, 19:40
Andy Ball
Terrific backdrops for all your constructions!!
30. August 2020, 20:48
Thomas Kolb
Got a bit stuck with finishing the base plate for the hangar diorama, I simply don't have room to store the complete assembly. I think I will just cement down the concrete plates on the board, add some paint and weathering and put the hangar in place when needed.
1. October 2020, 05:34
Daniel Klink
1. October 2020, 06:19
Łukasz Gliński
This is what I wanted mine to look like 👍
The thing is quite big indeed, maybe you can just store the apron separately and add it for photo-sessions only?
1. October 2020, 07:05
picture 47 simply seems like a reference picture.... perfect for shooting as background no doubt. great job!
1. October 2020, 07:17
I agree with Spanjaard.
1. October 2020, 07:22
Thomas Kolb
Yes, that is the idea, but the entire set just turns out way too big for my hobby room. I am thinking to store the base plate (with the apron plates glued on) leaning against a wall and leave out a rectangle for the hangar assembly to place for the photo shoots.
1. October 2020, 10:52
John Thomas
Very nice work
1. October 2020, 13:13
Daniel Klink
Awesome! Mine is arriving soon i hope🙂
1. October 2020, 13:22
Great result and the LEDs are bright enough now.
2. October 2020, 15:45
Thomas Kolb
Thank you gentlemen! :)
2. October 2020, 16:49
3. October 2020, 17:28
Łukasz Gliński
#50 - I feel like a newbie now😉
14. October 2020, 09:03
great idea about the interchangeable signs 🙂 👍
14. October 2020, 09:46
Erik De Smet
Great layout for presenting any model,Thomas. Did you fix the hangar on the same base ?
14. October 2020, 10:09
Thomas Kolb
Erik, no, the hangar is just placed loosely on the base. I unfortunately have no room to store it assembled like that, so the base will need to be stored leaning against the wall behind my home office computer screens (need to keep the missus happy).
14. October 2020, 10:54
Paweł W.
14. October 2020, 11:09
Ben Schumacher
Very cool project!
15. October 2020, 12:48
Thomas Kolb
And hereby I declare the hangar project finished!
15. October 2020, 13:52
Konrad Limmer
Awesome work and presentation Thomas! Looks incredible realistic 👍!!
15. October 2020, 14:21
Daniel Klink
Awesome work mate..That looks so impressive.👍
Still waiting fo mine because the first went to wrong postal code with the same Streetname aarghh.
Cant wait to get.
15. October 2020, 16:17
Thomas Kolb
Pawel, Ben, Konrad & Daniel, thank you for your kind words! Daniel, yes, I know what it's like to just wait and wait for a package, one is like a kid waiting for Christmas!
15. October 2020, 16:27
Andy Ball
just so realistic!
15. October 2020, 18:29
simply stunning.
17. October 2020, 22:20
Juergen Klinglhuber
It looks great!
18. October 2020, 18:55
Germen V
nice, congrats
18. October 2020, 18:59
Lovely hangar and fantastic pics. Like real life! 🙂
19. October 2020, 19:35


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