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Jos Jansen (Banshee13)


USAF | F-16C Aggressor 'Blizzard'

Project summary

Title:USAF | F-16C Aggressor 'Blizzard'
Timeline:Started on October 1, 2019

Project inventory

Full kits
1:48 F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary" (Tamiya 61106)
F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary"
Tamiya 1:48
2009 | Changed parts
Detail and Conversion sets
1:48 F-16 Pitot Tube & AOA Probes (Master AM-48-008)
F-16 Pitot Tube & AOA Probes for Tamiya
Master 1:48
2013 | New tool
1:48 F-16C/N Aggressor cockpit set (Aires 4449)
F-16C/N Aggressor cockpit set for Tamiya
Aires 1:48
1:48 F-16C/N Block 30/32 S.A. (Eduard FE452)
F-16C/N Block 30/32 S.A. Tamiya
Eduard 1:48
2009 | New tool
1:48 F-16CJ Block 52 F100PW229 engine (Eduard 648004)
F-16CJ Block 52 F100PW229 engine for Tamiya
Eduard 1:48
2010 | New tool
1:48 F-16C Canopy Framing (Furball Aero-Design 48-062)
F-16C Canopy Framing For Tamiya
Furball Aero-Design 1:48
2017 | New tool
1:48 F-16C Blizzard Aggressors (TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 48-251)
F-16C Blizzard Aggressors
TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 1:48
2016 | New tool

Project references

Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques (Ammo by Mig Jimenez Vol 6.)
Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques 6 F-16 Aggressor (A.MIG-6055)
Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques Nr. Vol 6.
Diego Quijano


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Updated: September 23, 2019


Show all 37 comments
Daniel hell yeah! 8)
25. July at 18:25:47
Nathan Dempsey Definitely an interesting subject.
25. July at 18:34:21
Patrick Hagelstein Oh this looks promising! I'm in!
25. July at 18:45:20
Jos Jansen We want to do a group building of aggressors this fall in a modeling club. I think this Blizzard Viper is fricking awesome ... ;)
25. July at 18:45:39
Daniel cool, we should totally do one here as well once the varks are finished!
25. July at 18:50:19
Slavo Hazucha Oh yes, an Aggressor themed group build is a great idea!

I want to make a reservation for a Hornet:

Can't wait for the thick, quarrelsome undertone broken only by politically incorrect jokes and rude laughter in an Aggressor group! :D
25. July at 20:06:39
Michael Phillips Love this bird, I will be watching closely! I did this scheme previously, so if you need any tips or have any questions just let me know!
25. July at 20:33:30
Daniel OK, with 3 guys joining: aggressor group build is real :D
(And even if it doesnt happen - Now I want to see that hornet from you slavo!!)

I would take another viper slot:
25. July at 20:37:31
Hans Robben Could join with a few options but first need to finish the Vark group build.
25. July at 20:51:03
Jos Jansen Wow, a lot of interest to build aggressors ... cool, let's finish our current projects first and reserve this GB for the fall ... let's say early October ...?

I have spotted your Blizzard Micheal, you have set the bar high ... ;)
25. July at 21:19:52
Slavo Hazucha Fall sounds great, should manage the Vark in the meantime... this will also need some digging & preps with parts & decals... But so many cool options
25. July at 21:28:29
Jos Jansen Roger that Slavo...I also have the necessary items in order for my aggressor. First I want to finish my F-15C and an Argentinian SUE ...!
25. July at 21:33:22
Patrick Hagelstein I'm a reaeaeaeaeaeaeaeal slow builder but I might chime in this fall. :)
25. July at 22:52:33
Augie Ooo did I see someone say Group build? Just so happens I have a pair of F-5's to do in the style of the 527th at Alconbury.
25. July at 23:25:38
Nathan Dempsey I have several decal sets perfect for this build. I'm in for sure.
26. July at 00:12:11
Maciej Bellos Following!
26. July at 03:44:53
Slavo Hazucha Some Vark group builders are quite certainly even slower than your suppliers ;)
26. July at 05:16:08
Slavo Hazucha @ Roland: Good, so on tuesday you'll be ahead of me in the build progress ;) F-14 = the blue-blue-gray "blizzard" pattern? That one is a super-cool scheme!

I'm checking Aggressor versions & details right now. Seems not so stellar with red-star hornets, really... :( Forming a fallback plan with a Japanese F-15, hope that would count too...
26. July at 20:40:01
Jos Jansen @Slavo...I think we all agree that any aggressor, regardless of aircraft type or country, is welcome in the GB! I hope many will participate ... that would be fantastic!

Let's agree that we will start at the beginning of October so that everyone can put together their kit. Try to approach so many Scalemates friends and ask if they want to participate...!

@Roland...Oh man, that's an awesome scheme...hope you can join the GB with your cat...?!
26. July at 21:34:14
Daniel @ Slavo: You could also test your mettle on the kinetic hornet, the one with the nice aggressor options, heard it involves plenty of hardship&pain, but I have seen some amazing results with that kit!

I'll mark the october in my calendar, hope the word of the GB gets spread! I tried to get an event notification going as a reminder but its not as easy to publish here as I thought...
26. July at 21:53:51
Slavo Hazucha October sounds perfect! We can put up some increased PR up in - I am sure the topic is attractive enough to get some traction & entries into a GB :)

@Daniel thanks for the tip, the kit surely seems to be a good starting point. Never built a kinetic kit, so pretty much looking forward to try one!
27. July at 20:21:27
27. July at 20:23:34
Jos Jansen Join now...!!

SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019 (1. October, )
28. July at 15:58:26
28. July at 17:09:07
Jos Jansen Good job Augie... !
28. July at 17:24:48
Moritz Fentzahn Count me in
4. August at 19:23:37
4. August at 20:39:20
Jos Jansen Welcome aboard guys, spread the word...!
4. August at 23:27:17
Jos Jansen The aggressor GB has motivated many to also build an aggressor and therefore participate. We have agreed to start at the beginning of October, as far as I am concerned, a good end date for the roll-out is at the end of December. However, I believe a later reveal should also be possible.

The point is that we all enjoy this GB ... and that it should not be a race against the clock!

Can we all agree on my point...?
13. August at 21:43:32
Moritz Fentzahn Sounds good
13. August at 21:49:06
Nathan Dempsey Agreed. There are so many now my newsfeed is on overload trying to watch them all.
13. August at 21:59:46
Daniel Agree, we should aim for Dec but if someone doesn't make it, he wont be banned from scalemates ;) Do we make a mass-roll-out after Christmas or does everyone roll as soon as finished? I would somehow like the first option
13. August at 22:10:45
Augie I'd say roll em out as they are done :)
13. August at 22:57:47
Patrick Hagelstein I'm a really slow builder and have to start even later but I kinda like the idea of a mass-roll-out but think that that might be a hard thing to do as mates tend to proudly show their stuff. ;)
14. August at 04:39:40
Slavo Hazucha In the group build event, under the list of participants is a section "Photoalbums" with nothing attached...

I have not yet discovered how to add one, but someone better with "this type of things" could - and then we could select one Album owner and everyone who finishes a GB model can give him/her 1-3 pics with a name/build title on them and on 31.12 or whenever agreed in DEC we roll it out, stragglers will be added once they finish later. That way we would have a "celebration" and one hub for all the goodness that comes out of this :)

What do you think?
14. August at 04:48:33
14. August at 04:54:37
Sergej I Good idea Slavo, maybe limit to 5 so all sides can be covered :D! Perhaps move this discussion in the GB section.
14. August at 06:19:40


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