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Nathan Dempsey (Plastic Addict)

Antonov An-72P

Armed patrol version of the An-72.


3 | 3. June 2020, 21:30
Nathan Dempsey
Updating some of my previous ghost builds. This one is just about ready for primer now. The kit is quite nicely engraved, however the fit is VERY challenging.
3. June 2020, 21:45
Łukasz Gliński
Watching, hope my 1/72 is going to be a bit less challenging😉
4. June 2020, 09:23
Nathan Dempsey
Łukasz, I hope your 1:72 kit is the Eastern Express one. I built the Toko one years ago and it would have been easier to just sand the shape of the An-72 from a solid block of plastic. 😄
4. June 2020, 13:09
Łukasz Gliński
Damn... it's the Toko actually 😄
4. June 2020, 13:18
Nathan Dempsey
Doh! It wasn't really THAT bad. It did require some putty and sandpaper though. 😄
4. June 2020, 14:55
Nathan Dempsey
Added a shot for the replacement of the wing mounted rocket pods. The kit one is just a basic shape. Instead of spending hours with a micro drill I just replaced the pods with a pair off my Academy Su-25 kit.
13. June 2020, 18:23
Roland Gunslinger
That looks interesting. Watching!
13. June 2020, 18:31
lol @ that amodel pod 😄 Rounded off some details there.
13. June 2020, 19:35
Nathan, A Russian version of our USMC Harvest Hawk! I love it! K/r, Dutch
6. May, 18:37
Robert Podkoński
What a camo! Following 😉
6. May, 19:20
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome Dutch & Robert! I'm hoping to get back to this one soon. I do need to make more time for my 1:144 builds...
7. May, 16:22


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1:144 Antonov An-72P (Amodel 1420)

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