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Plastic Addict
Nathan Dempsey (Plastic Addict)


SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019

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This album is attached to project Northrop F-5F VFC-111 Aggressor.

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In progress
1:48 F-5F Tiger II (AFV Club AR48106)1:48 Northrop F-5N/F Tiger II (Authentic Decals 48-33)


10. August at 16:42:40 Share
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Nathan Dempsey Kit and decals arrived today. I can smell the jet fuel from all the aggressors lining up on the apron!
10. August at 16:54:19
Hans Robben You will build both the F-5F as the Cheetah?
10. August at 17:19:02
Slavo Hazucha Wait till october pls, I am still pressing airducts from milliput on my F-111 :D :D
10. August at 17:55:32
Nathan Dempsey No building as of yet Slavo. Just getting albums created.

Hans: I'm building the Cheetah, and this F-5F for the aggressors build since they both come from my home state of Florida. The Draken International Mirage F.1 is a maybe. I'll need to get more decals from New Zealand to complete that build.
10. August at 18:23:23
Hans Robben I hope you get the decals then, for sure a unique subject that Draken F1!
10. August at 18:30:50
Nathan Dempsey The Mirage is like 60% complete already from an old project that never went anywhere because I couldn't find the markings I was looking for. All I need to do is place another order woth Old Models Decals and I'll be set besides some small stuff.
10. August at 18:56:42
Jos Jansen This F-5 is also a good choice, I hope you get your decals on time...I agree with Hans, the Draken F1 is a unique subject :)
10. August at 19:27:16
Daniel and in as well :)
11. August at 15:35:22
Nathan Dempsey This really is my favorite aggressors squadron. Their official photographer Jose "Fuji" Ramos used to come in the hobby shop all the time. I'm glad to see another build from this squadron in the group build: F-5E VFC-111 Sundowners | Project by Fetzi85 (1:48)
13. August at 19:02:15
Stephan Ryll Also a nice choice Nathan :)
13. August at 20:03:29
Sergej I Flying circus coming up, this will be a good one :P Noone starts before Oct 1st, I'm taking my vacation in September :D
13. August at 20:06:17
Moritz Fentzahn Taking a seat here too. Looking forward to your build
13. August at 20:20:24
Moritz Fentzahn By the way that decal sheet looks gorgeous, love those grey-green-blue camo-scheme
13. August at 20:25:30
Slavo Hazucha You really are well connected Nathan, Tomcats around the corner, Aggressor VIP's in the store... :)
13. August at 21:30:34
Clifford Keesler Nice subject.
13. August at 21:31:39
Nathan Dempsey Thanks Clifford :)

Slavo: Central Florida is rich in aviation history. From training WW2 fighter pilots (both ours and British) to testing of early radar equipped night fighters. Lakeland Linder Airport was Drane Field in WW2 and was s jump off point for bombers heading to Europe & Africa. I was lucky enough to meet several of those WW2 crew as a young man working at the hobby shop. Today it is Draken International and NOAA (the US hurricane hunters) right down the road and Sun-n-Fun Airshow too (the second largest airshow in the US). About 30 minutes away is also CENTCOM and MacDill Air Force Base so you get to see all those Special Operations aircraft. It's a great place to live!
14. August at 00:52:55
Maciej Bellos Following. You are a lucky man Nathan.
14. August at 03:06:55
Slavo Hazucha Sounds really great Nathan In my vicinity, there are a couple of good museums in the broader region, including the Red Bull private collection which has more flying aircraft than the Austrian air force :D Not so much to compare in terms of airshow, although Austria will again hold one this year early SEP and these are really well organized with a good blend of everything. At least I managed to see a live F-111 right after the first Gulf War on a show here :)
14. August at 05:07:32
Clifford Keesler I was born and raised at Tyndall AFB, Nathan. I used to go to Mexico Beach and watch them launch the Ryan Fire Bee drones. Spent a stint there in the 80's working with the QF-106 FSAT.(Drones). My first wife and I got married in the Chapple on MacDill.
15. August at 01:21:24
Wim van der Luijt your not sneaking some work in before the start of the GB now are you ? ;)
21. August at 14:24:27
Nathan Dempsey I used to go to MacDill every year for their airshow. I even witnessed the event that now keeps everyone behind ropes while near the jets. Some kids pulled the ground rescue canopy jettison on an EA-6B. I was about 50 yards away when it happened. Crazy!! It is the sheer luck that no one was injured by the canopies falling and bouncing. I also got to see the last of the F-16s leave in 1994 (I knew some ground crew from a model club). I remember one of the Vipers injesting a mocking bird and they had to shut it down and roll it back in the hangar.

Clifford: I would have loved to see one if those QF-106!
21. August at 14:31:55
Clifford Keesler I saw I think it was 128 of them, that we converted to the QF-106 both A and B models. I have several models of the 106, but haven't built a drone version for myself yet. Have built a few for other people. I have the decals for AD227 a New Jersey ANG bird. "Last of the red hot hotrods". Guess I will have to get another 106 and do it.
22. August at 19:51:46
Nathan Dempsey I'm definitely doing my F-106 in Florida ANG markings, but I could definitely talk myself into another for a QF-106.
25. August at 20:57:35
Slavo Hazucha F/QF-106 would be seriously cool I see the Avatar is already adapting to "Aggressor" attitude ;)
25. August at 21:00:13
Nathan Dempsey Muhahahaaaa! Indeed. My wife actually took the picture of me after the little one destroyed 8 of my kits.
25. August at 21:07:54
Clifford Keesler The NJ. ANG bird was defenitfley the most colorful of the QF-106's. The decal sheet is available from Experts decals. (Bare Metal's website.) I think it is less than 10.00.
26. August at 23:51:46
Clifford Keesler I tried to find the AFV F-5F kit you are doing for the group build, but every where I looked they were out of stock, so I settled for the Kinetic F-5B, and a T-38.
26. August at 23:55:58
Nathan Dempsey Actually might be good. We can compare the kits. Just looking at the sprues on this kit, this thing looks unnecessarily complicated. Also it will be a rare thing for me: Out of the box! Only adding the pilot figures.
27. August at 00:29:29
Clifford Keesler I ordered a set of resin seats, and maybe a set of resin wheels, I don't like Kinetic's wheels. They are 3 piece, center hub and 2 outer tire halves. Makes painting eaiser but the fit is not the best. Will see how it goes. The sprue's on this one look pretty good.
27. August at 00:36:36
Jos Jansen Following!
2. September at 13:25:20
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