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Spanjaard (hetspanjaard)

P-38 Yippee

part of my "air group" project....
this P38 is crude to say the least... it basically does not have a cockpit for example.... but i wanted some colourful schemes and this one certainly qualifies, so i had to use it.
added a few details to it.
complete project has been a bit of stealth mode.... i wanted it finishe before posting, but as usual.... it is taking too long 😛


5 | 1. October 2018, 19:07
Martin Oostrom
That's a colourful rendition of a very crude kit. Top work, as usual.
1. October 2018, 20:35
thanks. i need to post pics of the finished model.
1. October 2018, 20:41
thanks a lot Lode 🙂
28. October 2018, 21:36
Martin Oostrom
Well done Spanjaard. Good work on this tiny scale 👍
28. October 2018, 22:11
Ingo F
Looks very good Spanjaard. 👍
28. October 2018, 22:17
thanks Martin and Ingo 🙂
28. October 2018, 22:22
John Thomas
Very cool, Yippee
29. October 2018, 00:35
I fully agree with Lode and Martin.
29. October 2018, 05:57
thanks John and Neuling , really glad you also like it 🙂
29. October 2018, 06:04
Wow! Spanjaard, You definitely invested more time, effort and skill into your P-38J #5000 kit than I did, and your results are stunning. Your level of detail is outstanding for this crude kit. Just your cockpit canopy alone is worth learning from. I like the weathering and added detail, like gun barrels, wire aerials, etc. I still have to make my canopy frames, which I think I will do with silver stripe decal. I do not think I will add gun barrels or aerials. But I like your work! Great job! R/ Dutch
29. October 2018, 14:05
That's pretty remarkable considering the scale. Well done Spanjaard!
29. October 2018, 16:31
Murad ÖZER
29. October 2018, 16:45
Thanks Dutch, gorbygould and Murad. this one is the first one finished of a special project, so stay tuned 🙂
29. October 2018, 20:11
Mike Szwarc
Wow, quite a bit of detailing in such a tiny model! In the early '60s, my father was stationed in Japan for a while, and I remember at the BX, they had dozens of tiny aircraft kits for sale for only 10 yen (about 3¢ at the time), so my brother and I used to buy them from time to time. They must have been about 1:144. I had no idea they still made aircraft kits in that scale. It would never have occurred to me to try to add so much detail. Nice work! 👍
2. September 2020, 12:56
it is possible to add detail.... to any scale if you really wan to 🙂 glad you like it.
there is plenty of stuff a 1/144, believe me.
2. September 2020, 13:08
thanks Frank 🙂
2. September 2020, 14:06


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