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Let me introduce you to my first and ONLY attempt to model a tank with a full interior.

This kit nearly drove me mad. Although admittedly for me that's quite a short journey. It's one part fabulous kit; one part the most complicated 3D jigsaw ever; and one part magic trick where everyone goes “Ooooooh” when the magician gets it right. I could never get the hang of magic and apparently I'm crap at jigsaws because I made a bit of a hash of it, resulting in the hull parts not fitting as they should and many of the miraculous moving parts, on mine are suffering from rigor modelis.
I don't mean to try and put you off the kit – it's amazing, and everyone should suffer a little in life. It's a kit for modellers with advanced skills, not modellers with advanced confusion.
This kit took me two months to complete and I was wondering what the 1970's half scale version of myself would have thought about taking that long to complete a model. Back then I was a modelling maestro,* my skills were the pinnacle of plastic perfection, finely honed to get those kits built in the bare minimum of time. 1/72 fighter – half an hour, a whole hour if it needed painting; 1/72 bomber might take me to half way though the afternoon; only with 1/24 kits was it acceptable to use a second day.

* Or was in my head. If I'd known that in the future it would take me weeks or even months to build a kit I'd have thought that I would become a decrepit old fart who'd squandered my magical modelling skills, learned as a talented youth. Mind you decrepit old fart bit was quite accurate. 🙁

Thanks for avin a ganders (That's 'Thank you for looking' for those of a non-Brit persuasion).

If you haven't seen the build report, it's here.


Wow, what a superb work Gorby!
23 April, 08:09
Robert Podkoński
You're fantastic, Gorby! Really good work!
23 April, 08:48
Guy Rump
Beautiful build! 👍
23 April, 09:36
Adrian Forest
Full interior at 1:48 is a lot to take on!
23 April, 13:01
Thanks very much mates. Glad you like it. 🙂
23 April, 16:40
Murad ÖZER
gorby you'r a brave one for sure, i wouldn't attempt this in 35th scale let alone 48th. however the end result is beautiful, well worth the trouble me sez! 👍👍👍
23 April, 17:15
Thanks Murad. I'm not sure about brave. Maybe if I knew what I was taking on. Foolish would be much more appropriate. 🙂
24 April, 13:07
Rui S
Beautiful work 👍
22 May, 14:26
John Hughes
Nice job on your Panther Cabriolet, Gorby!
22 May, 14:29
Simon Nagorsnik
Congrats and my respect for this Gorby!
You did an awesome job here👍
Out and inside are just real eycatcher!
I'm amazed😁
22 May, 14:45
Thanks Rui, John & Simon. 🙂
It really is an excellent kit - but make sure you carefully read the instructions and engage your brain as it's easy to stuff it up.
22 May, 15:15


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