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Dale Marston (ogi)

F/A-18F Operation OKRA

Build, Paint Decal


in am following this one, looks good so far.
14. August 2016, 22:41
Danumurthi Mahendra
gloss looks nice here
6. September 2016, 14:36
Dale Marston
Thanks Guys looking forward to finishing this one. A few wahes and onto the next thing.
21. September 2016, 23:47
Michael Hickey
Very nice.👍
22. September 2016, 00:38
22. September 2016, 02:18
John Thomas
Very nice
22. September 2016, 12:32
Bryn Crandell
Sweet Bug!!!!
22. September 2016, 13:04
Dale Marston
Maybe a SU-33 or maybe F-16CJ or Marder
31. October 2016, 10:37
Stephan Ryll
Very nice build!
1. November 2016, 11:31
Michael Phillips
That is really nice, well done!
1. November 2016, 13:01
Daniel Mysak
Well done👍, I´m actually workin on a OKRA Super Hornet in 1/72 scale.
1. November 2016, 14:43
Dale Marston
Thanks guys, good luck Daniel on your OKRA build. Which paints are you intending to use? I used Gunze. The H307 which is a bit light out of the bottle so I added a little bit of blue grey from Gunze to darken it up and create a definite contrast. Are you using the Ronin Decal sheet? Make sure you use a Hornet with the ECS vents at the rear I mistakenly did not and it delayed my build and created some serious sanding and puttying. You'll have to let me know when you start building it. I want to do a classic when the Kinetic FA-18A++ comes out.
2. November 2016, 11:29
Daniel Mysak
Hy Dale. I´m allready started with my Super Hornet. I use the Hasegawa-kit with australian decal option. This kit also got the right vents. Paints will come from Gunze too, may i also have to mix the H307.
2. November 2016, 13:37
Dale Marston
Daniel keep me posted, I like these hornets with the bombing markings. As I said a little Gunze blue grey to the mix so there is a demarcation line from upper to lower. You can then cloud the basic H307 on in the centre of the panels to bring some variation back. What bomb loadout are you going to use? It will be imteresting as the markings on these Hornets are everywhere. I wonder if it is the same in 1/72? Have you posted I could not find anything. Nice F-16CJ by the way.
3. November 2016, 06:27
Daniel Mysak
I haven´t postet here yet, but you can take a look on it here: http://www.airwingmodels.de/t1807f9-F-A-F-Super-Hornet-Royal-Australian-Air-Force.html
The loudout will be the same as on your Hornet, I love the three massive fuel tanks on that jet.
3. November 2016, 07:20
Dale Marston
Looking good. The 1/72 has similair problems to the 1/48 version.
3. November 2016, 09:49
Murad ÖZER
Dale lovely result. 👍
3. November 2016, 09:57
Harry Eder
Well done! 👍
3. November 2016, 13:27
Good job, love to see the aussie stuff
5. November 2016, 08:40
Glenn (.)
Very nice work!
5. November 2016, 13:04


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1:48 F-18F Super Hornet (Eduard FE334)1:32 SJU-17 ejection seats for F-18F/F-14D (Aires 2175)1:48 RAAF 1 & 6 Squadron F/A-18F/F+ (Ronin Decals RDS-156)2+

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