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Tim Heimer (gearhd)

1962 Corvette Roadster 2 'n 1

Dio of the TV series Lucifer.


Bob Hall
You Have them License Plates made ?
13 June 2019, 02:17
Tim Heimer
Bob I will be making the plate soon, and think I may have a frame for it laying around. O.k! So after realizing that I lost a part to the kit, I had to buy another one. I made the part that I needed, and now have a complete extra kit. Do I ? Make a ying and yang and do a heavenly themed car in pearl white? Do a red devil car? LOL! Or do I sell the kit? THOUGHTS???
14 June 2019, 23:26
Peter Hardy
Missed this one! Last time I counted my mates you were one so I don't understand how this didn't appear on my Newsfeed.
15 June 2019, 22:31
Peter Hardy
Ok, just cruised through the pics, yep, big improvement with the grille, impressed with the hoses to. If I can make a request, please don't dirty the engine. Leave it nice and clean.
15 June 2019, 22:36
Tim Heimer
It's not Dukes of Hazzard so it will be clean! LOL
15 June 2019, 22:42
Tim Heimer
For some reason I'm not able to upload pics!
17 June 2019, 20:27
Peter Hardy
Are they too heavy?
17 June 2019, 21:05
Chris Greathouse
They fixed the photos mate!
17 June 2019, 21:07
Martin Oostrom
That engine looks terrific 👍
18 June 2019, 05:11
Donald Dickson II
Wowzers! Very nice!
25 June 2019, 00:15
Bob Hall
25 June 2019, 02:18
Christian W
The engine Looks awesome!
15 July 2019, 10:00
Tim Heimer
Thanks Christian, much appreciated! I've put this one on hold a bit and went back to some others that I put on hold. OMG I'm getting that incomplete molders illness! Help! LOL
15 July 2019, 12:24
Christian W
I know, I know. My cabinet has a lot of started model kits. Too much 😄. The modellers life *lol*
15 July 2019, 20:17
Martin Oostrom
I try to prevent that, by starting a new kit once in a while.....
15 July 2019, 20:20
Tim Heimer
15 July 2019, 20:28
Bill Newcomer
I like the screenshot background concept. I may attempt it for my "Jack Reacher" Chevelle. (Though I have never seen the movie)
17 July 2019, 05:17
Tim Heimer
Finally! A year later it's done!
7 July 2020, 21:17
Peter Hardy
Well let me be the first to congratulate you! Might have taken a while Tim but time well spent. Looks fantastic.
7 July 2020, 22:03
Tim Heimer
I thank you kindly! It turned out as good as I hoped it would.
8 July 2020, 14:28
Tom ...
Exceptional build, Tim. Looks super sharp! Love it.
8 July 2020, 15:30
Nigel Chapman
Model building and electronic wizardry, is there anything you cannot do Tim ?
8 July 2020, 15:40
Tim Heimer
Thank you Tom and Nigel. Nigel you're too kind, as there are many things I haven't been able to do as well as some things you have done.
9 July 2020, 01:38
Jan Tichý
Nice one!
20 March 2021, 14:56
Chaz Gordon
Nice build, the motor is great. Just looking at solving the anti gravity alternator myself.
20 March 2021, 16:45
Tim Heimer
Thanks guys , glad you liked it! I had to come up with a lot of brackets and other details on this one!
21 March 2021, 05:04


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1:25 1962 Corvette Roadster 2 'n 1 (Revell 85-4277)1:24 Tony (Scale Production TMF24039)
1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1
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