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Ingo F (Igi87)

Typhoon-K - Russian Military Police in Syria


Jeremy Wiltcher
I've got this kit, but I've never done an armor model so I'm definitely interested in seeing how this kit is done.
23 May 2019, 23:22
Michael Hickey
For a second I thought they were all aircraft seats.😢
24 May 2019, 03:48
Ingo F
Welcome on board mates. 🙂
24 May 2019, 08:53
Ingo F
Thanks James and welcome on board. 🙂
30 May 2019, 15:34
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in Ingo. Very promisimg start 👍 the seatbelts worth the effort
30 May 2019, 15:39
Ingo F
Thanks mate. Welcome on board. 🙂
30 May 2019, 17:16
Ingo F
Finished the interior and closed the hull today. Only a a few parts are left till the build is completed.
5 June 2019, 19:13
Ingo F
Finished the build today. Ready for some paint. 🙂
11 June 2019, 18:32
Chris Greathouse
Your work so far is amazing! Love it!
11 June 2019, 18:36
Ingo F
Thanks mate. 🙂
11 June 2019, 18:38
Ingo F
Thanks James. 🙂
The light bar is molded in blue.
11 June 2019, 19:35
Peter Hardy
Love it Ingo!!!!
12 June 2019, 05:15
Ingo F
Thanks Peter! 😄
12 June 2019, 06:07
Ingo F
Here a small update on this one. Finished off the decals today. Took me about 2,5 hours to finish but it was worth it. The decals are very good, no issues at all.
22 June 2019, 20:35
Nathan Dempsey
Looking good! 🙂
23 June 2019, 02:40
Moritz Fentzahn
Good work Ingo. 👍. Impressive how fast you can handle such big projects in that good quality. That build would take half a year to this state on my bench😉
23 June 2019, 06:46
Ingo F
Thanks guys for your kind words. 🙂
@Moritz: I am not sure myself. 😄
23 June 2019, 07:28
Scott Dutton
Saw one at local comp recently, big beast, yours is looking great
23 June 2019, 12:49
Ingo F
Thanks mate. 🙂
23 June 2019, 13:01
Ingo F
Finished this one a few weeks ago but did not take any pictures until now. Enjoy. 🙂
13 July 2019, 12:33
Slavo Hazucha
Oh yes, enjoy them I did - really nice work on a rather impressive looking vehicle! I think all the little PE details really add a lot, especially in the unified and still fresh green. The finish is true to the original, I especially like the pics showing the thick bulletproof glass on the doors. Great job, top model! 👍
13 July 2019, 12:47
Ingo F
Thank you Slavo. Yeah, the PE parts are really needed for this one as many of the details are simplified and look terrible. I had to restrain myself from heavy weathering 😄 as the pictures from Syria show rather "clean" vehicle. Pin wash, diluted brown filter and pigments to the lower hull and wheels. Thats all.
The color is Russian Green Base (ZIS 508 ) from Ammo Mig.
13 July 2019, 13:02
Nathan Dempsey
Very nice work Ingo. I like the level of weathering. A well maintained vehicle!
13 July 2019, 13:17
Ingo F
Thank you Nathan. 🙂
13 July 2019, 13:18
Carsten Gurk
Very nicely done - thumbs up
13 July 2019, 13:21
Ingo F
Thank you Carsten. 🙂
13 July 2019, 13:22
Ingo F
Thank you Carsten. 🙂
13 July 2019, 13:22
Very good model of a beautiful vehicle.
13 July 2019, 16:49
Ingo F
Thanks Neuling. 🙂
13 July 2019, 16:54
I'm not an armour modeller but know good modelling when I see it. Nice job
13 July 2019, 18:59
Peter Hardy
The most impressive thing you have achieved here in my view is the tyres. That is exactly how a tyre looks after it has been covered with deep dust for weeks the driven through light rain or a wet road. Kudos Ingo, that is just so bloody impressive I am lost for superlatives. The rest of the vehicle I would only rate a bloody brilliant! Masterful build mate!
13 July 2019, 22:29
Chris Greathouse
I love it! well done 😄 I like the subject!
14 July 2019, 03:57
Ingo F
Thank you ForestFan, Peter and Chris for your kind comments. 🙂
@Peter: I think thats the first time the weathering on the tyres turned out the way i wanted. 😄
14 July 2019, 08:01
Peter Hardy
Well you did a magnificent job Ingo, the dirt sits in the wide depressions between the sidewall belts. I cannot tell you how perfect you have done it.
14 July 2019, 08:05
Ingo F
Thanks again mate. 😄
14 July 2019, 09:12
Ingo F
Thank you James! Go, get one. 😄
14 July 2019, 20:58
Peter Hardy
Yeah JC, get one! Love to see what you could do with it!
14 July 2019, 21:22
Tim Jacobs
Very nice job. I'm glad you didn't go overboard on the weathering. It looks used, but maintained.
14 July 2019, 21:46
Ingo F
Thank you Tim. 🙂
@James: I have the same problem with the stash. 😄
14 July 2019, 22:00
Tim Heimer
Nice work on this Ingo!
14 July 2019, 22:54
Jujimbo Jujimbo
Nice job you done. Anyway, what technique you used on coloring? Is the red line was decal or not?
15 July 2019, 04:36
Ingo F
Thank you Tim and Havoc! 🙂
@Havoc: I used my usual technique. Black and White but this time not much white was added on the upper parts. Base color is Russian Green Base (ZIS 508 ) from Ammo. Brown for Dark Green Filter was used. I shaked the bottle very well and let it set for about 15-20 minutes. Then only the filter on top was used. I didnt want to have much filter on this model.
Red lines/stripes are decals from Echelon Fine Details set. Very good and fine decals. 🙂
15 July 2019, 08:19


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