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Kerry COX (RedRoo)

The ENTEX 1/16 scale Thomas Flyer. 1910.

A very early kit of the classic car that was the first to be driven right across the USA from San Francisco to New York before 'roads' were ever heard of, using the wagon wheel ruts from the early settlers days moving west as a guide to find their way 'back East'.
There is 'flash' by the ton.
Poor fit and detail, but vast improvements can be made if scratch building is your thing.


Rui S
Nice big thing. Looking good, I'm in 👍
4 July 2021, 16:26
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest.
4 July 2021, 16:38
Kerry COX
The working out how to give it pin striping is a challenge. Lots of super fine masking tape is the trick. 🙂
4 July 2021, 20:23
Ben M
I look forward to seeing how you do it. I'd like to figure out how to do it on my railway models. I was considering decals as an approach.
4 July 2021, 20:26
Kerry COX
Ben. I am about to post some more images with some explanations on how I did it. 👍 🙂
4 July 2021, 20:28
Lode Schildermans
Your skills keeps amazing me, Kerry
14 July 2021, 05:00
Kerry COX
Lode. Thank you for dropping by and having a look at my work. 😉
My imagination is never resting, and all that I have tried here has worked out rather well. 👍
The only thing I am not comfortable with here is the 'Gold plated' parts. Totally surrealistic and hard to clean up the flash, (typical of old kits 🙁 )
But the brass/gold tru colour metal by interactive does a great job in replicating the brass fittings.
Thanks again my friend. 🙂 👍
14 July 2021, 14:20
Peter Hardy
I have been waiting for this build to start and I missed it! Love these old classic cars, they remind me of ……. Me! Glad to see the tape holder being used and great idea with the pin striping. Love the deep green. Move over Lode, I need some room at the front.
15 July 2021, 05:05
Brandon H
Cool!! Nice work with those stripes!
15 July 2021, 11:13
Kerry COX
I have tried really hard to preserve as much of the character of the kit, but the tooling back then was not an exact science, like it is today. !
It's not something I would put on a competition table, but it's been fun building it like I was attempting to get an award of some kind, so the knife and sand paper and a bottle of bleach has played a big part in its appearance. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and likes. They mean a lot. 👍 🙂
15 July 2021, 14:51
Bruce Huxtable
The gold pin-stripes set off the green paint - looks very classy 😉 I'm waiting with eager anticipation to see the next steps being un-veiled 🙂
15 July 2021, 15:36
Kerry COX
This build, like many others of mine are part of a long Que of unfinished challenges. 🙂
Like my 400 series Japanese sub. Now done and the Lamborghini is next.
15 July 2021, 19:22

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