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55. M911 with M978 and M1025


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Impressive. Lots of things to look at. 🙂
19. April 2019, 08:51
Konrad Limmer
Really impressive build! 👍 👍 👍
19. April 2019, 10:52
Michael Hickey
What a delight to look at, pure eye candy. It's your heavy vehicles that make me want to drop my current project and continue on with my own truck builds. I can sit and look at this for hours.🙂👍👍👍👍👍
19. April 2019, 12:49
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you very much. It was a real pleasure to build those model (maybe tanker was not much fun) but overall I'm really satisfied with the result. And what's more important I'm truly happy that you like it.
19. April 2019, 21:02
Rui S
This is pure modelling 👍 3 kit manufactures, combined beautifully, without the need of aftermarket stuf
19. April 2019, 21:24
Tom ...
Wow, just stunning. Love the weathering. Have a dry throat and itchy eyes just looking at it. Looks so dry and dusty! I love models of heavy equipment. Thank you for sharing such an incredible build! The photos are great.
19. April 2019, 21:58
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Rui and Tom.
25. April 2019, 15:08
Ingo F
Awesome work mate! 👍
26. April 2019, 10:45


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1:35 M911 C-HET (8x6) (Meng Model SS-013)1:35 M1025 HUMVEE (Tamiya 35263)1:35 Heavy Fuel Tanker M-978 (Italeri 298)2+

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