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Sven Schönyan (ssn-modellbau)

VFA-81 Sunliners F/A-18C Into the Storm


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Sven Schönyan
I started this build last year but as so often it came to a stop shortly before the painting process. Luckily this strange year is different and I´m in the mood to finish WIPS or start new one.
So next in the row is this one. With all the experiences I got from the recently finished F-16C (and the other models before) I feel prepared to take the challange of this one.
The goal is to resemble a rather used A/C in the middle of ODS. Let´s see if im courages enough for a dirty appearance.
24. September 2020, 14:31
Sven Schönyan
As I got the Blue Angels edition which comes in naked I´m using some stuff out of the "Grabbelkiste", e.g. the leftover GBU-12s from the last build.
24. September 2020, 16:29
Michael Phillips
Count me in!!! Off to a great start, and I feel ya on restarting WIPs. I just recently finished a Hasegawa Tomcat that had been put on hold for over a year. It really feels good to finish a project like that!
24. September 2020, 17:59
Sven Schönyan
Welcome Michael! Nice to have you on board here, too!

Same same for me - too many unfinished projects lying around. It feels good to reduce the amount. But I also experienced that sometimes it´s not too bad to let you time with certain painting tasks. Especially when you put more heart and soul into the model and you think you´re not experienced enough. This year I´m very productive and tested out some painting techniques on the other planes so that I´m confident to get a proper result here.
25. September 2020, 06:14
Slavo Hazucha
Hey, I´m not missing this after the shorts project!😉 I had a kinetic Hornet and Aires cockpit & Gearwells, it was a fitting nightmare... The deal on the table looks good,watching 👍

25. September 2020, 07:55
Sven Schönyan
Hey Slavo, I´ve wathced your Agressor build with interest! I´ve used an Aires cockpit for a Super Hornet long time ago - I know what a struggle it can be fitting it in.

The Kinetic cockpit comes in very nicely so I just painted it as it is. According to my references it is very accurately done and detailed and for me absolutely enough. If I´m in the mood maybe the landing gear will get some Tie Downs fron Infini Models if I find a proper carrier deck...

This time I´m building Mr. Spock according to Bullseys Model Aviation research.
25. September 2020, 08:23
Hornet? Dirty? Watching! 🙂
25. September 2020, 15:47
Sven Schönyan
Welcome Daniel!
25. September 2020, 16:32
Sven Schönyan
The last three months I was thwarted because the fronts of my living place needed some reconstrution after suffering damage from a hail storm. So I couldn´t properly vent my room and I avoided airbrushing.

But now the outside work is done and I´m back on the workbench and back on this build, too!
27. December 2020, 10:59
Ingmar Stöhr
Somehow missed this one. I'm in!
27. December 2020, 14:57
Sven Schönyan
Wlcome on board Ingmar!

Today I applied the mottling and painted the underside in Light Ghost Grey FS36375.
29. December 2020, 18:27
30. December 2020, 10:29
Sven Schönyan
Today´s work: I painted the radom tip with Radom Tan FS33613 and the the upper side with FS36320 Dark Ghost Grey.
30. December 2020, 16:29
looking very good 👍 which paint brand do you use?
30. December 2020, 20:50
Sven Schönyan
Thank you Daniel! I´m mostly using AK Interactive. I used the black acrylic primer and then Real Colours.
31. December 2020, 08:07
Knew it looked familiar 😄 AK RC is what I prefer as well 👍
31. December 2020, 08:47
Ingmar Stöhr
Don't forget the bare metal tip on the nose cone 😉
Looking great so far!
31. December 2020, 12:07
Sven Schönyan
@ Daniel: AK RC work best 🙂

@ Ingmar: the fun is about to begin! After some detail painting like the nose tip or walkways I will try to resemble the touch up works around several hatches not to mention the dirt accumulations... But not this year anymore.
31. December 2020, 14:21
Slavo Hazucha
Lovely work with the pre-shading... I always say for myself that this step is over-rated, I am more of the "all on top" layering techniques, but I imagin this looks truly great in natural light, especially the lower back part! 👍
1. January, 14:52
Sven Schönyan
Thank you Slavo! Many ways lead to Rome. Normally I overdo the top layers and all mottling and preshading is gone or at least killed by matt varnish. This time I hopefully stopped at the exact moment. Anyway, a lot of "on top" layering techniques will follow later as well.
1. January, 15:32
Sven Schönyan
Today saw the last part of the major paintwork. First retouching the cockpit in black slightly highlighted and after that the same process with the walkways. I painted them according the the reference of the decal sheet in FS36081 which I made a little lighter with FS36375.

Then a coat caot of semigloss varnish to seal everything. Now I let it dry over night and hope to start decalling tomorrow.
12. January, 16:10
Ingmar Stöhr
Nice progress.
12. January, 18:04
Jos Jansen
Truly already a great model...and yes you did the right thing of the mottling technique! When done right, and what I see you're doing well, with the right not overdone weathering and the matt/satin coat it looks great...so to say, subtle!
12. January, 18:17
Sven Schönyan
Thank you very much for your kind words mates!

12. January, 19:19
Michael Phillips
Looks like I missed the start of this while I was inactive here... paintwork and shading look fantastic so far. Can't wait to see how this one evolves!
12. January, 23:35
Sven Schönyan
Thank you Michael!
13. January, 18:48
Maciej Bellos
Looking very good!
13. January, 19:50
Eric Thornton
Awesome I'm in
14. January, 01:21
Sven Schönyan
Welcome aboard Maciej and Eric!

The decals are applied. They do not stick as well as others do so they got some more treatment with softerner and I let it dry until tomorrow before sealing them with another layer of satin varnish.

I haven´t dryfitted the canopy and I had to discover that the fit isn´t good at all. The forward part will need a lot of adjustment and polishing afterwards.
16. January, 17:01
Konrad Limmer
Very nice progress Sven👍!
Looking very authentic!
16. January, 18:32
Ingmar Stöhr
Sad to hear that with the canopy! Fingers crossed!
17. January, 10:04


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