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Sid de Koning
Sid de Koning

Block Island Avenger

Ltjg McFord and crew on 11 January 1944


60 | 7. May, 08:03
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Dave Flitton
2. June, 21:03
James C
Nice work, watching 👀👍
2. June, 21:07
David Taylor
2. June, 21:10
Sid de Koning
I recommend repositioning the aft bulkhead from the turret mounting platform to the rear. As well as (earlier in the build, too late for me) to position the entire platform 1mm to the rear. It gives the turret some more space in order to position it in the middle of the side fuselage cutouts.
3. June, 07:34
Thomas Bischoff
comes along nicely 👍
5. July, 19:10
John G
Excellent work and attention to detail. I have 2 of the AM Avengers in my stash and appreciate the tip about moving the flight deck platform. I really like what you did with the greenhouse canopy - looks just like scale plexiglass. Looks like you are using Mr Color paints, is that right?
15. July, 20:40
Sid de Koning
Hi John, thanks for your kind words! First of all it's not the flightdeck platform but the smaller turret platform! I can point out some more things if you are building a 1C. And so far I have used mostly Mr. Color lacquer paints, thinned with my their levelling thinner.
16. July, 05:41
Man, that's some fine work. Watching.
16. July, 06:42
Björn Svedberg
Looking great! Following. 🙂 👍
16. July, 07:04
looking great indeed
16. July, 09:41
really good!
16. July, 09:49
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work. Can't wait to see this one completed.
16. July, 12:55
John G
Sure - that would be very helpful.
16. July, 19:19
Sid de Koning
Send me a PM with your email John please.
16. July, 20:45
Erik Leijdens
Looking fantastic Sid. As always!
16. July, 21:11
C'est vraiment magnifique, Bravo...
20. July, 17:23
David Taylor
Beautiful work.
20. July, 19:33
Roberto Rocat
Ah, great work 👍
20. July, 19:38
Excellent. More pictures of the completed model would be nice!
21. July, 08:33
Rui S
Simply Excellent 👍
25. July, 15:51
Perfect! Great looking model so far! How did you get the glass parts so shiny?
25. July, 15:55
Sid de Koning
I dipped it in Future Floor polish.. and nothing else really.
26. July, 08:49
Thank you Sid! Keep on the good work!
26. July, 21:14
27. July, 01:43
Mark K
Superb indeed - a masterpiece!
27. July, 02:42


1:48 TBF / TBM 1 Avenger (Italeri 2644)1:48 TBf-1, part 1 (Eduard 49267)1:48 TBF/TBM Avenger (Quickboost QB 48 524)7+
Grumman TBM-1C Avenger
US Military US Navy (1794-now)

January 1944 - USS Block Island

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