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Beechcraft 200


43 19 March, 08:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
The construction of the Beechcraft started with a nice experience: I had been thinking about how to make the side windows, which are very tricky to fit exactly, and I came up with an idea that I have now used on all the windows: instead of using the kit parts, I filled the openings with "Crystalclear". After one night, the material dried up wonderfully clear and, in my opinion, looks better than the clear plastic parts. See for yourself: the rear window is a kit clear part, the front one, however, is made of dried Crystalclear.
19 March, 08:54
One can only agree with you. Well done !
19 March, 09:04
Yes agree how did you make it
And how big can you do it
19 March, 09:08
Nice effect, Roland 👍
19 March, 19:01
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your words! To be honest, I am also glad that it seems to work- and that I have saved myself the trouble of gluing in the individual windows, as well as a result that I would not have been happy with!
19 March, 19:37
Roland Sachsenhofer
The fuselage halves are closed, now it's time to putty, mask and assemble!
20 March, 18:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
A "putty queen" is holding court - but it will be alright! 🙂
22 March, 19:32
Roy McKay
Following. Need a B200 for my IAC collection. Have the Rareplanes Vacform kit but might get one of these instead. Interested to see how you get on masking the crystal clear.
22 March, 22:17
Michael Kohl
A putty queen? I am in. 🙂
22 March, 22:41
Juergen Klinglhuber
May I ask what kind of masking tape we see on pic 8 & 9 on the front shields?
23 March, 05:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Jürgen! The masks on the front windows as well as on the cabin windows are from the kit. That is one of the pleasant qualities of Modelsvit: usable, high quality adhesive masks are mostly included.
23 March, 09:48
Great challenge with the putty queen and good job so far.

Roland, how do Crystalclear windows behave with masks? Crystalclear is fragile with them? I mean, will it break when peeling off the mask? Thanks.
23 March, 10:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Cuajete!
A good question! based on what I have seen so far, I would say: once cured, the "Krystalklear" forms a so far hard, closed surface that can be well covered with the masking materila. I have looked once to see if the adhesive on the mask somehow interacts with KrystalKlear and changes it- but there is no indication of that so far.
I'm taking a light touch approach to this important question because if the end result is messy, I could simply cut out the messed up windows and replace them with a new layer of KrystalKlear.
23 March, 10:26
Perfect, Roland. Thanks! 👍
23 March, 11:01
Łukasz Gliński
Nice project Roland 👍
Basing on my experience I recommend covering the crystal clear using some varnish before masking. It's not as resistant as UV glue for example. I usually spray few very thin coats of GX100 varnish. On the other hand you could have filled them after painting which I often do.
PS. Wondering whether we're gonna see their B350 one day... 🙁
23 March, 12:49
Dominik Weitzer
nice work. Now I'm interested about the painting process.
23 March, 15:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
Good tip with the coating! Lukasz!Well, we'll see what the result is.
Filling the openings only after completion is also a very good idea, but I'm afraid of clouding the already firmly installed cockpit glazing. Thank you mates!
24 March, 07:40
Łukasz Gliński
Yes, the late glazing requires sealing the cockpit within the fuselage, so it's too late I assume 🙂
24 March, 10:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Yes, I have become quite cautious after a few nasty surprises! 🙂
24 March, 10:43
Good advices!
Roland, what did you use in the pic 1 as a counterweight to avoid the tail sitter?
24 March, 18:19
Roland Sachsenhofer
The weight comes from the range of "Uschi van der Rosten" and is called "Three Green Liquid Nose Weight"; quite recommendable! It resembles a paste and can be placed in all kinds of nooks and crannies, so it is fine to use wherever there is little space but a high demand for weight.
25 March, 05:22
Interesting, Roland. Thanks! 👍
So far the smallest thing I've seen for these situations is Deluxe's Liquid Gravity, but this seems to sound even better.
25 March, 18:57
Gordon Sørensen
Watching! Great work as usual, Roland! I have quite a few hours in King Airs, would love a model of one I have flown…
26 March, 01:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Cuajete and Gordon!
Gordon, that is of course particularly fascinating! I ask you: is it as pleasant to fly as it looks? And, on a more serious note, I've noticed that the turbines seem to burn quite distinct exhaust traces on the fairing. Is this really an issue, or would you not show any exhaust traces at all?
26 March, 20:09
Gordon Sørensen
I flew the King Air 200 throughout Eastern Quebec in Canada. I thought it was a good airplane - we operated it in winter months to -40 C and summer to +35 C.
The PT-6 engines leave exhaust soot! Lots of soot! Many operators paint the nacelles black to hide the evidence! Also, notice that the exhaust stacks on the left and right side of the nacelles point in different directions.
29 March, 23:24
Mirko Römer
Looks to be quite a challenge but I'm convinced you'll master it!
30 March, 19:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
Gordon and Mirko, thank you for your answers! This is really interesting, informative and inspiring, Gordon. I would like to come back to this when I finish the Beechcraft 200.
31 March, 09:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
You see here the "King Air" with a first coat of paint, which will mainly take care of the black de-icer zones at the leading edges of the surfaces, but also allows to discover irregularities and inaccuracies - there is still a bit to do!
2 April, 20:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
I taped off the centre line in "Neutral Grey", even though there would have been usable decals for it - but this seems almost easier and less risky to me.
4 April, 06:18
Looking really good, will follow
4 April, 11:02
I agree with Finn 👍
4 April, 18:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
It's much appreciated, thank you both!
4 April, 20:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
The "Blue Angels Blue" Gunze H 322 was applied to the undersides; in the rear I let the tail cone, which unfortunately seems to have been lost as a component, grow back using "Kristal Klear".
5 April, 06:32
Roland Sachsenhofer
There is good news about the "King Air": the decals are already up, tomorrow I want to seal it with a glossy clear varnish and then iron out the various inaccuracies that occur during every build. But: an end is slowly in sight!
10 April, 18:38
Mirko Römer
Looks great!!
10 April, 18:48
Painting looks great! 👍
10 April, 18:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates!
10 April, 18:59
Michael Kohl
Looking very elegant in the livery you have chosen
11 April, 09:11
Łukasz Gliński
Now it looks like my BA Twin Otter 😉
11 April, 09:56
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates, that pleases me!
11 April, 17:01
looking good
11 April, 18:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Spanjaard!
13 April, 05:56
Kyle DeHart
Looking great!!
13 April, 06:34
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great paintjob, Roland 👍
13 April, 06:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
Mates, I feel motivated!
13 April, 07:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am pleased to announce the completion of the Beechcraft 200 in the attractive RAF colours! The kit is a very good starting point for building this beautiful aircraft, but I have made a number of additions. Especially the antennas, the two pitot tubes at the very front of the nose were added, as well as the wiring of the landing gear.
Overall, I am pleased that the experiment with "Kristal Klear" windows worked very well: they survived the weeks under the masking without any damage. Last but not least: I am also pleased that the machine stands firmly on all five flattened tyres - with the usual three this is quite feasible, with five one can be happy about a success!
For the "outdoor shots" I used photo backgrounds of an airport

Thank you for all your interest and valuable comments!
14 April, 11:53
it looks really well, missing certainly accomplished. hangar pictures look fantastic!
14 April, 11:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm glad to hear it! Thank you Spanjaard!
14 April, 12:01
Kyle DeHart
Definitely a lovely color scheme that fits the airplane well. Looks great, nice job!!
14 April, 12:03
Łukasz Gliński
This is so nice, grand finish 👍
14 April, 13:23
David R. Meizoso
Great one, Roland! Those windows look terrific!
14 April, 14:11
Truly inspiring, well done!
14 April, 17:32
Wow... Great job and fantastic result, Roland. Congrats!
And also the plane integrates very well in the background pics 👍
Can you see anything inside through the "Kristal Klear" windows?
14 April, 17:38
Michael Kohl
The hangar shots are brilliant, the livery just beautiful. What is not to like?
14 April, 18:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your encouraging and of course very motivating comments! The comment of a friend, which he made some time ago in view of my model pictures, that now and then a scenic background instead of the constant "blue" would do the models good, has led me to the use of a few different backgrounds. I have to say that I also like this enrichment of the model photo series and I am glad that it is also well received by you!
Cuajete, I see nothing but blackness, but that's not because of the material, but because of the darkness of the interior. The transparency of KristallKlear windows is perfectly equivalent to that of transparent Plexi, possibly even better: it does not show any scratches at all!
Thank you all very much for your reactions!
14 April, 18:49
Great, Roland! Thx for your information 🙂 👍
14 April, 18:55
A lot of work, very nice paintjob, great result Roland 👍
14 April, 19:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
That makes me proud, rhank you both!
14 April, 19:10
I agree with Ronan. I also like the presentation of the aircraft. Not to forget the interesting "window making" .....
15 April, 08:01
Roland Sachsenhofer
Commendation from you makes me very happy, thank you!
15 April, 17:29
Juergen Klinglhuber
You did another great model Roland ! congrats.
16 April, 08:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Jürgen, I am very pleased!
16 April, 16:20
Very beautifull, well done!
16 April, 16:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much!
17 April, 07:36


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