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Navy Bird
Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)

Supermarine Spitfire F.Mk.XIV (AZ Models)

This build will use the AZ Models kit along with several aftermarket parts to model one of the SEAC Spitfires flown by Sqn. Ldr. James "Ginger" Lacey, one of the highest scoring British aces of WWII.


13. August 2016, 02:26
Bill Gilman
Hi mates - I've uploaded photos of my latest build. This was a quick little project to build the 1:72 AZ Models Supermarine Spitfire F.Mk.XIV in the markings of Ginger Lacey. By the time I got around to creating this photo album, the model was finished, so this is the first time that I've documented an entire build, start to finish, all at once. The kit needed some aftermarket to improve the details, but all told it went together nicely. Enjoy the photos! Cheers, Bill
13. August 2016, 03:37
Choppa Nutta
Really nice work Bill,
love the PE work and the group shot, lovely work 🙂
13. August 2016, 03:48
Hanno Kleinecke
Masterly done, as always Bill ! Especially the cockpit is absolutely stunning. Really hard to believe it`s not 1/48 ! 👍 👍
13. August 2016, 06:53
Mats Bengtsson
What a beautiful Spitfire. It is always a pleasure to watch your builds Bill.
13. August 2016, 09:38
Soeren .
Wonderful work"
13. August 2016, 10:17
well done Bill! 👍
13. August 2016, 12:55
wow, really nice build. great detail, nicelly done. it looks certainly like 1/48 rahter than 1/72
13. August 2016, 13:06
Bill Gilman
Thanks, mates!

These older AZ Spitfire kits sometimes get some bad reviews, but I found it to be a typical build. I've read that the kit is somewhat under-scale, and that may be - particularly in the wingspan which is a mm or two less than the Airfix XIX. But the firewall to rudder post dimension seems to match the Airfix XIX kit almost exactly. And you certainly can't tell any wingspan difference when I posed the three kits for the group shot.

I really like that group shot, by the way. You can really see the differences just in those three marks, let alone the entire Spitfire line. Eventually, I'll have a kit of every mark, right? 🙂
13. August 2016, 13:47
👍 👍 👍 :)
13. August 2016, 14:43
Stefan Schacht
very nice model 👍
13. August 2016, 14:44
Taarna Eckart
Nice build, Bill!!
13. August 2016, 15:18
Roy McKenzie
very nice build
13. August 2016, 18:04
Christian Bruer
Very nice and detailed work - well done👍
13. August 2016, 18:32
Es-haq Khosravi
Excellent job Bill!
13. August 2016, 20:50
Holger Kranich
Ah, uncle Bill has been at the bench again! I like These griffon engined Spittys! Again a masterpiece from the "garbage plate"! 🙂
17. August 2016, 13:13


1:72 Spitfire F.Mk.14e (AZ model AZS7205)1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX (Marabu M72014)1:72 Supermarine Spitfire E wing late - Hispano 20mm & .50cal in fairings (Master AM-72-006)7+
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIVe
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
17 Sqn. RN135/YB-A (Sqn. Ldr J. H. Ginger Lacey)

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