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Terry Healey

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1:25 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS (Revell 85-7457)
1969 Camaro Z/28 RS Motor-City Muscle
Revell 1:25
2016 | Changed box
19. April at 00:18:42 Share
Terry Healey Box now shows at skill level 4. I am unsure how this changes other particulars on its information. Doesn't the piece count increase? Copyright 2016 on on the back of the box.
19. April at 00:31:16
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April 16, 2018

Martin Oostrom@scalemates
Morning Tim,
There seem to be some issues with picture uploading.
SCM Newsfeed
16. April at 07:09:30 Share
Michael Hickey I second that motion. ;)
16. April at 09:34:49
Sören Reifert Me, too.
Get always the message "Couldn't copy the file!"
16. April at 09:43:01
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April 15, 2018

Any GDPR (privacy) specialist in the house? Looking for a review of the new privacy policy.
13. April at 21:12:42 Share
Augie Hi Tim,
Not a specialist per-sae, but have to deal with it as part of what I do so I can give it a once over if it will help?
13. April at 22:35:30
scalemates Thx Augie! others?
14. April at 11:28:09
J W GDPR will be making its way to Aust, so it's something I'll have to be across. I'm certainly no expert, but happy to assist if I can Tim.
15. April at 06:09:00
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April 11, 2018

Eugen P. Thank you, added review:
Added review
This review was removed
11. April at 18:07:35 Share

April 09, 2018

Magnus Svedberg@scalemates
Another topic that should be removed is "Lancia Stratos G5" as this is a racing version of the Lancia Stratos. According to the rules all products shold be filed under "Lancia Stratos".
09. April at 21:23:44 Share
Magnus Svedberg@scalemates
Hi! Could you please remove the topics "Ferrari 328 GTB" and "Ferrari 328 GTS" as these are only different versions of a Ferrari 328. I have moved all the models to the correct topic.
09. April at 20:33:07 Share

April 06, 2018

April 04, 2018

Moritz Fentzahn@scalemates
Hi Tim,
Is there a little issue with the „+“ button? I can’t use it and have to go to each article page to manage my stash. Haveing this issue on two different IOS devices.
Thanks in advance
04. April at 07:50:06 Share

April 01, 2018

Eugen P.@scalemates
This kit doesnt exist with this number
AV-8B Harrier II (Hobby Boss 21804, 1:18)
Here it is with the right number
AV-8B Harrier II (Hobby Boss 81804, 1:18)

1:18 AV-8B Harrier II (Hobby Boss 21804)1:18 AV-8B Harrier II (Hobby Boss 81804)
01. April at 19:41:21 Share
Frank Krause Yes, this is HLJ's own kit-number. Both are merged together under the correct number 81804.
01. April at 20:40:05
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March 30, 2018

FYI, candy58 was successfully kicked this morning. Please whenever you see a spammer
1) Visit the user profile page
2) Click Actions > Report
3) Mark user as a spammer

If enough people mark the spammer the account will be deactivated and all spam messages deleted.
30. March at 09:25:09 Share
30. March at 09:32:52
Fabian D. Could you add these instructions to the Anti-spam part of the Contributor Area or the faq? I went looking there, but couldn't figure out how to report spammers still under the 12 post per day threshold.
30. March at 10:51:46
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March 23, 2018

23. March at 13:46:53 Share

March 14, 2018

Erik De Smet@scalemates
A lot of spam by hdjksjk66
14. March at 09:44:58 Share
and we have a new power supply .... so strange that servers in 2018 need power :P
13. March at 10:34:52 Share
Stilicho good to see you back. I was getting worried.
13. March at 10:45:44
Urban Gardini Been lying curled up and shaking with withdrawal symptoms...
13. March at 11:10:35
Ingo F My finger hurt from continuous hitting the F5 button. :D
13. March at 11:28:37
Martin Oostrom And I was thinking it was my pc, or my laptop, or my iPhone, or my wive's Samsung, or.....
Aaaaah, get a cup of coffee and double up on my addictions!
13. March at 11:54:35
Kees Kleijwegt Good to see Scalemates back in the air again!
13. March at 12:17:07
Acki I made something totally different! I was working on my models!!11!
13. March at 12:20:33
Peter Hardy I actually got some work done today,
13. March at 12:28:31
Philippe Welcome black sir !
13. March at 13:10:43
Rui S No panic, this time. Just wait and see 8)
13. March at 13:19:11
Martin Reuter :) Glad to see scalemates back
13. March at 19:49:37
Stephan Ryll Good to see scalemates back :) first thought it was an issue with my new firewall :S
13. March at 19:54:26
Dave Morris You can use this link to check if a web-site is down or if its you! And I have stopped shaking now I can my ScaleMates fix!
14. March at 01:24:28
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