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Thread started by Hagel

Patrick Hagelstein
A Tamiya F-4B??? I don't care it's only a CAD drawing now, I just want one!!! 😄
McDonnell Douglas
F-4B Phantom II
Tamiya 1:48
61121 2021 New tool
2 26 January 2021, 19:52
Patrick Hagelstein
My bad..... This is the ACTUAL KIT!!! 😄 There are a couple more pics on Tamiya's website:tamiya.com/japan/fea..eases_early2021.html
26 January 2021, 19:59
Konrad -
Nice I need one too 😉
26 January 2021, 20:14
Roland Revolvermann
26 January 2021, 20:15
Patrick Hagelstein
😄 I haven't been active on Scalemates for a long time (due to work and general lack of time), but my first visit back left me overjoyed! 😄 There's something about this place.... 😉
26 January 2021, 20:36
Nathan Dempsey
I saw that Furball Aero Decals were already taking requests for an F-4B decal sheet.
26 January 2021, 20:41
Patrick Hagelstein
Cool! 👍
26 January 2021, 20:49
it is the actual model with a wash in the panel lines.... it looks certainly good 🙂
26 January 2021, 22:17
Markus Antonius
This kit is going to be the 2021 Killerkit for sure...
27 January 2021, 08:47
Palo M
Now? Just as I ordered the Zoukei Mura?
27 January 2021, 10:08
Konrad -
ZM is always a good investment😉! Now I have 4 on stock and I believe the next one will come soon LOL...
27 January 2021, 10:16
Patrick Hagelstein
@ Palo M, Zoukei Mura until now only has the thick wing versions. This Tamiya F-4B (as the F-4N) has the thinner main wheels and thus the thin original wing. This is therefore not a replacement for the ZM kit but more a parallel kit. 🙂
27 January 2021, 18:23
Palo M
Well thank you Patrick, that sounds like another 60 [insert local currency] out of my wallet! 🙂 I have a soft spot for US navy / marines aircraft in the high-vis scheme from 60s - 70s, so the F-4B will fill that well. Can't say I find the F-4 beautiful, but it was definitely an important aircraft of its era.
27 January 2021, 20:07
Maciej Bellos
Before I get this into the stash, I have to get the Tamicat😉
27 January 2021, 20:39
Patrick Hagelstein
@ Palo M, there's a reason it'c called 'Double Ugly'. 😄
@ Maciej, obviously.......
27 January 2021, 23:52
Slavo Hazucha
Probably will be a very nice kit. But the ZM standard already appears to be very high, according to trusted sources like youtube & co...

If I were to build one, I´d go for one of the gorgeous JSDAF "Goodbye Phantom" schemes - like the last one in the ZM line-up... May still happen in the early 2030´s 😄
28 January 2021, 13:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Slavo! Yes, I can fully agree on ZM having a really high standard as I have their F-4S in my stash and a club member built the F-4D and it looked great! 👍 Thing is though, that ZM doesn't have an F-4B or F-4N in their line-up yet. Since Tamiya put in an F-4B and knowing Tamiya's quality, I'm more than thrilled right now. If ZM were to bring out an F-4B, then it would be a very hard comparison between the two, but for now I would pick up that Tamiya F-4B blindly. 🙂 I'm hoping though that either one of those companies would bring out a soft wing late F-4E/F/G. Fingers crossed for that! 😉 But aren't these glorious times to be a modeler? 😄
29 January 2021, 01:17
Maciej Bellos
Those late E/F/G are something missing in this scale, so somebody will release it sooner or later.
29 January 2021, 04:19
Konrad -
I'm also looking forward to the late E and G version.

Anyhow a few days ago I got the new early E from ZM. Awesome looking kit a lot of details and possibilities to show it at the end of the day. The decal sheet looks also very impressive there are more than 400 decals to apply on this one 🙂!
In case that there is only one decal option you will have to apply them all 🙂...

I love this plane and I don't know really why but hey yes there are great times for this hobby and I believe once this one is available I put it into my stash 🙂.
29 January 2021, 06:34
I finished ZM f-4e few weeks ago and it was a joy from start to ginish
24 June 2021, 21:22

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