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Tim Jacobs@SCM Data suggestions
I'm trying to add a second topic to 45mm Anti-Tank Gun 53-K (UM Military Technics 409, 1:72) , but it refuses to take the 45 mm Anti-Tank gun M1942 (M-42) as a 2nd topic.

1:72 45mm Anti-Tank Gun 53-K (UM Military Technics 409)

Also, when I'm trying to add an additional topic, I start typing the new topic, it provides possibilities, but it won't take the one I select for auto fill. I have to physically type in the entire string.
26. July, 21:24
Luigi Scola@SCM Data suggestions
I've uploaded some kits and info with box art photos under contribute. When uploading image it looks fine during entry process but then shows up vertically when posted. I know to fix this in a stash mode but that advance option is not available in the contribute mode.
26. July, 03:08
Eddie Mann
Images replaced.
26. July, 14:53
Luigi Scola
26. July, 15:59
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
How do I suggest a new paint manufacturer and what information would you need from me?

25. July, 11:43
25. July, 19:45
OK Thanks
25. July, 19:51
Humpty Hays@SCM Data suggestions
I'd like to be able to leave feedback on retail partners. Most of them are quite good, but a few are terrible and other mates need to be cautioned.
24. July, 13:59
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Is photo upload broken?
1 | 23. July, 07:23
Michael Stonehouse
I'm experiencing the same problem. Getting the following error message:
/data/www.scalemates.com/content/img/9/1/0/270910-16029-53.jpgCouldn't copy the file!
23. July, 08:52
Yes same - probably means drives are full up
23. July, 08:57
_ _
Same here
23. July, 13:15
This is fixed now, see other thread in Feature requests.
23. July, 17:39
24. July, 00:31
Owen E. Oulton@SCM Data suggestions
I was wondering why neither German Field Military Police (Tamiya 89740, 1:35) nor Park Gate (Italeri 412, 1:35) mention that the Tamiya kit is a rebox of the Italeri kit with Tamiya figures and accessories added.

1:35 German Field Military Police (Tamiya 89740)1:35 Park Gate (Italeri 412)

Actually, several of the Italeri scenic kits have had this treatment and I would've expected Scalemates to so note.
22. July, 03:50
Martin Oostrom
I guess because users like you and me fill the database with these relationships between kits, and nobody has seen it yet, or neglected to enter it into the database
22. July, 06:21
XIIBoss@SCM Data suggestions
Can we comment on kits? I purchased Flying Leathernecks Decal kit FL48025 and the kit does not include all of the options shown on the pictures. Specifically it does not include VMM-265 based in Iwakuni Japan as it shows.
19. July, 22:33
Martin Oostrom
Yes you can. Near the bottom of the product page is a section called newsfeed.
Acoording to this website https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl48025-mv-22b-ospreys---tilt-rotor-tango there are no markings for VMM-265. It could be an older picture on our product page?
20. July, 20:23
Thanks Martin
21. July, 16:33
LeadFarmer209@SCM Data suggestions
Any plans for an app?
21. July, 02:37
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
As to a bagged product which is 97mm from top to bottom , 30 mm left to right and 3 mm deep

What dimension goes in length, height and width?

Maybe we should have a diagram in these fields to advise direction of dimensions
17. July, 07:28
Eddie Mann
Hardly anyone reads instructions, boxart 640px wide for example.
17. July, 07:37
True, I was going to start populating these fields but I wont bother.
17. July, 22:49
Michael Stonehouse
L = 97; H (thickness) = 3; W = 30. That's how I have approached it.
18. July, 12:22
Eddie Mann
To be honest, it is something which doesn't really matter. If someone wants to buy an item I doubt that the package size is going to change their mind.
18. July, 21:45
Maybe, but I assume someone must have requested it otherwise it wouldn't be there.
19. July, 06:02
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
same product in two sizes,
SCM Search: Painting (Acrylic) gloss medium 470*
one is "paint", the other "thinner". i think both should be paint.
18. July, 22:16
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
ALC-302-60 Grey primer & microfiller, Alclad II Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
ALC-302-60 Grey Primer & Microfiller, Alclad II Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
(we also have the 120ml, but that is "different" product ALC-302 Grey Primer & Micro Filler, Alclad II Gloss, Lacquer, 120ml)
18. July, 13:42
18. July, 15:57
18. July, 16:03
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
18. July, 14:19
18. July, 15:58
18. July, 16:02
Magnus Svedberg@SCM Data suggestions
I think I accidentally double registered a kit resulting in this entry: Title (Zvezda , 1:72)
Can someone please remove it?

1:72 Title (Zvezda )
18. July, 11:18
18. July, 15:58
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
possible duplicate, SCM Search: Humbrol matt cote*
one appears as AC, the other as AX. I have a bottle, but it does not have any of the two references. being 30 years old, i am not surprised 😛
18. July, 14:05
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
duplicate (i may have added one of them, sorry)

MP242 Mr. Metal Primer-R, Mr. Color , Lacquer, 40ml
SF242 Mr. Metal Primer, Mr. Color , Lacquer, 40ml
18. July, 13:57
Magnus Svedberg@SCM Data suggestions
Inspired by Richard Bransons space flight I've been fixing the topics of the different SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo and their motherships. For some reason this kit White Knight & SS1 (Amodel 72201, 1:72) seems to be stuck to this topic which is not correct SCM Topic: Scaled Composites Model 348 White Knight Two

1:72 White Knight & SS1 (Amodel 72201)
2 | 12. July, 01:11
Magnus Svedberg
Something is still very strange with this kit. I managed to get it out of White Knight Two by putting it in SpaceShipOne instead. However, now the kit is shown twice under the category SCM Topic: Scaled Composites Model 316 SpaceShipOne instead! Can this be fixed?
15. July, 20:39
maybe it appears twice as it is entered as multitopic?
Scaled Composites Model 316 SpaceShipOne
Scaled Composites Model 318 White Knight
16. July, 14:24
Magnus Svedberg
It shouldn't appear twice under the same topic.
17. July, 18:02
Magnus Svedberg
This kit is also connected to the same two topics but it only appears once under each of them: SpaceShipOne + White Knight (Unicraft Models , 1:72)

1:72 SpaceShipOne + White Knight (Unicraft Models )
17. July, 18:05
Aaron Hutson@SCM Data suggestions
16. July, 23:17
Eddie Mann
Japanese Naval Aviation Uniforms and Equipment 1937–45, different ISBN for different languages.
Battle For The Falklands (3) Air Forces, hardback and softback editions.
Others are merged.
17. July, 08:10
17. July, 10:58
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Would it preferable not to have the clear coat swatches default to 'white' I have seen clear coats given their own swatch patterns such as a checkerboard.
17. July, 09:45
Filidor@SCM Data suggestions
Tamiya liquid surface primer 40 ml bottle
In grey isn’t here?
There is only white.
Could you add the grey ?
17. July, 09:34
You can add yourself or someone else can add if you give us the SKU number
17. July, 09:44
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Regarding this topic

SCM Topic: Lighting

We have Nano LED lights used for incorporating into our builds and also LED lights or other lights used to illuminate our workbenches - to my mind these should be separate topics.

Maybe we already have a split but we are all getting confused what goes where?

Comments /suggestions ?
17. July, 01:14
Aaron Hutson@SCM Data suggestions
More duplicate records for Osprey - New Vanguard series this time

Now one possible issue is that Osprey have reprinted some of the early books with new covers but as far as I know the content is the same. Perhaps we need an Edition field?

The majority of the duplicates below have the same covers and can be merged without concern in my opinion.

M26 / M46 PERSHING TANK 1943-1953
Book: M26 / M46 PERSHING TANK 1943-1953 (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943-53 (by Steven J. Zaloga)

M26 / M46 PERSHING TANK 1943-1953 (Osprey Publications 35)M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943-53 (Osprey Publications 35)

M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65
Book: M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65 (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943–65 (by Steven J. Zaloga)

M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65 (Osprey Publications 73)M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943–65 (Osprey Publications 73)

Early US Armor 254
Book: Early US Armor (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: Early US Armor (by Steven J. Zaloga)

Early US Armor (Osprey Publications 254)Early US Armor (Osprey Publications 254)

Early US Armor - Tanks 1916-1940
Book: Early US Armor (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: Early U.S. Armor (by Steven J. Zaloga)

Early US Armor (Osprey Publications 245)Early U.S. Armor (Osprey Publications 245)

British Light Tanks 1927–45 Marks I-VI
Book: British Light Tanks 1927–45 (by David Fletcher)
Book: British Light Tanks 1927-45 (by David Fletcher)

British Light Tanks 1927–45 (Osprey Publications 217)British Light Tanks 1927-45 (Osprey Publications 217)

German Panzers 1914–18
Book: German Panzers 1914–18 (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: German Panzers 1914-1918 (by Steven J. Zaloga)

German Panzers 1914–18 (Osprey Publications 127)German Panzers 1914-1918 (Osprey Publications 127)

Sturmgeschutz III Assault Gun 1940-42
Book: Sturmgeschutz III Assault Gun 1940-42 (by Hilary L. Doyle, Tom Jentz)
Book: Sturmgeschütz III Assault Gun 1940–42 (by Hilary L. Doyle, Tom Jentz)

Sturmgeschutz III Assault Gun 1940-42 (Osprey Publications 19)Sturmgeschütz III Assault Gun 1940–42 (Osprey Publications 19)

T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945
Book: T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945 (by Steven J. Zaloga)
Book: T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945 (by Steven J. Zaloga)

T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945 (Osprey Publications 9)T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-1945 (Osprey Publications 9)

US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45
Book: US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45 (by Mark Stille, Tony Bryan)
Book: US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942–45 (by Mark Stille)

US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45 (Osprey Publications 130)US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942–45 (Osprey Publications 130)
16. July, 23:29
Wm.@SCM Data suggestions
I think I understand why E2046 listings/items/kits (resin anime figurine kits) are not allowed. However, if you're not allowing them, then why not remove their listings? I was excited when I got a list of E2046 items and anticipated adding my E2046 kits to my stash but alas, I cannot.
16. July, 21:21
Łukasz Gliński@SCM Data suggestions
There are 3 entries for the very same shop in Warsaw:
16. July, 12:01
mareagle@SCM Data suggestions
15. July, 22:58
Eddie Mann
16. July, 00:38
That was fast. Thanks Eddie.
16. July, 00:46
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
Duplicate paint range:
Name (empty)
13. July, 09:10
13. July, 18:51
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
12. July, 16:07
13. July, 18:51
Thomas Steinke@SCM Data suggestions
These Colors are Duplicates or wrong.

ZP-1067 Tyrrell Blue, Zero Paints Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
ZP-1056 Jaguar F1 Racing Green, Zero Paints Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
ZP-1064 Lancia 037 Rally "19..Remo rally" Red, Zero Paints Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
ZP-1086 Jordan F1 198 Yellow, Zero Paints Matt, Lacquer, 60ml

It would be nice if we could report the duplicates / errors for colors directly there.
I don't think these are the only wrong colors either. 😉
13. July, 08:30
Eddie Mann
These 4 are merged.
13. July, 09:08
Eddie Mann
All merged.
13. July, 09:58
Thomas Steinke
😄 Nice, thanks Eddie.
13. July, 10:28
Thomas Steinke
Found 2 more... 😉 Thanks in advance

ZP-40011 Candy Purple, Zero Paints Gloss, Lacquer, 30ml
214199148, Zero Paints Matt, Lacquer, 60ml
13. July, 11:11
13. July, 11:20
Magnus Svedberg@SCM Data suggestions
I think (SS2) should be removed from the topic SCM Topic: Scaled Composites Model 339 SpaceShipTwo
12. July, 00:42
👍 fixed
12. July, 10:15
Eddie Mann » Feature requests
Could you please rename:
SCM Topic: KK-1 Ejection Seat
to: KK-1 Ejection Seat
SCM Topic: KK-2 Ejection Seat
to: KK-2 Ejection Seat
9. July, 06:55
11. July, 14:59
Eddie Mann
Thank You.
11. July, 15:03
Starbase101@SCM Data suggestions
Do raw fiber optics have a place on Scalemates as a material for lighting effects? I could understand if not - like, it probably isn't appropriate to be adding LEDs, switches, battery clips, etc. But on the other hand, if blank decal paper for printing custom decals is a valid material for a project then why not fiber optics? I don't have any preference either way, but thought I might ask before adding products to the database and which topic they should be added to.
7. July, 23:14
Well gee, I guess fiber optics aren't very popular here. Never mind, I guess.
10. July, 23:32
I see no valid reason why not, on the other hand I'm also not missing them either.

Feel free to add them if you have them in your stash, but we should not "actively" start adding potential electronics which eventually might be used by someone in the future

11. July, 14:58
scalemates@SCM Data suggestions
test DS
10. July, 18:38
Ulrich Wrede » Feature requests
Panzer IV new Walkaround:
1 | 10. July, 10:00
10. July, 10:36
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Not sure what to do here - I am sure these are all the same - it seems its manufactured by I Love Kit and Pontos - neither I Love Kit or Pontos have on their website and I was of the impression this was purchased as a Trumpeter set but could be wrong

1/200 Titanic detail up set (Trumpeter 66600, 1:200)
Titanic Detail Up Set (Pontos Model 66600, 1:200)
Titanic detail up set (I Love Kit 66600, 1:200)

1:200 1/200 Titanic detail up set (Trumpeter 66600)1:200 Titanic Detail Up Set (Pontos Model 66600)1:200 Titanic detail up set (I Love Kit 66600)
8. July, 00:25
Eddie Mann
It is a I Love Kit/ Pontos joint effort:
8. July, 11:09
Yes as I stated above but if you got to their websites they do not advertise it. Do you think we should we should be duplicating under all 3 manufacturers?
8. July, 11:38
Eddie Mann
Yes, I think so.
8. July, 11:43
the trumpeter one is wrong right?
9. July, 12:10
Eddie Mann
I think they may all be correct, I've added an image to: 1/200 Titanic detail up set (Trumpeter 66600, 1:200) which shows Trumpeter Model.

1:200 1/200 Titanic detail up set (Trumpeter 66600)
9. July, 12:26
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Not sure how you report /merge incorrect paints - this paint C218 doesn't exist I am sure its meant be MC218

C218 Aluminium, Mr. Color Metallic, Lacquer, 10ml

This is it here

MC218 Aluminum, Mr. Color Metallic, Lacquer, 10ml
8. July, 05:29
Eddie Mann
8. July, 11:06
OK thanks
8. July, 11:39
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Something going wrong here - they both go to the same web page - I am sort of certain that Green Line is just a product line of Fredericus Rex - whether the should be listed as Greenline or Fredericus is another point - I note they are also a distributor for other products but I am almost certain that the Green line kits are a product of Fredericus Rex. You can see all their manufacturing equipment on their website

SCM Brand: Fredericus-Rex DE

SCM Brand: Green-Line DE

The logo looks incorrect as well.

Wild Grass Tufts for Corners..ry (Green-Line GL-321, 1:35)

1:35 Wild Grass Tufts for Corners (50pcs, height: 6-7mm) - Dry (Green-Line GL-321)

Tufts of grass for corners 6.. (Fredericus-Rex GL-321, No)

No Tufts of grass for corners 6-7mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-321)

Here is standard box art

Tufts of grass 2-7mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-012, No)

No Tufts of grass 2-7mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-012)

Here is another extract from their website


2. July, 17:42
I am going to start merging these under the Green-Line brand - if this is wrong they can all be easily changed to Fredericus Rex
6. July, 06:54
ok 👍, thank you
6. July, 06:56
Eddie Mann
I've uploaded a logo for Green Line.
6. July, 10:46
OK Thanks - the other one didn't look right
6. July, 12:15
I have actually changed tact and am merging Green-line to Fredericus as this is what most sellers have as the brand name - however I have put Green-Line series in the pre-fix - as I said above if we want to switch them at a later date it would be an easy bulk change fix.
7. July, 23:47
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
When you are completing box content and 4 sprues are identical and there are say 8 parts on each sprue is that 4 sprues each with 8 parts or 4 sprues 32 parts?

Cactus (Diopark 35004, 1:35)

1:35 Cactus (Diopark 35004)
7. July, 07:17
4x [Sprue XYZ with 8 parts]

7. July, 08:13
7. July, 23:45
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
There are 16 paints in Vallejo - Model Air with the title: "Dit nummer bestaat niet!" (This number does not exist!). Any reason for this?
Also in Vallejo - Model Air, there are sets with 8ml bottles which show the included colours as 17ml.
7. July, 14:18
maybe somebody entered those (incorrectly?), and somebody wanted to show that were wrong and entered that label? the truth is that if you go to vallejo website, you can not find any of those numbers. i have just checked those 16
maybe it was a number that they created and removed from the range afterwards? maybe we simply need to delete them.
7. July, 14:28
some of them are part of set 71.153, acording to what i see in SCM. but i do nto see that set in vallejo website
7. July, 14:30
Eddie Mann
I think someone has added "71." to the 3 digit 8ml bottles which are in some sets.
7. July, 14:37
i have no sets from Vallejo
7. July, 15:16
Martin Oostrom
It seems eg 225 is part of this one: https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/product/hobby/sets/afv-color-series/uk-bronze-green-78407/
The number should be a plain 225. No "71." preceding it
7. July, 15:34
Martin Oostrom
I suggest to apply the right number, add the right name, right volume and then add them to the paint set
7. July, 15:35
Eddie Mann
The issue with that is that these are not retail items, only in the sets.
7. July, 16:11
Martin Oostrom
Does that matter? One could still note that one of the bottles is empty or such.
7. July, 16:13
Robber Penguin@SCM Data suggestions
7. July, 01:01
Eddie Mann
7. July, 01:41








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