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Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS as in the James Bond's movie "Casino Royale"


22 17 June 2021, 16:37
Looking good already 👍
17 June 2021, 17:35
Looking good indeed
17 June 2021, 19:00
Patrick Sedney
Thank you, guys! 🙂
18 June 2021, 10:09
Patrick Sedney
Thanks, mate!
28 June 2021, 15:29
timothy edwards
cool look good
28 June 2021, 22:46
Are those shock absorbers made out of plastic or metal profile?
29 June 2021, 07:33
Patrick Sedney
they are made out of 2mm aluminum tubing, 0.8mm galvanized steel wire, PS and brass sheet. Oh and small pieces of heat shrink tube
29 June 2021, 09:56
Really cool! Looks so much better then the kit parts.
I am using Plastic rods and Bras wire for that purpose but i really want to try to build some from Metal...
29 June 2021, 10:57
Patrick Sedney
I find aluminum easier to work for this purpose. You can squeeze it, file it or bend it should you wish and it will keep its shape. Plastic rod needs to be heated and a little heat can be too much for it.
29 June 2021, 15:18
Brandon H
Following... This is awesome!
29 June 2021, 15:27
Yes I ran into this problems when building rollcages out of plastic rod….
29 June 2021, 15:56
Patrick Sedney
Oh, by the way, springs are real. I bought some 10mm long and 4mm diameter from Aliexpress. Time ago I tried making them with copper wire, but it's not the same
29 June 2021, 16:22
Patrick Sedney
@Dennis, for rollcages maybe you could use brass tubing and solder them with a soldering iron and some solder.
Solder wouldn't stick to Aluminum or steel but will make a perfect bond with brass or copper
29 June 2021, 16:26
Patrick Sedney
Thanks, Brandon
29 June 2021, 16:27
Thanks for the tip 👍

I was just checking some shops for materials, a proper soldering station and a miter-box 😉

Some brass and aluminum could be the right materials for one of my next projects… 😉
29 June 2021, 17:03
Patrick Sedney
Any time, mate
29 June 2021, 17:51
Beautiful build 👍
25 November 2021, 15:15
Brandon H
Looks great man, good work!
26 November 2021, 00:27
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic work on these details and beautiful overall final effect, Patrick. May I ask how did you achieve the ceramic effect on brake discs?
26 November 2021, 06:02
Patrick Sedney
Thank you!
Robert, the ceramic effect is made exclusively with Vallejo primer (probably ump or stynylrez will work too).
Bottom layer is a mix of Black and white primer. After that, white primer, low pressure and some distance to make bigger drops and scatter them as much as possible.
And, of course, trial and error 😅
26 November 2021, 09:39
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for explanations, Patrick. Looks absolutely realistic.
26 November 2021, 09:40
Patrick Sedney
Thank you, mate
27 November 2021, 00:09


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