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Phil M (TemetNosce)

Renault R360 (Berliet r352ch) - Dirty Trucker with figurines and extra details

A very good kit, almost everything fit well, like a Tamiya kit. It was my first Italeri kit, will not be my last. I decided to go all out on the weathering and add some figurines and details inside the truck. Modified the haircut of the trucker to get a more 80's look.


23 | 25. May, 20:57
Waou ultra realistic my eyes are shining
26. May, 01:41
Bob Hall
I think I've arrested this guy ! LOL !
26. May, 02:37
Phil M
@Bod Hall haha, I reassure you, the girl sleeping is more than 21 years old tho!! haha I wanted something more european than Jack Daniels, but I could only find Jack Daniels in 1/24 or 1/25 scale! But there is a lot of choice for alcohol bottles in 1/12 scale...for doll houses...haha
26. May, 02:44
Bob Hall
Too Funny ! Great Job, epic detail !
26. May, 02:53
Phil M
Thanks 🙂
26. May, 02:54
Chris Reimann
Really impressive! GREAT details!
26. May, 03:53
Well done mate! Now that's a truckload full of adult entertainment. Wonder how he can focus on the road with all that distractions. BTW: as a german native I can tell you That Jack Daniels is not uncommon here in Europe.
26. May, 07:52
Mark Boots
I really love it! 🙂 very well done and so funny.
26. May, 09:28
The over all appearance of the vehicle is very realistic, it reminds me of the time when Eastern European trucks flooded Germany in the 90ies. Meanwhile they look as clean and well kept as the trucks registered in the west. Btw: you forgot to weather the figures ..........
26. May, 09:54
Phil M
@Neuling haha...they are only dirty in thoughts 😉

26. May, 13:17
Phil M
@Dennis...yes! I know its not too exotic for Europeans haha, but I wanted some stuff more frenchy...still, Jack Daniels is very iconic, so not a big deal. I got a lot of stuff last year for dioramas and wonder how to use them...I wanted something funny, so its a bit over the top and play on the image of the sexy truckin. I will add some ads for the Berliet R352ch, they are really funny, its the ancestor of the R360, different color, but a similar mood...with girls.
26. May, 13:24
Your r360 is the big filthy brother 😉

I never considered building a truck model but those 80s Renault Trucks they really do have something... maybe a „what if" racing transporter... maybe Peugeot works team... hmmm...
26. May, 17:46
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Fabulous, very pretty, I like it a lot, especially the slightly shifted side in the driver's cabin ?
26. May, 18:32
Phil M
Thanks Jorge 🙂
26. May, 19:22
Phil M
@Dennis I was surprised on how it was easy and fun to do, especially since I add a lot of things in the cabin...everything fit very well, almost. Im really surprised by the quality of the kit. Seems like trucks are a speciality for Italeri...I dont know about their other kind of models, but really, i would gladly do another one one day...the only problems: its very big, even for a relatively small european truck. Giant american truck with a trailer is way to big for my place.
26. May, 22:16
Brandon H
Haha awesome work, Phil!
27. May, 10:50
Phil M
thanks Brandon!
27. May, 11:39
thas bloody great Phil!
30. July, 03:14
Carmelo Wade
Hahahaha I love this interesting work!!
30. July, 03:51
Phil M
thanks Carmelo
30. July, 07:31


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