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The Mechanic
Jac Fleming (The Mechanic)

Under Fire | Phuoc Tuy, Vietnam 1969

A painting of Don Greer gave me the idea to make a diorama of a Huey that just crashed in a rice field.
It was a a hell of a build, it's also my last Kittyhawk kit, nothing did really fit.
Trees and plants are made from 10 cent plastic plants for an aquarium.
The rice was a problem, I did want to make a full field and after some calculating I needed 2.300 bundles of rice plants ? I came up with the Idea to use cheap 15 cent brushes (36 in total.)
Also I couldn't find VC soldiers in 1/48 so I came up with the plan to put a invisible snipe under the bushes, you only can see his gun.
It was fun to make the heavily modified soldiers, I love to chop off arms and legs ?
Took a lot of time and modifications but I'm happy with the result.


17 8 March 2020, 03:12
Looking good 👍 Following.
8 March 2020, 07:47
Jac Fleming
Thanks 🙂
8 March 2020, 09:14
Roland Revolvermann
Watching. Looks great so far 👍
8 March 2020, 10:39
Jac Fleming
Thanks, but it can take some time, I need 1/48 US and VC Soldiers before I can start the diorama, almost impossible to get them here.
8 March 2020, 11:25
it will look amazing in a dio. i hope you got your soldiers
17 February, 09:34
Daniel L
Looks good, even with sub-par starting material.
19 February, 04:44
Dietmar Bogatzki
Looks good so far, following
19 February, 06:45
Looks very nice and can't wait to see how you do it
Great idea
5 March, 14:35
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
5 March, 14:37
Villiers de Vos
Very nice. Very dynamic.
3 April, 15:23
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great and dynamic dio 👍
3 April, 15:38
James C
Looking awesome 👍
3 April, 16:30


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