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Alister Curnow (Alister)

Finished, Kittyhawk 1/48 SU-30SM

Built in the colour scheme of the Russian Navy, paints by Vallejo


48 12 April 2021, 11:32
Paintjob seems very smooth, what surface work was done on this model to get this nice sheen? 🙂
12 April 2021, 15:13
I do prefer the single seater of the flanker. But this end result is amazing. Great job!!!
12 April 2021, 17:20
what a beautiful flanker!!!
12 April 2021, 17:21
Eelco Gregoire
Great flanker!
12 April 2021, 17:28
Nathan Dempsey
Nice finish 🙂
12 April 2021, 17:46
Robin (WhiteGlint)
What a beauty!
12 April 2021, 17:47
Alister Curnow
Thanks all! @Treehugger nothing out of the ordinary I can think of in terms of surface work. The final sheen will be thanks to Vallejo mecha satin varnish with some Tamiya panel line wash worked into it. Cheers
13 April 2021, 20:22
Simon Nagorsnik
i think that is one of the best flanker ive seen so far 😄, really like the metal parts!
11 October 2021, 15:36
Alister Curnow
That's such a wonderful compliment, thank you Simon, very kind! Cheers, the engines were a great learning experience! Well, the whole thing was really. Was a tough kit.
1 November 2021, 08:53
Arif Saeed
Beautiful work Alister ! 👏👏
1 November 2021, 14:24
Alister Curnow
Thank you Arif, so kind!
29 January, 09:32
Christian Ristits
Fantastic Build!
29 January, 10:33
David R. Meizoso
Excellent paint finish, so smooth! And those nozzles! Congrats!
29 January, 10:59
Rui S
Beautiful bird. Great photos too 👍
29 January, 13:46
Jos Jansen
You did an incredible good job Alister, one of the best Flanker I ever seen mate. Also a good job on the paintwork, I love the subtle weathering...👍!!
29 January, 17:51
alessandro magrelli
Well done
30 January, 00:49


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1:48 Su-30SM Flanker-H (Kitty Hawk KH80171)

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