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Bill Newcomer (musclecarfan)


1967 Mustang GT (drag car)

Change of plan. Hi-Po 289 to be replaced by 427 SOHC motor. Green body now soaking in the purple lake.

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1:25 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback (AMT/ERTL 6631)1:25 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-350 (AMT/ERTL 6633)


5 | 7. September, 22:21
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Bill Newcomer
Time to add some Mustangs to the stable. This is a stalled project from long ago. I hope all the pieces are still there.
7. September, 22:26
Bob Hall
Let me Know If you need any parts, I have TONS of left over Mustang parts !
7. September, 22:59
Bill Newcomer
Thanks Bob, we shall see how it goes. I have learned that real 73 Boss 351s are supposed to have the shock tower to firewall braces (the kit does not). When you get a chance, please see if you have any of any year but don't send them. I need to see if I actually have space for them once the air cleaner is on.
7. September, 23:20
Bob Hall
8. September, 01:57
Bob Hall
I have some spares from some junkyard ones, just have to strip and repaint. Let me know if you need them.
8. September, 01:59
Bill Newcomer
Thank you. I will let you know.
8. September, 04:27
Tim Heimer
I have to say that the MPC and AMT models are a bit lacking in detail and accuracy compared to others. Take your time and improvise the best you can and you should be content with the finished product. Hopefully yours won't be as bad as the 73's me and Bob have done, and yes mine should be done in a day or two. Best wishes
8. September, 05:28
Bill Newcomer
Tim, While accuracy is nice, I am more interested in the privilege of having subject to build in the first place. If only I can quit messing up the body doing bodywork. grrrrr.
8. September, 23:26
Tim Heimer
Take it to a body shop?? LOL! I know what you mean, I just wish they would pay more attention to their kits. I'm finishing up my Fall guy pick up and go to find that they hang the grill, small body trim and then the bumper with a bush guard on it and no frame support for the bumper. So I had to improvise and add frame work to support the bumper, which will keep the grill from being pulled or knocked down. These are the goofy things I find with Round2 stuff, That's all.
9. September, 02:01
Bob Hall
Yeah, But all these kits predate round 2 take over and re-release, that was a ERTL and Pre-ERTL thing. Guess it's better to have a mildly off bubble kit than no kit at all, I would kill for them to make the old school square body Caprice Classic and Ford Crown Victoria police cars even if it was slightly off, but none will ever be made I believe.
9. September, 02:38
Tim Heimer
Valid point!
9. September, 13:13
Bill Newcomer
Cracked the box back open and started detailing parts that I painted years ago. I am still on the fence on the paint job. I may do a color change as I already have one Jade Green Metallic Mustang. Interior is tan and got some Molotow touches today.
10. September, 04:50
Bill Newcomer
Just finished the engine and installed it in the chassis. Still debating the paint job.
18. September, 05:41
This has really got my attention........the floorpan mods are very very neat, can't wait to see how this one pans out ;)
25. September, 23:23
Bill Newcomer
Change of plan. The just finished the small block engine and chassis. Test fit it in the body. Looks okay. Opened the 68 Shelby kit to discover it has a 427 SOHC motor in it. That is not correct for a 68 but would be awesome in my 67 GT. Soooo... The (just finished) 67 chassis and engine will go into the 67 Shelby 350-GT and the 427 will get built for the 67 GT. The 67 Shelby chassis will now get built for 67 GT. Not much room for slicks so I made some mods. I didn't want to go all out and Prostreet it so I went for a "minitub". That way I can still use all the stock suspension parts, just moved around a bit. I also threw the body in the purple lake for a color change.
25. September, 23:26
A bit like a period factory AF/X car then Bill, that's very cool mate 8)
26. September, 08:51
That Cammer was an exciting piece of automotive design, blew the soch's (geddit?) off the Chrysler Hemi.
A shame Fords top brass couldn't (or didn't want to) justify the development project.
The Boss 429 that followed was flawed as a street engine.
Worth a bit of research if you're in the mood for some automotive unicorn engineering stories
26. September, 09:26
Bill Newcomer
Thanks Munky. Both engines look pretty cool.
26. September, 17:27
Bill Newcomer
After spending what seemed like all day, I made and fitted all the filler pieces required after the mini tub.
27. September, 07:11
Nigel Chapman
Excellent tutorial Bill. I will have to try out these mods at some point
27. September, 09:08
Bill Newcomer
Pulled the green body out of the purple lake. Apparently I used a white primer way back when. The green came off in huge flakes. Went back in after some scrubbing to continue the process.
28. September, 00:05
Bill Newcomer
Chassis and interior primed and painted. Body needs some rework before repaint in silver.
30. September, 05:38
Bill Newcomer
Painted the body silver today. Ran out of paint with hood 80% painted, bummer. Both of of my gravity feed airbrushes quit working too. Siphon feed had to finish the job.
5. October, 03:16
Looks great, silver suits a shark nose Stang very well ;)
The workshop is a fantastic dio for build shots, excellent stuff Bill!
5. October, 08:22
Bill Newcomer
Thanks Munky
6. October, 05:58
Bill Newcomer
After two weeks of curing and a little scrubbing, the paint job turned out reasonably well. Now I have to solve the problem of being out of paint for the hood.
18. October, 03:48
Bob Hall
You can always do the Black Hood Mat option.


18. October, 05:08
Bill Newcomer
Bob, Thanks. I have considered that option. I am actually using a resin teardrop hood. Also since it is to be a drag racer, a two tone paint scheme may be an option.
18. October, 07:41
Bill Newcomer
Finally getting back to building after working way too many hours at my new job. I learned today that an assembled 427 SOHC does not fit into a 67 Mustang engine bay. I am going to have to cut up the engine bay on a painted body. Wish me luck.
16. November, 04:51
Bill Newcomer
Assembled the rest of the interior this evening. Next will be figuring out how to shoehorn a 427 Cammer into a dinky Mustang engine compartment.
26. November, 07:14
Imagine the fun CarCraft had shoving a Boss429 in between those shock towers!
26. November, 09:36
Tim Heimer
It should be no problem after seeing your mod skills!
26. November, 14:26

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