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Fw 190 Dora, Black 4, II./JG 301


37 5 September 2021, 01:23
Jim J
Back to the Luftwaffe with Eduard's new D-9 Weekend Edition. I was looking for an interesting late war subject and found W.Nr. 500576 in EagleCals #124 and in Jerry Crandall's Dora book. The camo scheme consists of RLM 81, RLM 82 and the blue-green version of RLM 76 on the fuselage. natural metal, RLM 81 and blue-green on the underside; and RLM 76 and RLM 81 on the upper wing surfaces.

The new Eduard Weekend Edition kit is a reboxing of the earlier version with new markings. As those who've built this kit know, it is a battle at every step with fit issues, but can be made into a decent looking Dora with patience. My kit had a severely warped right fuselage half that I salvaged by heating it up in hot water and carefully bending it back in shape.

It's mostly OOB with the addition of Eduard seat belts, brass tubes for the 20mm cannons, some scratch built items and a few PE parts from the spares box (cannon door hinges, wing reinforcements and supercharger exhaust shield). I'll use Mr. Color paints, the Eagle cals and Montex masks for the main markings.

The main build is complete and my Dora is ready for priming and painting.
5 September 2021, 01:25
Jim J
The main priming and painting is complete. I started with the JG 301 fuselage bands and then painted the natural metal with Mr. Color super fine silver over gloss black. After masking the natural metal, I painted the RLM 76 on the wings and stabilizer upper surfaces as well as the rudder. Next came RLM 81 on the wings and stabilizers.

The fuselage was next with blue green RLM 76 (Mr. Color Duck Egg Green + white), followed by RLM 81 and then RLM 82 in areas over the 81. After some mottles, chips and scratches, I applied a gloss coat of Mr. Color GX100. Ready for decals.
9 September 2021, 00:34
Sebastian Meyner
Looking great Jim 👍 Following
9 September 2021, 04:22
Jim J
Thanks Sebastian. Making slow progress.
10 September 2021, 11:00
Sebastian Meyner
Hey, slow progress is better than no progress (my MO most of the time)
10 September 2021, 11:44
Guillaume Blanchet
Great build so far! I really like the paint scheme 👍.
10 September 2021, 12:37
Jim J
Thanks Sebastian and Guillaume! The markings are now on. Time for more weathering.
11 September 2021, 02:04
Jim J
My rendition of Black 4 from JG 301 is now complete. Since the last update, the usual weathering techniques were applied and the build was wrapped up. Thanks for looking.
13 September 2021, 00:01
Murad ÖZER
Stunning. as Dora's go one of the interesting ones with what looks like a patchwork of colors allover. 😎
13 September 2021, 00:49
Sebastian Meyner
Fantastc result Jim! Very realistic 👍
13 September 2021, 04:03
Gary Victory
Really nice build and finish Jim. Well done Sir.
13 September 2021, 06:29
Niels C
Really nice build Jim! Love the camo scheme!
13 September 2021, 06:43
Erik Leijdens
Amazing build Jim. And I really like the background of your photos!
13 September 2021, 07:01
Christian Abraham
Really great model
13 September 2021, 07:16
Vjekoslav Ranec
13 September 2021, 07:32
Excellent build and photography!
13 September 2021, 09:34
Christoph Schnarr
Very nice 👍
13 September 2021, 09:37
Andrew Horton
Wow! Great work!
13 September 2021, 10:16
Rui S
A Beauty, as always 👍
13 September 2021, 19:36
Alan G
Stunning as always Jim
13 September 2021, 19:42
Guillaume Blanchet
Great result!
13 September 2021, 20:54
Nathan Dempsey
Great build Jim 🙂
13 September 2021, 21:35
simply stunning. those pictures with background are exquisite.
13 September 2021, 22:16
James C
Another beauty Jim 👍
14 September 2021, 00:43
Björn Svedberg
Looking fantastic! 👍
14 September 2021, 02:38
Jim J
Thanks Mates for the encouraging comments! Much appreciated.
14 September 2021, 20:46

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