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Classic IL-62M

“……and now for something completely different….”
(A man with three buttocks)
Python, Monty


18 19 October, 10:02
Robert Podkoński
That's huge! (the 'russian roulette' airliner...)
19 October, 11:39
Maciej Bellos
19 October, 12:10
Łukasz Gliński
Oh man... 😮 😮 😮 This is bigly yuge!
Nobody expected the Soviet inquisition 😉
19 October, 13:10
Andy Ball
Thanks David and all for kicking off on this project
19 October, 18:06
Andy Ball
@Robert and Ł, it sure is big and will need some space to show it off- I was nearly tempted to display legs up and add a stand like you used to see in the travel agent's windows!
19 October, 18:08
Andy Ball
Good to see you again Maciej!
19 October, 18:08
Melf Boyens
i'm in, at least it carried the Russian president , so somehow it was a flagship…and I really like the design
19 October, 18:16
Andy Ball
Hi Melf, thanks for popping by. Mine certainly won't carry 'that man'… unless it is to surrender to the UN!
19 October, 18:25
Maciej Bellos
When I was a little kid, I was "lucky" enough to fly with this beast from Poland to Greece. I don't remember anything. Later on I flew with a Tu-154M, well that was a loud one.
19 October, 19:15
Melf Boyens
I flew with TU-134 and TU-154 in Nigeria , the usual „sell your soul" maintained black sooth drawing and low on acceleration and gaining height starts that makes your blood freeze while you are counting the bolt holes that are missing bolts next to your window….marvellous experience. But this beast I did not even see from far.
19 October, 19:29
Andy Ball
Thanks Nathan, appreciate your viewing
19 October, 20:52
Andy Ball
@Łukasz: my 2 methods are speed and surprise and stealth….damn it! My 3 methods are…. (Etc.etc..)
19 October, 22:08
Michael Kohl
Cool subject. I will build one one day - but in scale 1:144. I like the style and remember the flight with Interflug to Moscow two weeks after the wall came down. Good luck.
20 October, 16:06
An unusual model and rare kit. Congrats for choose this, Andy!
Nice start 👍
20 October, 17:37
Andy Ball
Hi Michael, I bought the 144th for my friend and I'm hoping he'll have a go to compare- that was some historic flight !!
23 October, 14:43
Andy Ball
Cuajete- this kit may be the death of me. The front transparency is a nightmare to refit! Plus, what glue to use for the glass fibre fuselage?…
23 October, 14:45
Andy, Łukasz is the expert for test glues. Ask him! 😄
23 October, 18:07
Łukasz Gliński
In case of canopy: there's a lot to choose from A. Depending on what you wanna do afterwards. I usually go for either some PVA/KrystalKlear or UV glue if later processing is expected (sanding/filling/painting you name it). Good UV glue allows you even to sculp your own tranasparencies.
In case of the fibre, I have no glue (as they say in CH 😉 ). I never worked with it.
23 October, 19:49
Will follow
24 October, 13:42
Amodel's "Amonster" kits are made of fiber. Andy, you may be able to find out something about what glue to use by searching or asking modelers who have made one of these huge kits.
24 October, 18:32
Andy Ball
I'm glad I'm in such good glue company here! I'm going to need to have a think about how I tackle this area of the front fuselage. I wish I'd just taken the easy option and painted the windows in…
14 November, 20:44
Andy Ball
And, thanks Finn. It may be some time before I come back to this one.
14 November, 20:45
Łukasz Gliński
Remaining at your future service A, should you be looking for some glue-sniffing company 😛
If it comes to windows/windscreen, you might want to consider using this set: authentic-airliner-d..61/Products/D72-IL01
Wondering what it looks like afterwards? Check out my KLM DC-9, its windscreen comes from the same vendor.
14 November, 21:01
Andy Ball
Now you tell me!
Seriously, cheers Ł!
15 November, 01:55
Andy Ball
Thanks ribellinu for having a look!
15 November, 01:56
Andy Ball
Thanks Gary, glad to see you back around !
21 November, 08:20
Andy Ball
Thanks General Fail, Major Rethink is paused while he thinks on how next to approach this!....
21 November, 10:55
Andy Ball
Thanks again Bernd for taking a look !
21 November, 22:57
Andy Ball
Thanks Zybnek!
24 November, 23:05
Dominik Weitzer
25 November, 08:39
Andy Ball
@Dominik, well, kinda 'nice'....this isn't for the faint-hearted!
25 November, 10:57
Following with great interest Andy😬!
Nice to see this kit being built.
I have the HpH Tu-134, a very detailed kit but as you mentioned not for the faint-hearted.
Good luck with the clear canopy, that will be a challenge for sure!

26 November, 00:53
Andy Ball
Thanks for popping in Dick. How did you manage the glueing on the Tu-134's canopy to fuselage? I can't see the project on your feed. 😀
26 November, 10:22
Andy Ball
Thanks Tom svk-at for your like
26 November, 10:59
I haven't started that kit yet Andy, too many projects that aren't finished yet😉.

With my 1:72 MD-80 I had to attach a very thin and flexible canopy to a thick resin fuselage.
Did that with tiny droplets of CA adhesive, one at a time so I could correct the fit to the fuselage edges. This way you also keep a little 'ventilation' to prevent whitening of the canopy due to the CA vapor.
But in the end I was not content with the result (no detailed cockpit) so I sanded the canopy smooth with the nose. Should I ever finish the MD-80 project, I will apply window decals as Lukasz mentioned in this thread.

With my An-225 project it was almost the same; I also made the choice to use the replacement transparent part.
But there I had the advantage that it was a separate nose section, and not a thin vacform transparent canopy.
So I masked the canopy from the inside, and removed the tape after applying the CA adhesive and filling and sanding.

26 November, 12:08
Andy Ball
Thanks Franck!
26 November, 14:52
Andy Ball
Wise words and tips there Dick, thank-you
26 November, 14:52
This looks interesting
27 November, 19:21
Andy Ball
Thanks Skywalker. It makes for an interesting piece of aviation!
28 November, 11:20
Andy Ball
Thanks for the like Karel!
28 November, 17:05


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1:72 Ilyusin IL-62 Airliner (HpH models 72008L)

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