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March 24, 2021

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24. March, 20:52
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24. March, 20:49
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March 23, 2021

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23. March, 19:13
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1:72 Su-34 (Microdesign 072234)
Su-34 exterior for Zvezda 7298
Microdesign 1:72
072234 201x | New tool
23. March, 19:12
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1:72 Su-34 (Eduard SS609)
Eduard 1:72
SS609 2017 | New tool
23. March, 19:11

December 28, 2020

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June 24, 2020

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1:72 Su-20M2 'Los Tigres' (MasterCraft D-46)
29. May 2020, 09:11
Melf Boyens
Am i the only stupid plump idiot in this world?
For years i have not been building, as i did not really have time, the new "home office" Situation persuaded me to make a 1/72 aircraft of my stash and boy, everything went wrong from the start. My hands too stiff to apply tiny PE parts ( i am only 49!!) which i had problems to even see , parts broke away and needed to be re-glued and the absolute meltdown this afternoon while trying to spray the exhaust with ALCLAD JET EXHAUST, the Glass bottle broke while shaking….2 hours cleaning for an exercice that was supposed to be a 2 second spray tip with an airbrush! Full mess, clothes condemned and i killed the spaying booth (Did not survive fast acceleration against the wall), decided to kick the airbrush in trash can as i was tired of Cleaning the wohle mess and finally decide that i will kick the wohle model into trash can. So i was asking is this all bad luck or am i really too stupid and plump for modelling? I decided that i am really too stupid, as too many avoidable mistakes happened, but i could have not done it better, as i am honestly spoken too stupid for airbrush, do not know anything about sanding, can not operate anything. So, i am giving up….
12. June 2020, 17:26
Maciej Bellos
Plain bad luck mate! Don't give up. I know it was a mess but you are not stupid, that's for sure. Give some credit to yourself mate. Let it rest for a bit. By the way, the Su-17/20/22 family has that brute force feeling.
12. June 2020, 18:29
James C
Yeah, sounds like you just had "One of those days" when nothing goes right, and happens to us all at some point. Sometimes, I will sit down to tackle what should be a quick and simple procedure only for things turn to sh*t very quickly.

For example, in just one day I managed to glue the loading breach for a tank barrel upside down.
After realizing my mistake and quickly detaching it again to re-orientate it, I knocked over the bottle of Tamiya extra thin (which didn't have the cap properly secured) in the process, which flooded the cutting mat and some of the plastic parts that were laying on it!
Then, after a short airbrushing session, I removed the needle guard from the airbrush to clean... dropped it... and spent the next 20 - 30 mins on hands and knees trying to find it again! Then, the icing on the cake... after returning to the sink to continue breaking the airbrush down to give it a good clean, I removed the end cap that covers the nozzle and promptly dropped the airbrush in the sink which crushed the tip of the nozzle itself! (A $55.00 mistake right there!) 😳

Sometimes, it's best to just walk away and come back a day, couple days, even a week later etc, when your more refreshed.😉👍

But the big thing is to not let it get to you and to never give up 🙂
12. June 2020, 18:46
Curtis Caden
If it weren't for bad luck there would be no luck at all. I share you feelings and sentiments. I continue to adapt and modify. I do train modeling as well as plastic models and wouldn't you know it after moving twice I have been reduced from 1:87 scale to 1:160 scale and I think I should have my head examined. Please don't give up. Anyone who has done modeling for any period of time has had bad luck. We fell your pain.
12. June 2020, 18:49
It's the Gremlins...all aircraft are infested with them 😛
12. June 2020, 19:35
Melf Boyens
@Maciej : Caught the old kit out of the trash and continued...never say DIE!
16. June 2020, 12:32
Melf Boyens
@James: Absolutely right needed some "breathing space" and went on with the kit. I had spoiled an Airbrush before i actually ever used it, just by thinking "Let me dismantle it , so that it might be easier to clean it when needed".....yeah 2 hours and hundreds of trials later to put back the Trigger into that bloody Airhole, i completely outraged and as you know "quick acceleration against the whole" is not helping at all! But it is good to hear that i am not alone allthough i was also thinking "doooohh" when yu mentioned about the glue ! Maybe i just had a bad day!
16. June 2020, 12:37
Melf Boyens
@ Curtis Thanks for feeling my pain, i always thought i had to go bigger and bigger in scale the older i get, but then again i buy a 1/72 kit! The thing i hate most is to make the cockpit and buy PE parts and spend 2 weeks doing that only to find out that this tiny cockpit fully diappears in a black whole without nobody actually seeing it, talk less of the Dashboard and thrust stick!!
16. June 2020, 12:42
Melf Boyens
16. June 2020, 12:42
Łukasz Gliński
Don't give up Melf, there are days I feel the same pain (I'm still a bit far from being 49, yet😉 )
My comment: take your time, try something less complicated, come back later to the same build, it won't run away😉
16. June 2020, 13:36
Melf Boyens
Finally finished this one!
23. June 2020, 09:29
Maciej Bellos
Well done Melf!
24. June 2020, 03:11

June 23, 2020

Melf Boyens added a new photoalbum.
1 | 23. June 2020, 09:23


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