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Martin o (mnn)



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The aftermarket decals available are IMO lacking in quality to justify their price and shipping. Having been unable to obtain anything else (rare Fujimi/Gawa sheets), I am set on issuing my own. Gonna print some test decals and try those out on an old ACA 1/72 kit. and then I am hoping to print a larger run if those turn out nice. I consider the Wolfpack cats to be the purest Tomcat form so there will be no corners cut :)



This album is attached to project 2x F-14A VF-1.

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1:72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (FineMolds FP-30)1:72 F-14A early version - nose tip & Angle Of Attack probe (Master AM-72-034)1+


21. June 2018 at 15:01:02 Share
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Martin Oostrom My first recollection of a Tomcat is a Jolly Rogers one. So I consider that the purest form ;)
21. June 2018 at 17:39:24
Martin o I think I first saw tomcats in the JAG TV show? hmm what do they fly there?
21. June 2018 at 18:24:51
Martin o A quick youtube search has shown some TPS VF-143 cats. not bad either. Also Jolly Rogers decals are literally in every kit :) could almost build the entire squadron :)
21. June 2018 at 18:30:14
Patrick Hagelstein Whoah!!! This is worth looking into! Curious how those decals turn out Martin.
21. June 2018 at 21:14:41
Günther Debiscop J.A.G. serie re-used a lot of movie parts from either e.g. Top Gun or US DoD approved clips. So almost all F-14 units came along the serie...
22. June 2018 at 08:24:58
Cuajete Following!
22. June 2018 at 19:49:06
Ekki Watching.
24. June 2018 at 12:59:43
Martin o The testing decals are very difficult to position and tear/warp easily. nevertheless, the first test has shown a lot of fails. the stripe thickness is ok but length is wrong and the modex number is too big. a lot of other things are incorrect size as well, having me retreating into minimizing my effort (most of the generic stencils will probably not be printed and just used from the kit box). really hoping a second test is a little more successful so that I can print something less unwieldy. the academy kit is probably not the best for this either as the proportions are quite different from the data i am using
5. August 2018 at 19:41:13
Spanjaard i love cats :)
5. August 2018 at 21:54:08
Holger Kranich We all love Cats! :D
13. June at 11:46:48
Martin o The decal sheet is almost ready for print. Sadly the star on the stripe is impossible to position so I am going to have them separate. That would be the last change. The decal test cat saw some more action and I tried some tests with the target Finemolds parts as well. All is fine now except for the stripe.
15. June at 13:15:39
Patrick Hagelstein So, do the Academy one and FineMolds one line up that close to each other?
15. June at 18:29:16
Martin o Well mostly they do, although if you are using panel lines as reference (which you probably are), there is a significant offset and also the fact that Academy is missing a lot of them makes things difficult too.
15. June at 19:46:47
Patrick Hagelstein Check! Gotcha!
16. June at 04:41:33
Martin o the stripes finally fit! calling the printer on Monday!
22. June at 11:06:45
Martin o the sheets have arrived! The stencil sharpness is kinda sub par but the stripes are awesome. I tested one version (have all three versions depending on the modex number) and it fits perfectly. there are some issues with placement on the test kit (my mistake) but I am super happy with the result. Can make a simple instruction sheet for them and ship them out 10 bucks a piece if anyone's interested (PM).
22. July at 21:15:45
Patrick Hagelstein That's for the FineMolds kit, right?
22. July at 22:20:03
Martin o I made all this to be used on Finemolds and I used it as a reference when fine tuning the dimensions. Gonna test it tomorrow and post pics so everyone can see for themselves. I do not expect any trouble though. On Finemolds or any other 72 Tomcat.
22. July at 22:24:04
Patrick Hagelstein Looking forward to that!
22. July at 23:50:22
Martin o Finemolds test is up. Critique wanted.
23. July at 21:26:37
Maciej Bellos The stripes, the modex and the tail look spot on. The roundel needs to get rid of the thin white line around it.

Solid work Martin!
23. July at 21:38:20
Patrick Hagelstein Sorry to say but I have to agree with Maciej.... :( Is this a test run of the decals or the full monty? Seems like there's a fine white line around all the red parts as well. That can be trimmed off but that's hard to do with the national markings. Either way, kudos for doing all that hard work and research!
24. July at 00:02:56
Martin o Thanks for the feedback guys. My research has shown that the line is supposed to be there on the roundel, I will try to find some pictures. (maybe it differs plane to plane?) Otherwise the underlying white layer is looking through even where it shouldn't (a little) but it is not visible on 16440 painted surface. This is a full run and I am discovering a few other issues, even more serious than this. I am gonna call the printer and ask about this. They work specifically for modellers and modeller companies so this result indeed feels weird.
24. July at 07:33:07
Martin o Given that they only work with screen printing, there was no possibility of a test print.. Seems like screen printing has more limitations than I expected..
24. July at 07:34:31
Patrick Hagelstein Yep, now I see what you mean. Where the Stars'n Bars is in the red band, there is a very fine white line. Good! On the outside though, where it is painted on the grey, it doesn't have that line. But maybe that's what I mentioned before, that everything has this fine white line surrounding it and that's where the printer comes into play. I just feel sorry that the printer couldn't live up to the quality he was supposed to deliver.
24. July at 14:34:21
Martin o Yes, I have to check my source data about the white lines around the roundel outside the stripes. At this point it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the issues lie. I feel like this is a huge and fruitful lesson but I do not even want to think about the money lost.. The work will continue though!
24. July at 14:49:02
Martin o On the other hand, I firmly believe that, despite the mistakes we found, this is still better than what is available on the market. The entire squadron is there on the sheet! Nobody has that in this scale :)
24. July at 14:51:39
Dominik Weitzer super work on the decals! looking good in my view.
love the F14.
24. July at 14:54:38
Martin o Thank you Dominik!
24. July at 18:48:00
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