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Rui Da Silva (GrenadeBait)

Practice Kit - KP MiG-17PF Fresco D - Bare Metal

My second practice kit in my return to the hobby. The first one (also posted on scalemates) started off well but a disappointment in the end when my carefully painted splinter camouflage reacted with the flat varnish I used. Anyway, off we go.

So once again, I selected a kit that I have duplicates of, and which cost very little? cash. My collection is mostly centred on the Second World War, but I do have an interest in Cold War aviation, so I thought I would do an early jet. This gave me an opportunity to try a bare metal natural aluminum finish. It's something I never did before and thought I would give it a try.

The KP MiG-17PF Fresco I thought was a good choice. Light grey plastic with a mix of raise and recessed panel lines, plenty of detail, and a lot of rivets, and then more rivets! However, the details were inconsistent, often uneven, and the fit was poor. In fact, if you follow the images and the comments you will see how poor the fit is.

Thanks for checking out my project; hope you like it. Please feel free to offer feedback and recommendations. Cheers!


10 | 30. May, 04:16
30. May, 06:04
Łukasz Gliński
Love the pic #37. Really brave choice for a return to the hobby, though I love these vintage kits. You'd better pick the new Airfix Fresco to enjoy the building next time 😉
2. June, 07:21
Rui Da Silva
Thanks Lukasz. My first kit was that Lindberg Do 335. Not a great kit but I was doing well with it and then disaster struck when the flat varnish I used reacted with the paint. I got a little discourage and decided to try this kit. I learned a lot. I do have my eye on that new Airfix Fresco but recently it became hard to find. Anyway, I'm working through my duplicate kits in my stash and the next one might be a Starfighter in Canadian livery.
3. June, 04:26
Gordon Sørensen
Looks good, Rui! Nice NMF, what did you use? When you said there was a lot of oversized rivets, you weren't kidding...
3. June, 08:41
Łukasz Gliński
Airfix released rebox recently (with Polish silver-blue livery) which might explain the availability issues
3. June, 10:11
Rui Da Silva
Thanks Gordon. I used Vallejo Air Aluminium and Dark Aluminium. First time using Vallejo paints. The metal ended up looking textured which didn't show in my test sprays so I think it was the Stynylrez white primer.
4. June, 05:53
Johan DN
Nice result with an old kit.
I had this kit and several others from KP in my stash. I sold them all. Instead I have build the Airfix and Hasegawa Mig-17. More fun.
Only brave men or women are able to build the old KP kits 🙂
4. June, 07:37
Rui Da Silva
Thank Johan, I figured that if I can do a half decent job on a old difficult kit like this, then I should be able to a reasonably good job on a modern quality kit.
5. June, 06:02


1:72 MiG-17PF (KP 7)1:72 MiG-17PF (APC Decals APCR72006)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF Fresco-D
CSK Military Československé vojenské letectvo (Czechoslovak Air Force 1940-1993)
11 Stihaci letecký pluk (11 Fighter Air Reg.) 0201
1956 - Zatec

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