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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

WIP Mig-29


18 10 May, 21:48
Martin Oostrom
Fit looks okay-ish, except on the nose. The join will require some work. Overall not terrible, but definitely no shake and bake
10 May, 21:53
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
11 May, 06:21
Alec K
Cool project, I'll take a seat for this 👍
11 May, 11:21
Łukasz Gliński
Me 3, wondering whether it's as bad as some say 😉
12 May, 12:22
joining too 🙂
12 May, 12:24
Maciej Bellos
Me 5!
12 May, 14:43
Jan Peters
12 May, 14:44
Peter de Bruin
Me 7 🙂 especially since the ghost of Kyiv will have the same plastic.
12 May, 17:46
And the I am me 8.
12 May, 19:43
Peter Hardy
I am in as well, but I am special!
13 May, 04:58
Martin Oostrom
You can have the special seat Peter, the one with the straps
13 May, 06:19
Kyle DeHart
I too will join in the smoky fun of a mig-29
13 May, 06:22
Maciej T
Looking forward for final result!
13 May, 12:39
Martin Oostrom
I finally found some time and mojo. This is a kit from 2008 and it can be seen. Instructions are ancient style, fit is a work in progress.
If the ghost from Kyiv did exist, he deserves a better kit.
5 June, 12:14
I have also preordered the Ghost of Kyiv. Me 12!
5 June, 12:14
Alec K
So sad. Will there ever be a decent MiG-29 in the one true scale??
5 June, 17:14
Łukasz Gliński
Isn't it the Chinese one? I liked it. 🙂
Or do you mean another scale? 😉
5 June, 19:45
This looks like lots of work ahead... but if someone is going to make it look nice no matter what, is you Martin!!
5 June, 19:53
Peter Hardy
Ah ha! A Mig made of putty! Sculpture lessons coming up!
5 June, 22:26
Martin Oostrom
It's a putty-fest Peter! And surprisingly for myself, after sanding it retained the general shape and feel of a Mig-29. So I put on more putty 😄
6 June, 06:46
Martin Oostrom
Does anybody know what colour the wheel wells should be? Same as the wheels, some sort of forest green?
6 June, 06:48
Peter de Bruin
I thought, although depending on nationality it differs, the wheel wells are light greyish, same as the bottom of the plane in many cases.
For a Russian variant I had Vallejo 71121 noted down for the bottom and wheel wells.
6 June, 07:31
Kyle DeHart
Nice molding on your custom shaped kit here Martin. 😀 always liked the looks of the 29 and yours certainly looks like a 29. Well done!
6 June, 08:14
Chris Ubing
I am fighting the same battle with my su 27 flanker
6 June, 09:13
Łukasz Gliński
Not sure which camo you're to pick, but it seems grey to me
6 June, 09:29
Martin Oostrom
The instructions call out a combo of Fulcrum grey with Fulcrum grey/green. Whatever that may be.
So I guess it will be a grey/green camo.
6 June, 11:27
Łukasz Gliński
I meant wheel wells and the landing gear 🙂
Still, love that grey-green classic Fulcrum camos 👍
6 June, 11:42
Alec K
Lukasz: you mean the Trumperer release? I read mixed reviews. It's probably the best at this point though.
6 June, 12:48
Łukasz Gliński
Yup, it was a pleasure to build, though the open vents are there too (was there a kit with the closed option anywhere?)
Martin, sorry for this little OT 😉
6 June, 13:06
Peter de Bruin
The Zvezda kit has closed vents and has a good fit/2015 new tooling: MiG-29 (9-13) (Zvezda 7278, 1:72)

6 June, 14:30
Martin Oostrom
I don't mind off topic Łukasz.
I actually finished sanding and started painting two weeks ago. Forgot to post pictures.

The colours are… fantasy? I couldn't find Fulcrum grey and green and my regular shop, so I went with Tamiya ijn green and grey.
I call the effect "make-the-enemy-seasick-camo".
3 July, 12:31
Kyle DeHart
"Make the enemy seasick". Sounds effective to me. 😂
4 July, 01:23
Peter Hardy
Forgot you were doing this Martin! Good job on the camo!
4 July, 08:19
Łukasz Gliński
For me the colours are fine, that camo used to fade very quickly anyway.
Thx for the hint Peter 👍
4 July, 08:38
Martin Oostrom
I have been decalling today. Unfortunately the decals were veeeeeeeeery fragile.
8 July, 21:47
Peter Hardy
It's a poor tradesman who blames his tools!
9 July, 00:30
Martin Oostrom
I'm only blaming myself. After taking the roundel picture, I put on two more on the lower wings. Tho whole ones.
For the love of everything dear to me, why didn't I just swap one?
9 July, 06:00
Peter Hardy
Because Marty, you love a challenge!
9 July, 06:22
Martin Oostrom
As it turns out, you can use Ammo enamel panel line wash over Tamiya lacquers without ruining your paint
10 July, 08:47
Looking quite good Martin
10 July, 21:32
Martin Oostrom
My friendly passengers on this flight. This girl is ready to fly away on her own: Completed - MiG-29 in seasick camo | Album by Mahoo76 (1:72)

Thank you very much for your warm companionship
17 July, 10:28
Thanks for avery enjoyable flight, captain!
17 July, 20:42


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1:72 Mikoyan-29 (ICM 72141)
Mikoyan MiG-29S Fulcrum-C (Izdeliye 9.13)
UA Повітряні Сили України (Ukrainian Air Force 1992-now)
40 Fighter Wing 70

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