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Greg Baker (strobez)

The Black Island (Jaguar Mk. X)


Allan Lowe
Great weathering effects beautifully done. It looks so real
13 August 2020, 06:31
Greg Baker
Oh, man.... I WISH I could take credit for it. It looks real, because it IS real. I just started this project. Technically speaking, it may not belong on Scalemates, because I'm going to refurbish an ancient diecast matchbox car as part of my Tintin projects. So the weathering is real paint off metal. I was going to put it on diecastmates.com, but I couldn't figure out how to create a project on there (and I'm not sure it's active), so I just dumped it here. I've got a plan to scratchbuild some of the plastic interior, so hopefully that counts. Sorry for the confusion.
13 August 2020, 12:26
Chaz Gordon
as part of your TinTin series, it definitely belongs here. Plenty of scratch built and kitbashed stuff on here that has random parts.
17 August 2020, 20:42
Matthew A
I've got some matchbox Porsches that I want to convert into the Prognoviach from Condorman.
18 August 2020, 20:56
LOL, what a missed chance.... i also thought it was your weathering 🙂
26 August 2020, 17:44
Greg Baker
I should've just called this done, collected some accolades and been on my way. 😉. I stumbled across a Ford Zephyr that's part of the same series. It's going to get the same treatment and turn into a Tintin taxi.😉
27 August 2020, 05:06
Greg Baker
Ok... let's start cleaning up some lingering projects. First up, after a lot of soaking, sanding and picking, I finally got a new coat of paint on the Jaguar. I like the red.😉
5 January 2021, 05:49
Erik De Smet
Following, reminds me of my childhood.
5 January 2021, 07:55
Greg Baker
Did they have cars back then? 😄
5 January 2021, 16:26
Erik De Smet
Yes, Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox and Norev
5 January 2021, 18:20
Greg Baker
Heh. Well this one is a Matchbox. So we're in good company. I got the basic interior done, but planning a few little upgrades... otherwise this would feel like cheating.😉
6 January 2021, 07:17
Erik De Smet
Any leds in the picture ?
6 January 2021, 12:11
Nice second oportunity! I have several cars miniatures kept since I was child. This would be a oportunity to restore some of them. Following.
6 January 2021, 12:27
Greg Baker
Hmmm... this doesn't feel like cheating anymore... now it's starting to get frustrating...
14 January 2021, 04:23
Dominik Weitzer
interesting restauration 😉
14 January 2021, 13:39
Greg Baker
So, I ended up stripping off all the paint and started over. This time I started off using Tamiya's metal primer which seemed to help the paint adhere. I also did a bottom coat of grey, sealed it with Future, and then added a top coat of red. I also sealed that one with Future before masking off for the chrome highlights. It didn't help me not to put a major scratch from the tip of my sharp tweezers... sigh...

I also had a bit of tape lift off from the mask, so I was always going to have to do some touch-ups anyway.
21 January 2021, 18:05
Painting looks superb. Nice masking job 👍
21 January 2021, 19:00
Greg Baker
Ok... so after endless hours of sanding and polishing the windows... I basically gave up. Added some dashboard decals to the interior, swiped some new wheels from a Bandai Ultraman snap kit... and whipped up a base. Just a few little bits, like the license plate left... and this one is finally done.
16 February 2021, 06:50
it looks good. nice base
16 February 2021, 06:54
Roland Gunslinger
Who wouldn't like such a car in such a driveway ... 👍
16 February 2021, 07:10
16 February 2021, 10:22
Greg Baker
Okay. Calling this one done!
17 February 2021, 16:30
well done 🙂
17 February 2021, 16:36
Chris Greathouse
Great job!
17 February 2021, 18:45
Matthew A
17 February 2021, 20:08
Chaz Gordon
Dude, awesome. Who else will have a Mk X Jag in their collection.
17 February 2021, 21:58
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! Being a diecast instead of plastic made me expand my skill set and thinking a bit.
17 February 2021, 22:33
Alec K
Nice job on this reno 👍
18 February 2021, 03:46
Fantastic job. Congrats!
18 February 2021, 09:50
Chaz Gordon
And after all that, Airfix go and do this

26 February 2021, 20:02
Greg Baker
Haha! I might actually get that. There's been a bunch of the Airfix Vintage Classics showing up at the LHS lately. I nearly walked out with a Bristol Bulldog today.😉
27 February 2021, 03:55
Matthew A
I miss shopping in real shops. And I haven't been to a library in a year (well that's if you don't include my house)
27 February 2021, 11:58
Chaz Gordon
What I prefer with shopping online, is you get to find out about new releases and not rely on the retailer to stock them. Although I do remember buying the Airfix, Tamiya and Revell Catalogs every year. The tamiya catalog was always beautifully done, and great reference material
27 February 2021, 14:49
last time i got a Tamiya catalogue.... there was basically no internet 😄 😄
27 February 2021, 23:08
Chaz Gordon
Last time I bought one, no-one had heard of the Internet.
28 February 2021, 05:24
Greg Baker
I agree that the internet has opened up whole new world's of access, but I have to admit I miss the treasure hunt. Those by-gone days when you'd find a box/book/comics on a dusty shelf in the back no one had touched in ten years... sigh.

That's the one thing I did hate about living in Seoul, there's basically no second-hand market for anything. When something is "in print" it's everywhere, but as soon as it OOP, it's like every item turns to smoke and vanishes. So strange.
28 February 2021, 07:25
Nice result, I like it 👍
28 February 2021, 07:49
Martin Oostrom
What I hated back then, was if Revell released a new kit, it was everywhere. I still have nightmares of a plane in zebra stripes 😄
28 February 2021, 09:03
Peter Hardy
Geeze Marty, Greg would run himself out of paint working in 32 scale!
28 February 2021, 09:16
The pleasure of browsing through tamiya catalogue to choose next model.... or the stress of having 3 catalogues open and not know what to choose because I could only get one model.....
28 February 2021, 09:52
Alec K
Aaah... the good ol' days 🙂
28 February 2021, 14:49
Chaz Gordon
It's all been replaced with the Hunt for those kits I couldn't afford back in the day (or made a mess of). I've been pretty lucky so far, about 2/3 of my Stash is 90's and earlier, no longer being produced and not likely to be re-released. I do wonder if those MPC Star Wars moulds are still preserved somewhere in Round2's storage, waiting for the day Revell can't get a licence from Disney.
28 February 2021, 16:25
John Thomas
Nice work
28 February 2021, 16:28
Martin Oostrom
It must have hurt a lot, as you're posting it twice 😄
28 February 2021, 21:21
thanks, solved
28 February 2021, 21:56
Chaz Gordon
Now this thread make no Onions
1 March 2021, 00:21


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