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1:48 Trumpeter Su-24M
Big Ed
Neomega cockpit
Master pitot
Begemot Decals


Slavo Hazucha
That´s a really great looking Fencer! 👍 These things age so beautifully that anything is imaginable and your take on it is superb - particularly the upper surfaces, the chipping of the grey and the use of brown tones in the soot/aging process is really top - cockpit, LG and many other details perfect too... 👍
19 December 2019, 06:56
Greg B
Thanx mate
19 December 2019, 11:36
Villiers de Vos
Great colour modulation and weathering.
2 April 2021, 07:13
I agree with Villiers de Vos. I also like the presentation of the model against the black background.
2 April 2021, 09:21
Really enjoyed clicking through this. Loved the presentation on each image with paints also, helps someone like me to follow story of build, understand your techniques etc... and I'm obviously impressed at your skills. End result looks fantastic ?
2 April 2021, 09:28
Greg B
Thank you all, Ill be happy to answer any questions or discuss any matter.
2 April 2021, 11:34
Alexander Grivonev
Amazing work and wow is that underbelly dirty! 👍
2 April 2021, 23:04
Nathan Dempsey
Great build and paint work. Your weathering makes this build superb ?
3 April 2021, 01:38
Agustin Prellezo
It looks like the real thing! Amazing!
3 April 2021, 08:18
Gary Victory
Really fantastic build and paint job. Nice attention to detail of the real thing. Top Job Greg. 👍
7 October 2021, 13:25
Arif Saeed
Wow that's a stunner 👏👏
7 October 2021, 20:03
Rui S
Very Nice photos too 👍
9 October 2021, 16:04


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1:48 Su-24M Fencer-D (Trumpeter 02835)

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