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Andrea Brenco (homusbrencus)

Horten IX V3


Juergen Klinglhuber
The Zokai Mura Kit is on my wish list as well. I'm a 72' - but considering to order 48; not sure yet - I will have to dice.... 😉
looking forward to your project ...
6 January 2020, 16:39
Andrea Brenco
I've done the 48 Dragon ages ago, I think maybe it could be the only not-72 kit I ever made. Don't know how the SWS 48 is compared to the 72nd, but the latter need lots of cleaning from nearly every pieces
6 January 2020, 17:22
Norbert Steffens
Hi Andrea, the 48th scale also needs a lot of cleaning. Especially where the part is fixed with the sprue. Sorry don't know how to write this in english. But what I can say about the quality of the parts. The 72th scale part D1 is -sorry- of poor quality. I just building the 48th scale zoukei mura horten. An the parts a crisp an well detailed. I think I'll start with a project and show some picture of my buil, so you can compare. Would be interesting to compare the 48th scale with the 32nd....
8 January 2020, 05:13
Norbert Steffens
Forget to say...I'm in. Will follow your build
8 January 2020, 05:14
Andrea Brenco
Hi Norbert, your english is perfectly understandable, hope the same of mine! Please post your progress on the 48th Horten, it will be helpful. I've seen pictures of other Zoukei Mura's sprue kits, some are very well moulded, some are of the same quality as this first 72nd release, I can only hope they will do better with the next one, if they are planning one. There are lots of smaller and less renowed eastern european company that can mould kits with an astonishing quality, I wonder why Zoukey Mura can't do the same in Japan (or China..).
Thx for the interest!
8 January 2020, 07:53
Norbert Steffens
Andrea, will do so.And will also takes pictures from all the sprues.
8 January 2020, 13:13
Ho Ko
Interesting project with a full of inventory, will follow and later this year with the 48th
8 January 2020, 18:54
Andrea Brenco
Thx, not sure if I will use everything, or maybe add something else... 🙂
but, more important, I hope to have the constancy to finish this project!!!
8 January 2020, 22:23
Matthew A
Pop corn ready
8 January 2020, 22:29
Andrea Brenco
lots of them, it's going to be a loooooong journey!
8 January 2020, 22:32
Norbert Steffens
It doesn't matter. Take your time.
9 January 2020, 20:41
interesting 🙂
9 January 2020, 23:45
Norbert Steffens
Hi Andrea, I just started my project of the horten in 1:48th scale. There you can see some pics of the qualit of the parts
25 January 2020, 10:36
Wow! Amazing modelling. Very interested to see how this turns out.
3 February 2020, 15:34
Harry Nelson jr
I have built a 1/48 version of this kit ! And it turned out to be a very nice kit to add to my collection.
5 February 2020, 17:20
Andrea Brenco
thanks all! The boring part is already done, I'm really enjoying this project now even if I will carry it on in few steps, due to the many things I wish to put in it, not to mention the diorama... wish me luck!!!
5 February 2020, 20:50
Alec K
Very cool! I'll take a seat.
6 February 2020, 03:02
Burkhard D
Watching... 🙂
10 February 2020, 18:18
Andrea Brenco
10 February 2020, 18:28
Maximilian Feichtner
Great Project, I will follow.
26 July 2020, 16:07
Alec K
Glad to see this one back on your bench 👍
8 January, 20:02
Andrea Brenco
Thanks Alek, I needed a break but it became a looong pause...
Now I get mojo and motivation again!
8 January, 21:08
Watching 👀
Wood surface looks great! 👍
9 January, 18:23
Robert Podkoński
I am in, of course! 😉 Looking promising already! (Some time ago I completed this one:
Ho-229 (Jasmine Model 202002, 1:72)
but all details are flat and I left all unpainted...)

1:72 Ho-229 (Jasmine Model 202002)
9 January, 18:50
Jan Peters
Beautifull work sofar 👍🏻
9 January, 20:12
Simon Nagorsnik
So impressive project!
Your detail work looks great, also the wood panels are awesome!
9 January, 20:15
Andrea Brenco
Thanks WhiteGlint, Jan, Simon and Robert! I have this one in my stash Bf 109E-4 (Jasmine Model 202109, 1:72) maybe one day I will decide to give it a try...

1:72 Bf 109E-4 (Jasmine Model 202109)
9 January, 22:49
Villiers de Vos
A beautiful wood effect.
13 January, 07:41
Andrea Brenco
Thank you!!!
13 January, 11:42
Alec K
This is really looking great. The wood effect is excellent 👍
15 January, 03:51
Jan Peters
It is looking like something out of this world.
Great job all'round 👍🏻
15 January, 05:57
Dietmar Bogatzki
Absolut fantastic job of the first stealh plane 👍
15 January, 06:42
Robert Podkoński
Looks fantastic already! (and I am sure everyone here has forgiven you the self indulgence, Andrea 😉 )
15 January, 09:46
Andrea Brenco
Thanks Alek, Jan, Dietmar and Robert! I really want to see this finished soon and take that B&W picture that I am imagining...
15 January, 15:02


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1:72 Ho 229 (Zoukei-Mura SWS72-01)1:72 Horten IX/Go 229 (Eduard 72186)1:72 WWII German Aircraft Seatbelt Set (FineMolds NA1)23+

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