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Donald Dickson II (smokeriderdon)

F-14 Razgriz Ace Combat

Another Ace Combat plane kit from Hasegawa. This one is an actual plane, the F-14. But it belongs to the fictional squadron Razgriz from the game. Its pretty cool as I get to do a black F-14.


8 | 7. August 2017, 14:15
Donald Dickson II
First, sorry for the picture size. New computer does not have photoshop and I cant figure out how to reduce the size on my phone.

I started this before my move. Now that I am in and set up, back to it. The cockpit is a combination of decals on PE and hand painting. The PE came with the kit. This is totally OOB.

Got her painted, all black, and glossed. Ready for decals. Have to check my weapons kits to see what I have to hang on her.
7. August 2017, 14:25
Donald Dickson II
Some final detail painting and a bit of decal work started.
8. August 2017, 01:15
Donald Dickson II
The decaling is done and flat coated. I decided to go clean on this one. I like the look of it just as it is. Now to do all the little pieces parts like landing gears and weapons.

Going to do 2 each of the Aim 54, 9 and 7 and two fuel tanks.
12. August 2017, 14:21
Donald Dickson II
A few of the cockpit before I put on the canopy. Waiting on the 1/72 weapons set to get here. Thought I had the air to air set, but that was in 48. A couple more bits to put on and it will be done but for those weapons. Likely wrap that part up tonight.
15. August 2017, 23:52
Donald Dickson II
Oh, and yes, I hit it with canned air to dust it off. LOL
15. August 2017, 23:53
Donald Dickson II
With the exception of the weapons, she is done. I will take proper pics once she has her load on.
16. August 2017, 04:12
Michael Phillips
Very cool Tomcat! Love her in black. Looking forward to completed pics Donald!
16. August 2017, 05:18
16. August 2017, 07:53
Stephan Ryll
nice black cat Donald 👍
16. August 2017, 17:33
Donald Dickson II
Michael and Stephan, thank you sirs! And I know, right? They should have had actual planes like that. LOL I was jazzed when I snagged that kit so i could do it in black.

Nils, I have heard that from my sons room many times. LOL
16. August 2017, 20:38
Excellent work.
24. August 2017, 19:52
Donald Dickson II
Thank you sir! 🙂
25. August 2017, 00:04
Paulo Castro
Nice model
25. August 2017, 01:20
Choppa Nutta
cool !! 🙂
25. August 2017, 10:50
Donald Dickson II
Alrighty. Totally done with weapons on. And may I add I hate Hasegawas weapons kits. The weapons are OK in and of themselves, but half of them don't even fit the launchers in their own kits. Grrrr.
31. August 2017, 00:49
Slavo Hazucha
I did not know you did one - best Cat that did not fly😉 Very nice 👍
22. September 2020, 07:43
Great looking Tomcat! 👍
22. September 2020, 18:46
Donald Dickson II
Thanks guys!

Slavo, I have to agree. The 14 looks so damned good solid black, and the markings for this one are awesome. I wish they would do more of the planes. Or at least push the ones they have done here to the U.S. They have a Cat with a Pumpkin on it that is wicked cool and pretty sure they did a kit of it.
22. September 2020, 20:14
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Donald.
22. September 2020, 22:46


1:72 F-14A Tomcat 'Razgriz' (Hasegawa 52113)

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