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Markus Antonius (zweispeer)

F-15C Bitburg Eagle


11. September 2015, 13:29
Holger Kranich
Oh i see you got all the references, you needed for a F-15C from the 80´th in Bitburg?😄
11. September 2015, 13:41
Markus Antonius
well... i did my best. did not turn out as i wanted it to be, was a bit frustrated towards the end, but here it is.
11. September 2015, 13:41
Holger Kranich
Looks awseome!!!
11. September 2015, 13:43
Holger Kranich
Are the RBF Tags decals?
11. September 2015, 13:51
Markus Antonius
as close as i could get to be back in the 80s @holger. RBF tags are Decals from Daco Products, as listed in the project.
11. September 2015, 13:58
Markus Antonius
I also used "Aeroguide 19. Eagle: McDonnell Douglas F-15A, B, C, D" ISBN-13: 978-0946958245 for this Project
11. September 2015, 14:01
Calvin Gifford
Nice F-15!
18. September 2015, 19:59
Kerry COX
Bitburg also has a great Brewery too. :-p
18. September 2015, 20:01
arne vd burg
awesome eagle Markus👍
18. September 2015, 20:02
Kerry COX
You have something here to be very proud of Markus.🙂
Your attention to detail is superb. 👍
Salute. 🙂 🙂
18. September 2015, 20:04
Stephan Ryll
love this bitburg birds
saw them often over my head doing dogfight training
you did a very good job
18. September 2015, 20:15
Markus Antonius
thank you all for the kind words 🙂
@Kerry Cox: Bitburg has a BIG Brewery... GREAT Brewerys are located in Franconia😉
@Stephan Ryll: I also experienced some low flight Eagles in the early 80s. Although i live near Bamberg, i am sure they came from Bitburg.
19. September 2015, 07:32
Stephan Ryll
there was a low flying zone back in the 80th- I know that from some target pictures I saw
and the breweries in franconia are great!
20. September 2015, 16:34
outstanding work!
20. September 2015, 17:12
Really good.
21. September 2015, 17:11
Markus Antonius
Thank you, Mates 🙂
21. December 2015, 13:30


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