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Christian W (christian-w)


1999 Chevy Silverado Pickup to a GMC Sierra - wip

I'm converting a Chevy Silverado to a GMC Sierra. ToDos:
- change grille and stuff to GMC
- turn the chassis into a high roller
- put other wheels on it
- add different mirrors
- add side runnig boards
- add fender extentions
- add such a bumper protection
- add a sun visor with position lights
- add side window visors
- add a hitch
- add rear mudd flaps
- add a hugh antenna :D
- add a tool box on the bed
--- I think that it's all.

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In progress
1:25 1999 Chevy Silverado Pickup (Revell 85-7205)


7 | 20. June, 13:01
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Christian W
The main task is the grille. For that I was looking through the internet and found nothing. N o t h i n g coog. After all, I found such a DUB style police GMC in 1/24 scale. The best I could get. I bought it, took it apart and checked the differrent in the scales. A lot. The grill turned out approx. 4mm wider than in 1/25.
20. June, 13:05
Nigel Chapman
Interesting conversion. Looking forward to your build
20. June, 15:26
Dominik Weitzer
awesome Bro!
22. June, 18:15
Christian W
:) it goes very well.
22. June, 19:45
Bob Hall
He's turning a Chevy into a Generic Made Chevy ! LOL !
1. July, 19:25
1. July, 19:49
those resin copies look really good. what products do you use?
15. July, 21:43
I was just going to ask that :)
16. July, 00:16
Dominik Weitzer
interesting. Keep the fingers crossed for the casting!
16. July, 04:15
Christian W
Thank you for your interest. At this point I only made a copy of the grill. The bumper isn't that far, but I'll take a copy soon.
I'm taking some Pictures of my equipment / material this evening.
16. July, 04:25
Bob Hall
I'm just impressed with your LEGO collection ! LOL ! Living room land mines !
16. July, 04:28
Alexander G.
Resizing a part from 1:24 to 1:25? Lol, already love it...
17. July, 12:37
well, the second one does not sell to private customers.... where do you get yours?
17. July, 13:40
Christian W
It is more than 15-20 years ago when I bought it. I only remember that it was in a shop near my hometown. Sorry.
17. July, 14:22
no worries, thanks.
17. July, 14:24
and it still works after all this time? that is quality :)
17. July, 14:24
Christian W
After the first try I was astonished! I'll ask my brother which resine he takes.
17. July, 14:28
Alexander G.
Isn't the shelf time of resin normally a year or so?
17. July, 14:29
Christian W
I don't know. But: I just grabbed it to see, whether there is a date "Best before end of" and I found it. Unbelievable!


So I know, that I definitely bought it more than 15 years ago. The fact, that the price is in Euro, it had to be bought between January 2002 and at least at March 2004.
That is the proof: the date on it could be stretched a little *lol*
17. July, 16:04
i wonder if the ones produced today are still that good!
17. July, 16:06
stretched a little... LOL
17. July, 16:06
Nigel Chapman
Is resin casting easy to do ?
19. July, 07:15
Christian W
I'm still learning to use it. I started last autumn with it. It is still a challenge to build a proper mold and to get the case out without imperfections.
Basically it is easy.
19. July, 22:08
Alexander G.
@Nigel: In theory it is, but like with every handcraft you have to practice veeery long and much to get good results.
20. July, 00:38
Nigel Chapman
Thanks Guys, I fancy having a go myself
20. July, 06:34
Chaz Gordon
I'm just making my first foray into making molds too. If all goes well, I'll have a mold set to churn out Big Block chevys by tomorrow. For the little pieces that need a 2 sided mold, I'm trying out using Polymer clay, which can be baked in the oven at 110º C once the impressions from one side of the parts has been taken (don't bake the parts though) Then I put all the parts back in with a little PVA to hold in place, then pour silicone over the top.
25. July, 20:19
I'm watching the mold making process too. Have tried using Blue stuff, but it's pretty hard to get all the details, and like anything, takes practice. Plus that stuff is really hot to work with since you have to boil it.
26. July, 00:44
Christian W
I tried blue stuff for the wider wheel houses. That worked not well. The time to use blue stuff is to short to get a good mold of it. So there is no other possibility to build the wheel house extension scratch.

@Chaz. Sounds interesting!
26. July, 20:37
Thanks for showing us your learning process!
27. July, 05:23
Brandon H
6. August, 19:52
Christian W
Thank you :) you're welcome!
6. August, 21:59
Christian W
Except the body, the parts are painted basically.
15. August, 14:14

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