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Marko (mmarack)

Good Morning DaNang

Academy model, pretty solid to work on. One of the problems was fitting air intakes to the fuselage, but not to much of a problem. All in all pretty solid kit. I enjoyed working on it.


Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
22 September 2014, 15:51
Christian Ristits
Really nice Job, like the Scheme!
22 September 2014, 16:26
Really nice!! I think you need to add a few more stencils. Just kidding. Gary
22 September 2014, 16:30
Thanks guys. Glad you like it.
22 September 2014, 16:58
Kerry COX
This is one of the better Phantom's I have seen and I still think they were the best looking war bird ever, even if they had the aerodynamics of a brick. I just love 'em.
20 October 2014, 16:01
Thanks Kerry
20 October 2014, 16:11
Christian Bruer
20 October 2014, 17:26
Vjekoslav Ranec
20 October 2014, 20:23
Soeren .
Looks awesome! Really nice work and finishing!
All these Decals*gg* How many are that?
20 October 2014, 20:23
Too many Soeren. I think it took me about a week to place them all.
21 October 2014, 04:50
Jan Hazes
Nice job! I have the basic Academy kit in my stash. Somewhere out of sight. I fear the decals.....🙂
26 October 2014, 19:13
Kerry COX
You are not alone there Jan, and it is the one thing that "makes or brakes" a model. 🙁
26 October 2014, 19:38
M.Julian Marles
awesome job!
26 October 2014, 19:42
Kerry COX
26 October 2014, 19:43
Jan Hazes
So true Kerry. But it is also one of my least favorite modelling chores. that's why I build armor now. Max 6 decals 🙂
26 October 2014, 19:45
Kerry COX
LOL, yeah, totally understand, but if you don't like decals, take a look at my Sauber-Mercedes C9 album here mate. !!!!
26 October 2014, 19:58
Tufan Özkaynak
great work Marko...
13 November 2014, 10:07
Kerry COX
There was more stencil paint on a phantom than cammo, Lol 🙂 But you have done a stirling job of it. 🙂
13 November 2014, 10:38
Holger Kranich
Splendid work, Marko!
Really nice! I like the breakdown with the centerline bombrack!
13 November 2014, 10:45
Kresten Schleemann
Nice work mate, looks great. I have a couple of the academy kits in the stash but the decals scare me. Lol.
13 November 2014, 10:47
Thanks guys.
No need to be scared Kresten. Just take it easy and enjoy yourself.
13 November 2014, 12:17
Kresten Schleemann
Hahaha, yea. Just have to decide on a scheme for it.
13 November 2014, 12:26
Gareth Windsor
Love the Phantom and you've done a good job here.
6 July 2015, 18:35
Thanks Gareth
7 July 2015, 04:46
Kerry COX
Marko, You have achieved a stunning result here mate.
Neat and tidy🙁
👍 👍 👍
7 July 2015, 05:10
Ulf Petersen
Aha! And why did you use the sad smiley then, Kerry?! 😉

Great work, Marco!👍 I don't even wanna imagine to apply all those stencils!
7 July 2015, 05:44
Kerry COX
One typo and I am banned !!?????? 🙁
7 July 2015, 05:46
Kerry COX
You must forgive me mates, as it really was a typo error on my part, as I meant to do 🙂 🙂 🙂. he he he. 🙂 👍
7 July 2015, 05:48
Thanks gents for Your kind comments.
And Kerry, of course we forgive You😉
7 July 2015, 05:56
Mark Partis
I love Phantoms and you have done a great job on this one.
7 July 2015, 06:06
Dalibor Cavic
Really nice
8 July 2015, 09:26
Christian Ristits
8 July 2015, 13:04


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