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Clifford Keesler (stormrider509)

Zhengdefu F-111E

This is my ZHENGDEFU (Acadmey clone) F-111E with SAC metal gear, Resin Art resin wheels OZ mods vacuformed canopy and Hobby Boss PE cockpit detail set and aftermarket decals. It was a fun build. It is on par with the academy kits,except for the decals and wheels.


1 | 24. April 2015, 00:20
Vegard Øksenholt
Great job 🙂 You painted it with brush?
24. April 2015, 10:28
Holger Kranich
And how was the build? There are rumors about Zhengdefu´s fit issues...
24. April 2015, 11:21
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautyful build and paintjob !
24. April 2015, 13:21
Clifford Keesler
Holger, the build was good, no different than the Academy F-111s. Vegard the greens were brush painted all else was airbrushed.
24. April 2015, 14:40
Clifford Keesler
Thank you all for your kind words.
24. April 2015, 14:41
Christian Bruer
Very nice work Clifford. The painting is sharp and looks really nice.
24. April 2015, 18:20
Mats Bengtsson
Great job as always Clifford. Well done.
24. April 2015, 20:06
Clifford Keesler
Thank you all.
24. April 2015, 22:58
John E
Very nice job, Clifford!
25. April 2015, 01:53
soheil moghisi
very nice job.
25. April 2015, 07:23
Clifford Keesler
Thank you mates.
25. April 2015, 16:01
Beautiful work Clifford. I intend to build mine as an F-111F with 366th TFW markings. Glad to know it goes together well. Keep up the great work. R/ Dutch
10. August 2017, 12:39
Choppa Nutta
looks good Cliff ! 🙂
10. August 2017, 12:45
Stephan Ryll
oh it seems I missed that nice Aardvark - great job Clifford 👍
10. August 2017, 15:37
Clifford Keesler
Thank you all very much. Your kind words are much appericated. @ Dutch, look forward to seeing yours.
10. August 2017, 22:23


1:48 U.S.A.F. F-111E (Zhengdefu 08M-L326)1:48 F-111 canopy (OzMods OZCONV4811)

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