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10 29 January, 16:50
Not sure how to change that there will be nothing scrathcbuilt sorry guys just not my capacity to do that yet
Maybe one day sometime later
2 February, 12:31
Thanks for the likes guys
6 February, 15:57
Thanks for all your likes Estvan
7 February, 10:46
Thanks gararth
7 February, 13:32
Those chrome 5 spokes & redlines are beautifully done! 👍
7 February, 14:04
Nice work!
7 February, 15:44
Thanks money and gorby
7 February, 20:34
Richard Cheals
Brave man, going for that glitter look - gotta try these effects,though. Another great A body build 👍
8 February, 20:29
Thanks Richard
Yes I guess most think I should be shot for it
But I guess we all have to try it one time lol
I just bought a box of spare parts
And think I will do a wrek next time
But I think best I finished the 3 I started on now first
9 February, 09:29
Richard Cheals
That's right, JV, it's good to try these effects/techniques.

I've been building up to 5 kits at a time, but I'm thinking that this way you end up not doing justice to any of them! For 2022 I'm going to focus on one at a time - so far it seems that the details are receiving more attention, we'll see how it goes after a few more builds.

That's a great collection of cars & trucks in your stash, not so many in mine but there is one particular vehicle I would love to have - 73' Pontiac Grand Am 2-dr Colonnade HT in 1/25 scale. I had one from new & drove 20,000km across the US then shipped it back to NZ, have the Lindberg 1/32 kit of the 74' model but it has different grille & taillights 😒
9 February, 11:59
Yes Richard
Always most interesting to have a model of a car you had
Mine is mostly of cars I like
I started collecting kits after giving one as a gift to someone else
The following week I vent and got 6 kits for myself
That was September last year
Now got kit 56 last weekend
Last year I was working 65 hr weeks
Had no time to do anything
This year I hope to make a change and work less
I hope to jus do 5 day week
And will try to get it down to 50 hrs a week
10 February, 09:09
Bill Newcomer
Good lick on your work, life, play balance. I shall be following your Chevelle build. A 68 Chevelle Malibu was my first car R.I.P.
22 February, 06:13
Thanks now im back to work agen I had 2 weeks of over Xmas
And had another 2 weeks of being back to work now for a few
Weeks and wasent back long before thay want more hrs agen
So my projects have been on hold a bit
But im firm on now
no more weekend work its my time lol
The chevy Malibu is also a nice car
22 February, 10:05
I love to have grown up whed all the cool cars you have in the us bill
But I was born in Australia
Grew up in Denmark Scandinavia
And have now been back in Australia for the last 30 years
I would love to build some of the cool cars that were made here down under
Unfortunately the very small amount of kits that I have seen of Australian cars are not anything cool at all
I did have a few cars in Denmark
And did go to Canada and the us when I was young
But I always loved the American muscle cars
But I think Australia has very cool cars to
We also got a bit of the us cars here
6 March, 14:58
Bill Newcomer
I have been to Australia twice in the 80's I saw a few American cars. I like the Holden (Commodore?) and the Falcon from the 70's. Those little Sport Utes are kinda cool to.
7 March, 01:46
Bob Hall
Interesting paint choice, unique for sure, look forward to the finished product !
7 March, 02:58
Thanks Bob yes a bit different
Have put models on hold for a bit
I have been buying kits
And found i need to spend a bit more on tools and paints
I'm just not happy whed the finish I get at the moment
But will get around to it
7 March, 04:41
Bob Hall
I know the feeling, I haven't finished a car since July. One day ! Still looks cool though !
7 March, 05:27
Thanks Bob
Yes its a fun experiment
7 March, 06:18
Dominik Weitzer
i'm interested, how that glitter will look like. there is a lot of blingbling!
7 March, 15:28
Lol yes Dominik its hard to get a good pic of it
I'm not sure myself how it will turn out
The glitter gives it a ruff surface
And it will be interesting what happens when I sand it
Time will tell
7 March, 15:39
I owned a 68 Chevelle for 28yrs ..Black with a yellow nose and flames (when I bought it )..Nice build , interested to see end result
9 March, 05:56
Thanks mona yes I like to do a bit on it but thinking to wait
To I get a airbrush and some better paints
High on my list of what to get
I just buy to many kit at the moment to spend on other things now
I got 62 new kits in last 4 days
And got a great del on another large lot
I hope I don't get any good deals for a bit now lol
9 March, 09:38


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