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Andy W. (Babbsack)

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Name:Andy W.
Country:DE Germany
Member since:May 23, 2011
About me:
Hi Mates.

Like most of us, as i think, i started building Models as a Child with 10 to 12 Years of Age. First there were mostly Planes in bigger Scales, then came Trucks and Cars in 1:24/25 Scale. A few Tanks landed on my Workbench too. After some Years with other interests i started again with Cars and Trucks, but as you can see in my Stash, i'm into Ships and Helicopters as well. To be honest, i build what i like and what looks good to me.

Kind regards and always a Kit on the Bench,



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I use following paints on a regular basis:

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AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin Aircraft » Helicopters | IT 1987–Now

Bell 204 Huey UH-1 Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1956–Now

Bell 205 Huey UH-1D Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1961–Now

Bell 206 Jet Ranger Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1962–Now

Bell AH-1 Super Cobra Whiskey Cobra Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1969–Now

Bell AH-1Z Viper Aircraft » Helicopters | US 2000–Now

Bell UH-1 Super Huey Venom Aircraft » Helicopters | US 2001–Now

Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey Aircraft » Propeller | US 1989–Now

Boeing AH-64 Apache Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1975–Now

Boeing H-46 Sea Knight Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1958–Now

Boeing H-47 Chinook Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1957–Now

Grumman F-14 Tomcat Aircraft » Jets | US 1972–2006

Sikorsky S-65 H-53 Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1964–Now

Sikorsky S-70 H-60 Black Hawk Aircraft » Helicopters | US 1974–Now

Science Fiction:

Star Wars (Dont use) Science Fiction » Star Wars | No range


104-gun first-rate ship of the line Ships » Ships of the line | GB 1620–Now

Aircraft carrier Enterprise-class Ships » Aircraft carriers | US 1961–2012

Aircraft carrier Nimitz-class Ships » Aircraft carriers | US 1975–Now

Amphibious assault ship Wasp-class Ships » Aircraft carriers | US 1989–Now

Amphibious transport dock San Antonio-class Ships » Landing crafts | US 2006–Now

Battleship Bismarck-class Ships » Battleships | 3R 1939–1945

Battleship Iowa-class Ships » Battleships | US 1943–1992

Battleship Yamato-class Ships » Battleships | JP 1941–1945

Frigate United States-class 44 gun, 5th rate Ships » Sailing ships | US 1797–Now

LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion Ships » Landing crafts | US 1986–Now

Littoral Combat ship Freedom-class Ships » Frigates | US 2008–Now

Littoral Combat ship Independence-class Ships » Frigates | US 2010–Now


AAV-7 Vehicles » APC/IFV's | US 1972–Now

Alfa Romeo 155 Vehicles » Cars | IT 1992–1998

Buffalo MRAP Vehicles » Armoured cars | US No range

Caterpillar D9 Vehicles » Utility | US 1954–Now

Cougar MRAP Vehicles » APC/IFV's | US 2002–Now

Ford Woody Vehicles » Cars | US 1932–1995

International MaxxPro MRAP Vehicles » APC/IFV's | US 2007–Now

M1 Abrams Vehicles » Tanks | US 1980–Now

M1070 HET Vehicles » Trucks | US 1993–Now

M2 Bradley Vehicles » APC/IFV's | US 1981–Now

Navistar Husky Vehicles » Armoured cars | US 2009–Now

Nissan 350Z Vehicles » Cars | JP 2003–2009

Nissan GT-R Vehicles » Cars | JP 2007–Now

Nissan Skyline Vehicles » Cars | JP 1957–Now

Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP Vehicles » APC/IFV's | US 2009–Now

RG-31 Nyala Vehicles » APC/IFV's | ZA 1998–Now

Subaru Impreza Vehicles » Cars | JP 1994–Now

Subaru Legacy Vehicles » Cars | JP 1989–Now

VMMD Husky Vehicles » Utility | US No range

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